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Raising Funds to Travelling Abroad For Medical Treatment

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    Raising Funds For Medical Treatment Abroad

    We rarely budget for medical care. In an unexpected medical emergency, all that counts is getting well. Having sufficient funds for unforeseen medical bills or travelling abroad for medical treatment is critical. Health insurance is a savior at this point. But what if going abroad for medical treatment is required quickly? What if you have a medical issue while travelling, visiting relatives or seeing your kids in US or Canada?

    People often believe that their travel insurance would adequately cover any medical issues that may occur while they are away from home, but this is not the case. There are several exceptions, like as pre-existing conditions, which are not covered. Instead, you will need to get a comprehensive international health insurance plan to pay for medical services. The cost of insuring Indian relatives who travel outside of the country is quite high. Indian insurers don’t provide too many different policy choices as well.

    Spending a few lakhs (about $30,000) on healthcare in India would be a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of the same services in the United States., a nonprofit credit counselling service, reports that the typical American medical bill is approximately $4,000, while the typical American hospital stay is over $16,000 (around Rs 12 lakh in Indian currency). And obviously, this is not for, God forbid, terminal illnesses that need a lengthy hospital stay and intensive therapy.

    Although you are required to get foreign medical insurance before your journey to the United States, it is still prudent to have some emergency money with you. Because of the possibility of the high out-of-pocket medical cost of medical treatment abroad, it’s essential to have a sufficient emergency fund.

    You may be considering getting cancer treatment abroad in Switzerland or one of the European Economic Area. Possible reasons include significant wait times for surgery or other treatments in the UK and the possibility of receiving care more quickly in another country.

    Doctor–to-patient ratio

    According to the general agreement among the professionals, the patient-to-doctor ratio is an issue that has to be addressed and resolved. We have a permanent staff of 150 doctors, but we have a total of 450,000 patients that check in with us each year for follow-up care. Additionally, we enroll 50,000 new patients annually. However, in some other nations, there are over 30,000 new patients who sign up for medical services each year, with 700 new doctors.

    Receiving cancer treatment abroad at an affordable price is practically impossible for a common man. Despite the rising number of cancer patients living in India, there is a severe lack of oncologists practicing in the nation at present. This is most likely because oncology training requires a significant amount of time and is less popular among MBBS students.

    Going abroad for medical treatment with better weather and less pollution might speed up healing. Even though Germans have access to the world’s finest medical practitioners, the best globally rated cancer treatment centres are in USA and England. They have a suitable environment for the best recovery. However, the cost of cancer treatment abroad is beyond the reach of most Indians.

    Crowdfunding allows you to tell your cancer treatment experience to an international audience. Many people will chip in whatever they can to support your cancer awareness campaign, allowing you to quickly and easily reach your fundraising target.

    Platform raising funds for travelling abroad for medical treatment

    Crowdfunding charity platforms like Ketto have made it simpler for people to generate money via public relations and social media efforts. In addition, the internet has made it possible for families to find a hospital or medical facility anywhere in the globe that would give treatment for a fee.

    Crowdfunding through online donations is a safe and easy way to help patients in India get the money they need. Unlike healthcare loans and medical insurance, money raised through online crowdfunding sites does not have to be paid back. So, the whole amount that has been raised could be used to pay for vital medical treatment in an emergency. Ultimately, it is the patient’s prerogative to make a decision, often against their physicians’ recommendations. Why not try every possible treatment if they can afford it? We’ll defer to your judgment on the morality of healthcare facilities recommending treatments to desperate individuals without the backing of scientific trials.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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