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5 Reasons To Choose Crowdfunding For Your Sports Team Over Getting A Sponsor

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    We are all aware of the challenges athletes face to become successful. Unfortunately, many athletes come from low-income families and lack necessities. Aspiring athletes and sports teams who lack essential equipment, coaches, and facilities and do not get any financial support from the government can opt for an online fundraising platform for sports teams. 

    Crowdfunding is one of the leading methods to get sports funding today. It allows you to seek small donations from a large number of people online for different causes.

    The sports teams can also raise funds through these platforms to manage their finances. They can utilize these funds for various objectives, including purchasing sports equipment, jerseys, kits, leasing training centers, etc. 

    People are significantly shifting to online fundraising platforms for sports teams instead of getting sponsors.

    Let us understand the reasons in detail.

    Easy way to raise money

    Often, one of the most effective ways to raise money is by asking for aid from the community. Crowdfunding allows you to raise funds from people all around the world. 

    With the right crowdfunding platform and adequate advertising, a fundraising campaign can generate a significant amount of money in a short period. This is the primary reason why sports teams are switching to fundraising platforms to raise funds to manage their finances. 

    Starting an online fundraising campaign for your sports team can save time. All you need to do is select a crowdfunding platform, register, upload a few documents and start a campaign. 

    A diverse pool of donors 

    Unlike other sources of finance, crowdfunding has a diverse pool of donors, including people from across the globe. Some major crowdfunding platforms have more than a million donors, allowing sports teams to raise large amounts of funds. 

    A contribution of as little as Rs.10 from the donors can help you reach your goal due to the large pool of donors. Many campaigns can reach their goal in just 40 days, and most donations happen within the first few weeks.

    Increased reach and recognition

    The large pool of donors not only helps raise large amounts of money but also silently helps promote. 

    Crowdfunding platforms employ social media to reach a large audience, which helps increase your team’s reach and recognition. In addition, it further builds a community of supporters and fans. 

    Sharing your fundraiser campaign online is beneficial but reaching out to your family and friends is equally helpful. That way, people generally feel more connected, and it helps in increasing your team’s publicity. 

    Crowdfunding also allows you to target only those people who will be interested in your team. Sometimes, a targeted outreach generates more donations than a general mass appeal. 

    Cost-effective method 

    One of the significant reasons that fueled the crowdfunding revolution is relatively low to raise funds.

    Some fundraising platforms charge a nominal upfront fee ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.3,500, whereas others charge a commission ranging from 3% to 8% on the total funds raised. 

    Few platforms do not charge fees from the fundraiser but may ask donors whether they want to ”tip” the platform while contributing.

    The fundraising platform offers significant outreach at such a low cost, making it one of the most cost-effective methods for raising funds for your sports team.

    However, Ketto is one such platform that does not charge any upfront or hidden fees to start a campaign. 

    Brings you closer to your supporters 

    Running a crowdfunding campaign for your sports team can bring you closer to your supporters. Thanks to Ketto’s online fundraising platform for sports teams, you can create a fundraiser for a charitable cause you support and for managing the team’s expenses.

    You can also update your crowdfunding page regularly with campaign updates, photos and videos. This allows the supporters to stay in touch with the team and follow the daily updates. 

    Using a crowdfunding platform also allows you to inform your supporters when you reach a significant milestone or send daily notifications to them. This will help to keep them in-loop with the team’s progress. 

    What’s more, you can also offer supporters some freebies and collectable items to make them feel closer to their favorite team.

    Final Thoughts

    Fundraising using online platforms has grown in popularity during the last ten years and has become a go-to option for sports teams. However, with the plethora of online fundraising platforms available on the internet today, it might not be easy to choose one. 

    With the highest success rate in the industry and a family of more than 55 lakh donors, Ketto is one of the leading online fundraising platforms.

    As an online fundraising platform for sports teams, Ketto offers multiple features, tools and 24/7 hours support to set up campaigns quickly. 

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