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3 Key Tips for Starting A Nonprofit Fundraiser

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    3 Key Tips for Starting A Nonprofit Fundraiser

    The process of asking many individuals, companies, and foundations for donations through a variety of digital and traditional communication methods is called nonprofit fundraising. Organizations would not have any incoming revenue without raising funds. All forms of nonprofits must raise money; without this, they would not be able to support their causes.

    1. Create a successful fundraising plan

    Creating a successful fundraising plan depends on achieving specific fundraising goals. Things like writing a persuasive message, setting time-specific goals, leveraging social media and little details such as the right images and appropriate name are crucial components needed for the success of your fundraiser.  Consider the following points when creating your fundraising plan.

    Deliver A Clear Message With A Captivating Name 

    A concise and clear message is key to the success of a campaign and is achievable by staying focused on the goal or mission of the fundraiser. To achieve this success, the message of the fundraising efforts must remain clear to the prospective donors. 

    Once a clear message is in place, selecting the right name, which relates and leaves a lasting memory for your donors, is the crucial factor that entices more funding towards your nonprofit. 

    Create Time Specific Goals

    Setting goals at specific stages of the campaign enables you to provide a mid-campaign boost. These goals can include examples such as:-

    • Reach 50% target amount before the 1st quarter of a 4 week campaign.
    • Get 1000 donors by the 3rd quarter of campaign.
    • Send donation requests to 1000 potential donors every week.

    Updating your campaign to achieve  such measurable goals regularly will keep your team active as well as help your campaign  reel in more fundings.

    Asking seasoned campaigners for advice will help you gain vital insights of the problems they faced and how they addressed these situations. You can also implement their prior experiences in campaigning to give  your fundraiser a nudge ahead. An old maxim Ask for money, you’ll get advice. Ask for advice, you’ll get money.aligns perfectly to this point.

    Leverage Social Media And Use Appealing Images

    Social media is an interactive forum that uses peer to peer communications to spread information. Social communication channels available in today’s digital world can be used to build awareness. Recruit passionate supporters, and take advice from the youth of today, use their networks to create a healthy public & media presence for your campaign.

    Remember, social media is dependent on high-quality images and videos. You must use content that truly sets your campaign apart from the competition. The main image of your fundraiser is the first point of interaction between you and your future donors. Therefore it is vital to convey the right message via pictures and grab the attention of your donors. 

    • Always use high-quality images.
    • Use images that intrigue the viewer’s emotions.
    • Create curiosity through tactical image placements and video content to draw more people to your fundraiser, in turn, increasing the possibilities of converting more viewers into donors.
    • Donors love an emotional video. Create small clips conveying a positive message to the viewers.

    2. Build strong relationships with donors

    Now that you have created the plan; compiled an emotionally appealing message along with intriguing images, videos and drawn in potential donors to your cause. Recognise your donor’s habits and gain their trust to increase networking opportunities with the help of these next steps. 

    • Gain Their Trust

    Research has proved that approximately 90% of funds raised usually comes from 15% of the donors. This statistic is the reason why building concrete relations with your donors is essential. Ensuring transparency with your financial information inspires confidence in donors, this makes them feel comfortable donating considerable sums, driving you closer to your goal. 

    • Transparency & Values 

    Transparency with finances and plans boost the donor’s contribution.  Be sure you emphasise the value each donation gives towards your nonprofits work, no matter how small. Donors feel positive and motivated when they realise their contribution is helping change the world into a better place. It also makes them feel more valued, rendering this the most effective method for donor retention. 

    • Effective Communications

    Nearly half the visitors to a nonprofit’s webpage come through mobile platforms. Setting up a donate button as the primary call to action increases the chances of converting visitors to donors. For the success of fundraising, it is paramount to understand and analyse donor habits. Use text messages, word of mouth, fundraiser flyers, emails & media coverage as tactics to gain more offline visibility.

    Create well-phrased messages explaining why the need for support is critical at this time. Remind those who are familiar to your cause and how vital their support is towards the organisation and its future.

    3. Keep up the momentum & express appreciation

    The initial stages of any campaign are exciting, receiving tremendous support and donations. However, sooner or later, it is bound to reach a low point; the tips mentioned below can breathe back life into your fundraiser.

    Prepare Handwritten Notes

    Donors love to receive thank you messages; it makes them feel valued and motivates them to donate once again. Sending donors handwritten thank you notes can help you maintain a strong donor base to reach the goals and financial targets set towards your nonprofits fundraising campaign.

    Personalise Communications & Felicitations

    Updating the campaign webpage along with highlighting your donor’s contribution can be a great way to thank new and recurring donors. Another innovative way is to show appreciation to your team and put the spotlight onto them. Your team is sure to get a morale boost, increasing their zeal to be more proactive. This method also allows you to introduce your team to the donors boosting their confidence in your support.

    Send Gifts & Organise Appreciation Parties

    Sending personalised communications along with a small gift is a great way to remind donors of your thankfulness towards them.

    Hosting an appreciation party consumes both time and funds, but it is the best way to thank your loyal supporters. Using this method, you can also send personalised invites to prospective donors to attend the event, opening possibilities for more funding. 

    Remember, helping other people is a part of human nature. Asking for a donation relates directly to this complex instinct within the human mind. 

    So, what are you waiting for?

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