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Celebrate Republic Day by Making Monthly Contributions to a Worthy Cause

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    Republic Day 2023

    26 January is an important day in India’s history. It marks the day when the Constitution of India came into effect. The Constitution of India is a document that outlines the country’s laws and governance. Every year on 26 January, the President of India gives a speech commemorating the day and celebrating the country’s progress. This year, the President will also be attending the Republic Day parade, which is a grand military parade that takes place in Delhi. The parade features marching soldiers, floats, and musical performances. It is a spectacle that is not to be missed!

    On the 26th day of January 2023, we at Ketto wish you and your family a very Happy Republic Day. As we take the day to remember everything our nation’s heroes fought for, let us also take the time to help those they fought for.

    The main aim of celebrating this day is to promote national integration and harmony. One of the best ways to celebrate this day is to start crowdfunding for medical causes. There are many medical causes that need our help. By starting a crowdfunding campaign, we can raise funds for these causes and help many people in need. You can also enroll with our Social Impact Plan and make monthly contributions to any worthy or relatable cause.

    There are many platforms out there for crowdfunding, but is the best. With, you can easily set up a campaign and start raising money for your emergency medical expenses. You can also customize your campaign to fit your specific needs. And with’s powerful tools, you can reach your fundraising goals in no time! So use to start crowdfunding today!

    Why Ketto Crowdfunding is the best

    Ketto Crowdfunding is the best because it allows you to raise money for your cause quickly and easily. With Ketto, you can keep track of your progress, receive updates from donors, and thank them for their support – all from one convenient platform. Plus, Ketto Crowdfunding gives you access to a wide range of resources, including tips and advice from experienced crowdfunding experts.

    What is Ketto’s Social Impact Plan (SIP)?

    Ketto’s social impact plan is aimed at helping sick children living in poverty. It is an attempt to make healthcare available to all, regardless of their social position or standing. It works through the charity of Ketto’s group of givers who donate a fixed amount to the scheme, which is then used to pay for medical crises. Currently, there are over 670 children who have gained from Ketto’s SIP.

    Features of SIP:

    • It is affordable. Even your smallest donation makes a big difference.
    • Join a circle of givers and change lives for the better.
    • Learn about the impact of your help with daily updates from our end.
    • Our services are automated, which means the amount you would like to contribute will be withdrawn from your account.

    Why Do We Need a Social Impact Plan?

    In India, every two minutes, a child passes away because of poor medical aid. In the long history of India, people have always come first, and medical aid for all is a right. Ketto’s social impact plan gives you a chance to give a child a new life. Visit Ketto to join our crowdfunding program today.

    What can we do with a Social Impact Plan?

    1. Medical Aid: More than 40% of children in India are ill-fed. Providing medical aid can help lower that number. Hospitals in rural areas do not always have the provisions required for specific health disorders. On the other hand, urban hospitals can fall out of budget for the vast majority of Indians. Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds for those who require them. With Ketto’s medical aid, priority donations are assigned to the most critical cases, allowing children to receive the care they need.

    2. Education: Even though education is required and free for children between the ages of 6-14 in India, many do not go to school. This can be due to family problems or monetary issues. Crowdfunding can help children get the required study material, school uniforms, and tuition fees. Build a better future for India this Republic Day by donating to a child’s education.

    3. Homeless Dogs: More than 35 million dogs are homeless in India today. Street dogs are an everyday part of life in India. By funding their medical expenses and providing regular food and shelter, street dogs can become a more managed part of an Indian city’s ecosystem. Adoption is a slow process, and homeless dogs deserve care even to thrive in the meantime.

    Join Ketto’s Social Impact Plan (SIP) plan today and join a circle of givers and change-makers this Republic Day! Donate today and let us celebrate building a brighter, kinder and more equitable nation today.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment