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How to Create Compelling Videos for Your Online Fundraising Campaigns

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    Online Fundraising Campaigns

    Fundraising platforms allow you to pitch your campaign to donors who can help your cause. There are several tips to promote your campaign to ensure it gains attention and raises money. One of these ways is to create a video for fundraising online.

    A report suggests that approximately 57% of people who come across videos for nonprofit donations contribute to the cause. If your campaign on fundraising platforms does not include a video, you might lose a significant opportunity to engage your donors. Let’s understand how to create a compelling video for your online fundraising campaign.

    Tips to Create a Successful Fundraise Online

    Construct an Elevator Pitch

    This has to be the hook of your fundraising online. You need to convey your mission in a few sentences only. It’s best to do that in the first 10 seconds, as the attention of the patrons may drop after that.

    Make use of the time to tug at their heartstrings. Emotional connections are known to help raise funds for campaigns.

    Share Campaign Details

    Start with the specifics, like how much money you need. What are the different levels of impact that donations on your fundraising goals will have? Try to answer the questions such as why are you fundraising online. Where is the campaign running? What is the estimated completion time? Why the donors should care? And so on.

    Ensure You Make Use of Storytelling

    Use a narrative to make a lasting impression on donors on the fundraising platform. In storytelling, find the main character and set the stage. Put some thought into the optimal backdrop, lighting, and framing. Focus on a powerful narrative and then explain the problems the donors would solve to raise engagement.

    Keep the Video Short

    These days, people’s attention span is very short as they get busier. The video must be of optimal length. You have to convey your message and make an appeal while you still have them hooked.

    Focus on Authenticity

    For fundraising online, authentic videos help gain the support and trust of your donors. It is an opportunity for you to put a face to the cause they will donate to. An authentic video will help you make an emotional connection with your donors. Show your passion and be approachable to garner more responses.

    Make Use of Call-To-Action

    You are making a video on a fundraising platform for organising a donation drive. The goal is to encourage the patrons of the platform to take action. Take steps such as making your donate button more visible. Use CTA lines such as “learn how you can help.”

    Final Thoughts

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