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Alternative Financial Assistance Available in India for Liver Transplant Patients

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    Alternative financial assistance for liver transplant patients

    India is a country with a huge population of over 139 crores. Providing all citizens with the same quality of medical treatment and facilities is next to impossible. That is why surgeries like liver transplants are very expensive. On average, a liver transplant surgery in India can range from Rs. 22,50,000 to Rs. 30,75,000. But this is not affordable for middle and low-income families.

    Most patients that are in need of a liver transplant avoid getting treatment because they know that they won’t be able to pay for it. However, there are different ways to avail of financial assistance.

    Alternative Financial Assistance for Liver Transplant Surgeries in India

    A liver transplant surgery that costs over Rs. 22 lakhs is simply not affordable for an average-income household.

    We have listed some of the alternative ways of financial assistance that are available for liver transplant surgeries in India:

    Coverage by Insurance Policy – One can opt for health insurance coverage to pay for a number of medical treatments. To avail of insurance, one would have to pay a small amount every month to the insurance company. And when the insurance holder faces any health issues, the insurance company will cover the medical costs as agreed in the terms and conditions. 

    Zero Cost EMI – Certain hospitals provide the facility of zero cost EMI. When someone has an expensive treatment and they are unable to pay the bill amount all at once, the option of EMI is sometimes offered by hospitals. In such a case, they would need to repay the amount little by little every month for a fixed duration at a zero interest rate.

    Medical Loans with Subsidized Interest Rates -. Medical loans from banks or any financial institutions are a very reliable option as the interest rates are subsidized. That means a portion of the interest rate will be paid by the government. This makes it a very safe and reliable option for financing treatments and surgeries.

    Getting Support from Crowdfunding Platforms – Crowdfunding is a system wherein people from all over the world can donate money for medical treatments and surgeries. Those in need will receive donations in small shares through online platforms. These small contributions end up becoming a huge total and can help a lot of people who are in a need of funding.

    How Can Crowdfunding Help Finance Liver Transplant Surgery? 

    Crowdfunding can be used for treatments, surgeries, businesses, and other projects which require a large capital. Mainly the funds are raised through online modes. 

    Online fundraising platforms are becoming a much more helpful and reliable resource for funding not only people’s medical treatments but also to fund someone’s education and fighting climate change.

    Patients who are in need of liver transplants generally have to wait for more than 2 years to get suitable donors. This list keeps on getting longer as India makes up for over 18% of 2 million worldwide liver failure cases. But crowdfunding platforms are largely helping people by funding their surgeries and treatments. Some of the reasons for choosing online fundraising and crowdfunding to support huge surgeries like that of a liver transplant are:

    1. People receive from those who are willing to help.

    2. Collection of funds can be done before starting the treatment.

    3. Projects that are for a good cause can be shared globally which helps in gaining a wider range of donors who are willing to help.

    Why Use Ketto to Fundraise Liver Transplants?

    Ketto is a platform specifically designed for online fundraising and crowdfunding. It aims to unite people all around the world who are willing to donate for different good causes including expensive medical procedures like liver transplants. Ketto is easy to use and can help donors by regularly notifying them about the individuals and projects that are in urgent need of funds. Anyone who is interested can visit for more information on how the platform works and for help in starting their own donating journey as well.

    To Sum Up

    Liver transplant surgery is a traumatic experience in itself but its cost makes it even more difficult for the person affected as well as for the family. Out of all the possible ways to relieve the burden of expensive surgery, crowdfunding is quite efficient and provides reliable coverage. Ketto aims to bridge the gap between the ones who need financial help and those who want to donate to a good cause.

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