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Misconceptions about Fundraising

    Misconceptions about Fundraising

    “Running a fundraising program with such few donors is not worth the time and effort.”

    “There are no sure-shot strategies. It’s hard to know what will work for you.”

    “This field is too crowded to raise funds for our campaign.”

    “Not everyone is rich enough to start a fundraising program.” 

    “People don’t like to contribute so much, especially money.”

    These are just a few of the statements we heard when we started Ketto, a fundraising organization that works to connect people to access healthcare, and spread happiness. Back in the day, many people thought the dream would be over soon. In all, they were skeptical about our plans and ideas, but we were ready to give this a shot.

    Down the line today, Ketto has a team of people who love working with us. We work towards a mission that satisfies us every day, and almost always reach our goals in the least time possible.

    Let’s discuss and burst a few common misconceptions about fundraising programs. We will also be discussing a few myths about fundraising and strategies that worked in our favor.

    Fundraising is an easy task

    One of the biggest misconceptions about fundraising is that it is an easy job. As the quotes at the beginning of this article will tell you, it is most definitely not. You have to get in front of people and ask them for money. The ones who have this misconception do not understand the importance of resources and why we need fundraisers.

    The GDP is too small

    People do not need to donate. It has been recorded that people in the lowest income brackets are the ones who donate a greater equivalent percentage of their income in fundraising programs. What disbelievers of fundraisers must understand is: even the smallest action makes a change.

    Very less or zero ROI

    Another common misconception about fundraising is that the return on investment is non-existent. But think about it: your organization invested $100k for a certain cause. Yet, it received $500k or even more from generous donors. Fundraising has one of the biggest returns on any investment, yet the leader doesn’t initiate the initial investments.

    Instant relationship

    There’s nothing like an instant relationship when it comes to fundraising. Building relationships that the donors believe in is a gradual process that requires time and effort. Imagine, why would anyone spend money on something they aren’t 100% committed to? One of the greatest pressures of fundraising is that instant results are rarely possible. Organizational leaders don’t understand that building pressure on the fundraising staff is not the key.

    Fundraising won’t take too long

    Many ambitious people who raise funds believe that they can raise funds in just a few weeks or months. However, the reality is quite different. This realization hits when you’re in the real space, as the process of doing due diligence itself may take up to a year or even more.

    Making plans means success

    Simply developing a plan opens doors for success: this is yet another myth about fundraising. Unrealistic goals do not work. Instead, they become pressure points for frontline funders.

    You can’t aim for a goal, sit idly, and expect it to bring donors to your doors out of nowhere. You must manage a long to-do list to reach the desired fundraising goal. Planning, training, managing resources, and consulting are a few things that bridge the gap between you and the goal.

    Staff and consultants

    Behind the success of the fundraiser, there is a team of experienced individuals and learners. They plan out the strategies, minimize bottlenecks, and suggest effective and practical measures to bring the results to the table.

    “You get what you pay for.” This tough-love advice goes pretty well with fundraising too. If you hire a less experienced or completely inexperienced person to run the campaign, the costs will be much lower, but so will the results.

    Therefore, invest in staff and consultants who know how to apply certain methodologies, skills, and best practices.

    The right mindset

    Some people may harbor this myth about fundraising too, that it is only about the fundraising department. However, reality speaks differently. For a successful fundraising program, the whole organization has to work towards a single goal. The responsibility is not relegated to a single body. Every member and supporter counts and can pitch in ideas about the opportunity areas and strategies that might work.

    We’ll turn them off by asking for money

    Though it’s a sensitive issue, asking for money is the central part of fundraising programs. We all understand the awkwardness that comes with it. Therefore, the best practice for a successful fundraising program is to prepare your team for asking for donations.

    To sound convincing, you need to add statements to your argument by speaking about the same field you’re raising funds for. Those running fundraisers have to do diligent research before venturing out to fundraise. People would always tend to believe and trust organizations that seem genuine and are committed to the field, rather than ones who only ask for money.


    Fundraising is not an easy job. It is a gradual process that requires appropriate time and effort to reflect results, else it won’t last for long.

    According to us, the major barrier to a successful fundraiser is the ability and courage to start it. Forget about ambitious targets, people limit themselves from taking this vital step: initiating the fundraiser.

    Ketto is a fundraising organization that works with the aim of “Healthcare for all.” Our mission is to connect all people to access the best healthcare facilities and transform the world into a better, more equitable place to live in. At Ketto, we not only deal with common misconceptions about fundraising but also give you the right platform that works as per your crowdfunding expectations.

    Sushant Peshkar
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