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Gift Children Medical Care & Claim Deductions Under Section 80G on Specific Campaigns

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    Gift Children Medical Care

    A little generosity goes a long way, especially when saving lives and giving some a new leash to life. Medical emergencies come unseen and sometimes demand expensive treatment. Crowdfunding for medical care on Ketto has helped millions of families nationwide fund medical treatment. Ketto has hosted over 200,000 medical fundraisers with an estimated $148 million.

    The platform allows anyone to create a crowdfunding campaign by providing the relevant documents and all the necessary information. Ketto is a reliable crowdfunding platform with individual and unique campaigns supporting medical care for children. With every donation, save taxes and claim the deduction through the 80G certificate. 

    Impact of Crowdfunding on Medical Care 

    Crowdfunding in India has helped numerous people fund their medical treatment and lead a new life. According to Statista, the crowdfunding segment is expected to reach a projected value of $6.91million in 2022. Some campaigns have helped gift children medical care and pay for the treatment. 

    Here are some situations when fundraising becomes essential:

    Inability to afford the medical treatment as it involves exorbitantly high costs. For example, cancer treatment or transplants of different types are expensive and require money for treatment. 

    Lack of health insurance is a primary factor in people’s inability to pay medical expenses. As per Statista, only 515 million people were covered under health insurance in the year 2021. The number has increased from 254 million in 2011, yet a vast majority have no insurance. 

    Health insurance rejection causes additional burden and financial stress leaving crowdfunding as an option. However, mediclaim rejection is quiet for children suffering from chronic illness. 

    Medical care is a necessity, but not everyone can afford the cost of expensive surgeries. Online crowdfunding is a boon that has saved thousands of lives across India. 

    A Little Donation can Save a Child’s Life.

    The campaigns on Ketto have managed to save many children’s lives and continue to pay for the treatment with the funds gathered. For example, Paarnikka, a 6-year-old child suffering from “Neuroblastoma,” a rare type of cancer, would not be able to get the treatment for her cancer if it were not for the online crowdfunding website. A whopping amount of Rs 1.14,53,291 is so far raised, supported, and contributed by 6005 supporters. 

    A fundraiser started by Namrata Phulgirkar on behalf of a 3-year-old Munazza was able to raise so far ₹ 23 lakh + for the treatment of cancer. The 3-year-old battling leukaemia requires over ₹25 lakh for the treatment, which otherwise would not have been possible without online crowdfunding. With every donation, save tax and claim using the 80G certificate while filing income tax returns.

    Introducing the Social Impact Plan 

    Lack of funds and access to the proper treatment has taken the lives of many children. However, a little contribution and donation can bring a massive change and help platforms like Ketto contribute to medical treatment for kids. I have always believed in making an impact and bringing a change in whatever way possible.

    The Social Impact Plan is one of the ways to contribute to medical care for children and make healthcare available when people or families cannot afford it. For example, instead of donating to individual campaigns, they donate monthly through SIP and get a tax claim with the 80G certificate. 

    Many campaigns urgently need funds but do not get the proper support. The SIP plan helps automate the fund transfer to unique campaigns that urgently need money for treatment. In addition, Social Impact Plan creates a community of monthly donors that caters to urgent medical needs and treatment for children. 

    Tax Benefits through the 80G Certificate 

    Donating for a good cause should not be taxable, and we strongly believe in the same. Hence, after every donation, the donor is eligible to claim taxes which is a great way to save taxes. For example, 80G is a tax-saving certificate for authorized or registered NGOs or charitable trusts. Hence becoming a part of special campaigns makes donors eligible for the 80G certificate exempting them from full or partial tax payment. 

    Once one donates, the 80G certificate and the donation details are emailed to the donor. Using the 80G certificate while filing income tax returns helps make claims. With Ketto’s Social Impact Plan, become a regular contributor and a part of a community that helps in medical care and treatment for children. The campaigns mention if there is a tax exemption certificate provided to the donor or not after the donation, making it convenient to donate to campaigns that help with tax claims. 

    Crowdfunding for Social Causes Other than Medical Care 

    Children not only need medical care but also funds to support their welfare and education. Many NGOs or charities have successfully raised funds and contributed to educating India through crowdfunding. Education is a fundamental right for every child, and NGOs can support the education of underprivileged children through crowdfunding.

    Education crowdfunding is used in building school infrastructure, developing computer labs and laboratories, accessing the internet and toilets, expanding existing infrastructure, purchasing essentials like books or stationaries etc. In addition, NGOs like Cry India have successfully raised funds through Ketto for the welfare of children, their educations, and overall welfare. 


    Crowdfunding and raising have helped save the lives of many children by providing them with medical care and treatment. The social impact plan is an excellent way to contribute to Ketto through SIP and get a tax-exempt or tax claim certificate. With the donation to fundraisers, not only does the donor save lives and help with necessary funds for the medical care of children, but claim tax returns. 

    Each campaign on Ketto is verified and authenticated through a strict 3-step process before it is listed as a fundraiser. Hence, donors can be assured that their contribution is not in vain and help in gifting necessary medical care for children or any other social causes. 

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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