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How Crowdfunding Can Play a Key Role In Achieving Social Impact

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    Importance of Crowdfunding in Creating Social Impact

    Crowdfunding has come a long way in India. It has been helping people create a major social impact. Renowned platforms such as Ketto have boosted the trust quotient in donors. They have also received good donations from many across the globe. Showing the genuineness of the fundraising reason and maintaining end-to-end transparency is important. It is the key to consistently receiving donations. Thus, it is the best way of raising funds in a short duration. Read on to know how crowdfunding is creating a social impact.

    Crowdfunding’s role in Creating Social Impact:

    Crowdfunding creates social impact in the following ways:

    1. Better outreach:

    The current digital era has enabled amazing outreach and broadcast of any message. Thus, those who need funds use platforms like Ketto for raising that. For example, entrepreneurs or individuals can broadcast their ideas. And they can appeal to the public for helping them meet their goals and fulfil their dreams.

    1. Creatively present the campaign:

    Impactful videos and stories can create compelling campaigns for crowdfunding. These are made such that crowdfunding for any social cause can be fruitful.

    1. Streamlines the fundraising efforts:

    Crowdfunding helps in creating a centralized infrastructure for fundraising. This includes sharing the appeal and campaigns for raising funds. Then there is collecting or withdrawing the funds and sending feedback letters individually. There are crowdfunding platforms such as Ketto which help in this. They do this by automating all the activities besides bringing the under one roof. 

    1. Controlling activities related to marketing and promotions:

    Those wanting to raise funds for a social cause can control the marketing campaign activities for crowdfunding, right from its launch to final feedback. The responses of target audiences can be analyzed for tweaking the marketing efforts. Besides this, multiple online marketing platforms are leveraged for reaching the right target audiences.  

    1. Keeping the social impact plan low-end and modest:

    Once the purpose of raising funds is conveyed to donors, donations of even Rs. 50 is accepted if done on regular basis. This is because small yet consistent efforts make a difference. Since most people opt to do online donations, they get regular updates on how their donations are being used to make a social impactThis helps in creating a sense of trustworthiness among the donors. So they feel motivated to continue donating to the cause. 

    1. Using creative techniques for getting online support for a social cause:

    Crowdfunding can be successful by reaching out to brands and celebrities who are already famous among the masses and willing to contribute to a social cause. Conducting events can also help grab the donors’ attention. The main point while doing all this is maintaining transparency and harmony. It makes it easy for donors to understand and trust the purpose for which they are donating.


    Crowdfunding platforms such as Ketto have an international network for their Social Impact Plans. It creates a chain for helping people in even remote areas. They help in making an effort to accomplish something. The short-term and long-term Social Impact plans help donors opt for the scheme that suits them best. Thus, with crowdfunding, a vast network is created. That network has numerous donors who provide regular and impactful donations towards the fulfilment of a social cause.  

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