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ABOUT KETTO is an online crowdfunding platform that supports the treatment of various poor and needy patients especially children. Since many of them are unable to afford their life-saving bills, the power of crowdfunding helps make it happen. Till date, Ketto with the help of 5,00,000+ generous donors like you managed to save the lives of 50,000+ patients. We've raised Rs. 100+ Crore that helped pay for the crucial treatment of patients suffering from Cancer, heart-diseases, Thalassemia, transplants and more.
Patient Seeks Care

{{beneficiary_fname}} is brought to one of our medical partner {{hospital_name}}.

Patient Learns About Ketto

Patient/Patient’s family learns about 'Ketto crowdfunding' from our Medical Partner.

Medical Partner Submits Patient's Case To Ketto

{{beneficiary_fname}}’s profile is sent to us. After reviewal and approval of the case, we start fundraising for {{beneficiary_fname}}.

Donors Fund Patient's Care

Generous people like you provide generous donations which is provided directly to our medical partner {{hospital_name}} for {{beneficiary_fname}}’s care.

Donors Receive Patient's Update

Medical partner {{hospital_name}} and patient’s family provide a post treatment update about {{beneficiary_fname}}'s health and we send it to his/her donors.

Our team follows a rigorous and stringent procedure to check the genuineness of every campaign, ensuring a trustworthy crowdfunding experience.
Payment process and donors’ data is completely secured and encrypted.
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