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6 Reasons Why Ketto’s Monthly Giving Plan Should Be in Your 2023 Resolutions List

    Monthly Giving Plan

    The default situation in the life of most people, historically and contemporarily, has been that of utter misery. Ketto offers a monthly giving plan to mitigate that misery by connecting like-minded compassionate strangers to donate to a cause they believe in for the benefit of the deprived and suffering.

    For a very long time, donations to any cause depended on individuals approaching people at their homes and in public. The Internet’s rise enabled crowdfunding campaigns to gain a new life through platforms like Ketto. Thus, the monthly giving plan is a great way to make small donations throughout the year that coalesce into a larger whole.

    Here are 6 reasons why you should add Ketto’s monthly giving plan to your resolution.

    Reasons to join the Ketto Monthly Giving Plan

    1. Affordability

    Depending upon the type of cause that you’re donating to you can implement your monthly giving plan with very low amounts that suit your budget. You may also stop the SIP at any time you wish. Even your small amount donated over the year will, along with all the other donations on the platform, become a considerable sum in due course.

    Imagine that Diwali is coming up and that you decided to contribute Rs 24,000 of your bonus. Your company was unable to provide a Diwali bonus this year for some reasons. Now, deducting this sum from your income will significantly impact your spending plan. How are you now intending to make that donation?

    This is where SIP donations become relevant. When divided into monthly payments, Rs 24,000 is around Rs 2,000 per month, which is within most contributors’ means. A lump sum payment made once usually necessitates forethought and is difficult. Donors might lack the drive to exercise such discipline.

    1. Community Interaction

    Among the many crowdfunding websites on the Internet, Ketto is unique in the way it lets the community interact with each other, and allows them to concentrate their efforts towards a campaign and to start a monthly giving plan on their own. You will make friendships that will last throughout your life.

    1. Security

    With its commitment towards 100% transparency on the movement of funds, Ketto offers best-in-class monetary security to all users. All of your donations will reach the needy every month, with monthly updates on the payout of your funds and the impact it has had on people’s lives.

    With a highly safe and secure payment gateway, you can also opt for automatic monthly payments for our monthly giving plans.

    1. Money-Back Policy

    What if your donation is repaid in the event of a medical emergency? Doesn’t it sound ridiculous? The monthly giving plans at Ketto, however, make that feasible. The cost of healthcare is rising more swiftly than ever before. Therefore, unexpected medical expenses might cause serious financial hardship. A refusal to reimburse your money in this circumstance can make your issues worse.

    However, if you are a member of Ketto‘s monthly giving plan, you shouldn’t fear. You may claim your donations at any of our partner hospitals, including Apollo, Max, and AIIMS, once 90 days have passed from the start of your SIP. You can also request payment for any medical expenses you have incurred. Following that, you could receive up to 50% of what you donated back.

    1. Tax Exemptions

    Section 80G of the Income Tax Act allows you to claim 50% tax reimbursement on charity donations to Ketto. For example, if you donated Rs 10000 on Ketto, you may claim Rs 5000 on tax exemptions.

    1. Activist Fundraising

    A lot of fundraising done on Ketto is through charitable organisations and activists on behalf of people who are needy but lack the know-how to initiate a fundraiser. You may also start a fundraiser for people that you might know that need funds.


    People who regularly donate to a cause are greatly motivated to bring about change. They want frequent reports on the progress of their efforts as a result. If you often donate to a nonprofit or charity, you are regarded as one of the group’s active members. Because you share their passion for their cause, every charity values it. They give you the most recent information on their operations and how your money is being spent.

    Ketto’s monthly giving plans allow users to become a regular part of an organisation’s or an individual’s fundraising efforts. Whether it is for a charitable cause or to support an individual’s dream project, you can use this platform to make a positive impact in your community.

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