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Rescue Premature Kids from Underprivileged Families through Crowdfunding Whatsapp Groups

    Rescue Premature Kids from Underprieleged Families through Crowdfunding Whatsapp Groups

    WhatsApp groups are interesting for sharing images, greetings, information and planning. We are social people, and considering this fact, WhatsApp has included features for creating groups and expanding our connections. However, has anyone considered crowdfunding through WhatsApp groups? Ketto has decided to launch a crowdfunding WhatsApp group for the first time to support premature kids who lack a healthy environment to grow in due to low-income family conditions.

    Keeping in mind the multiple advantages of WhatsApp groups, Ketto ensures to include people from different parts of India and continue their crowdfunding initiative through Whatsapp. Fundraisers can create a fundraising campaign with the help of this group. Ketto will send an invitation link to interested persons and promote this group through advertising on social media platforms. 

    Innovative Approach 

    The crowdfunding WhatsApp group is an innovative approach by Ketto which helps millions of people raise funds, not only from within the country but also gain support from international bodies as these groups support international payments for crowdfunding.

    Donors worldwide can connect with people in an integrated manner and gather knowledge on the crucial challenges underprivileged families face in India. Additionally, people participating in these groups can run crowdfunding campaigns for education, medical treatment, social causes, or any other serious issues.

    The motive for developing the Crowdfunding WhatsApp Group is to strengthen the support chain with more accessible digital solutions. People will avail the same quality features from this new platform of crowdfunding.

    No Hustle, No Platform Charges, Only Benefits

    India’s economy is booming. However, there are still millions of people living hand to mouth. Some people cannot even arrange for necessities such as food or a roof over their heads. These and several other reasons hinder families from offering adequate care to their premature babies. They lack aid and hope, and if there is someone who can support them financially, it would mean the world to them. Ketto has been launched in service of these people so that no one feels helpless during crucial times of need. 

    Ketto helps anyone run a crowdfunding campaign without hustling through a lengthy documentation and verification process. After joining the crowdfunding WhatsApp group by Ketto, those seeking financial aid can immediately start their fundraising campaign without paying any platform cost. It’s free for all who want to create crowdfunding campaigns while connecting with a maximum number of people simultaneously.

    Most people create WhatsApp groups for entertainment and information sharing. However, Ketto has used this feature to create a unique and helpful experience for those in need. 

    Ketto is here to help solve the problems of those facing any medical emergency.

    Ketto can also help raise funds for medical emergencies and varying social causes. Ketto is the most trusted option for people who need immediate support and help for medical or social reasons, such as health insurance rejection, mediclaim rejection, crowdfunding education, etc. The crowdfunding for education campaign by Ketto has helped many special needs children get their rights to education. Start a campaign through Ketto’s crowdfunding WhatsApp group to help premature kids from underprivileged families and help better their lives! In this technologically advanced world, Ketto has taken this approach so that people can avail more robust support and kids can dream of a brighter and healthier future.

    Insights, Easy Crowdfunding, Real-time Information

    Fundraisers of the crowdfunding WhatsApp group can share relatable information so that people can learn and understand the reasons behind any fundraising activity. This also helps build trust among those supporting these campaigns.

    Creating a crowdfunding campaign andjoining the crowdfunding WhatsApp Group can be done by following two simple steps: joining the crowdfunding whatsapp group via invitation link, creating a fundraising campaign and getting support from people.

    People can learn quickly about the importance of fundraising by participating in different crowdfunding campaigns or raising funds for their genuine causes. From both perspectives, this group can offer learning and knowledge to people. This will help create a kind of virtual community that serves people.

    100% Trust, There is No Doubt!

    Ketto is a trusted app that people can rely on without any hesitation or doubt in their minds to both raise funds and back projects. The same principle of trust applies when people ask for financial support through crowdfunding WhatsApp groups. Ketto updates and tracks the progress of crowdfunding campaigns on WhatsApp as this offers real-time information to fundraisers and offers 24 hours support to the applicants and the participants. All the funds can be withdrawn at any point during the crowdfunding campaign.

    The advertising support that the group offers is extraordinary. This is the most significant advantage of creating a fundraising campaign through a crowdfunding WhatsApp group. This group provides similar features and facilities as the application. Advertising support is included within it. So fundraisers don’t need to go here and there and spend a significant amount on advertising. Instead, this group will create a community where people can easily promote their fundraising campaigns. Ketto also offers a fundraising marketing tool that provides insights to campaigners to help them monitor their marketing activities; this tool is relatively easy to use.

    Bottom Line

    This holistic approach by Ketto not only helps in crowdfunding but also serves people in their crucial needs and supports premature kids despite their underprivileged conditions. This effective way increases awareness and knowledge of people to build a strong support chain worldwide.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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