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How Medical Crowdfunding is Changing the Way We Pay for Healthcare

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    Crowdfunding for Medical Bills

    By extension, meeting expenses through crowdfunding medical bills are similar to community fundraisers. Hosted on a digital platform, there are several websites today that help users connect with people willing to chip in a donation for their medical cause.

    It is called ‘crowdfunding’ because it involves many people coming together to raise funds for a cause. Usually, most crowdfunding websites today take a certain percentage of the money raised during a campaign.

    Crowdfunding for medical bills has emerged as a popular way to raise funds for medical expenses otherwise not covered by insurance. It allows individuals to create online campaigns, which they can then share with their network to solicit donations.

    As a result, medical crowdfunding has become a source of hope and relief for many who may otherwise struggle to meet the cost of medical treatments.

    Emergence of Medical Crowdfunding

    At present, the entire system of crowdfunding displays a common pattern. Easily discernible, it is true that crowdfunding for medical bills lies at the nexus of social media, startup culture and a broken healthcare system.

    Indeed, medical crowdfunding is fast emerging as a source of quick, effective, and personal opportunities to provide tangible help in a single click. In the past few years, crowdfunding has become a ubiquitous source of support, and people are increasingly turning this way in times of financial need.

    In several countries worldwide, crowdfunding has become a common source of funds for healthcare services. Several factors make private medical facilities expensive. In most cases, people are either under-insured or do not have any insurance at all. Another reason is the lack of public healthcare schemes and affordable medical facilities.

    In this scenario, crowdfunding has become a crutch to support those facing skyrocketing healthcare costs. It has become a crucial bridge that fills the gap between reputed healthcare facilities and those needing affordable medical assistance.

    7 Ways In Which Medical Crowdfunding Is Winning

    As much as health is critical to everyone, recovering from a medical condition without being financially broke is just as important. Here are a few medical crowdfunding elements that make them so successful globally.

    1. Asking Trusted People For Fundraising

    For patients, much pressure is taken off their shoulders if they access medical and financial aid. They should be given time to heal and not worry about the funds for their recovery.

    Using crowdfunding to meet medical bills brings friends, colleagues and even strangers together to help people in need. This unique aspect of crowdfunding makes it a winner for many people.

    2. Behind Every Need Is a Story

    Asking for crowdfunding for medical bills can make many people feel exposed and vulnerable. However, fundraising platforms today are making it easier for them to write their story to raise funds which helps people connect easily to their cause.

    A story helps people understand the reality of someone’s medical and financial situation, which may compel them to join a cause and pool resources to help. Platforms like Ketto allow people to share their stories with unique titles, which can immediately catch people’s attention.

    It can be surprising to see how many people come to their aid when people get their stories out there.

    3. Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

    If it weren’t for crowdfunding platforms like Ketto, it would not be possible for people to share a visual of their journey and need. Photos add a powerful validity to medical crowdfunding campaigns because they become so much more authentic!

    People can share their stories through words and pictures to take their fundraising efforts to another level. Photos can bring empathy from people and draw them into the cause. People are more likely to understand a fundraiser’s plight when they see their journey through their eyes.

    Of course, there is no need to share any sensitive information but medical bills and family pictures are just a few examples of photos that can be shared.

    4. Access To Social Media

    The reason why crowdfunding manages to gain massive traction can be largely attributed to social media. It has the power to reach people all across the globe. Often, there is a good chance that a certain campaign might even get shared by people further, amplifying its reach to a person’s family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, co-workers and practically, strangers.

    Now, when an exponential number of people view a fundraiser, there is a good chance they might even contribute. Therefore, a social media post for a fundraiser should be easily clickable so people can donate comfortably.

    5. There’s a Way Ahead of Social Media

    Social media is undoubtedly an important part of crowdfunding medical bills. However, there are yet other ways to reach potential donors other than it. Personalised outreach might have an even stronger impact on people. They can make a huge difference, especially for those unsure where to begin their medical crowdfunding journey.

    Begin by using emails, texts, and calls to a few close friends. It might be possible to obtain some initial support through this route. Once the funds start flowing in, it might be motivating to continue the effort and expand the scope of the crowdfunding campaign.

    6. Keeping Everyone in the Loop

    Crowdfunding platforms offer a fantastic way to share the progress of a campaign with supporters. As more people begin to chip in, they might want to know about the patient’s condition and whether their donation has been helpful.

    Ketto allows fundraisers to post updates in this regard so that contributors can learn about the progress of the medical treatment. These updates are an opportunity to share any progress, setbacks, or words of gratitude that will keep people engaged with the campaign.

    7. A Never-Ending Form of Gratitude

    Thanking donors is an important part of raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign. It helps to make them feel appreciated and reinforces their belief in helping someone in need. Depending on the available time, people may thank each donor individually or post a mass update about their gratitude for the help.

    Is Crowdfunding the Way Forward?

    In many countries, the pressure of meeting medical expenses has led to many people going bankrupt. Even when people are suitably insured, medical bills can rise exponentially, causing people to go bankrupt. To many, the concept of crowdfunding is relatively new.

    Crowdfunding has emerged as a powerful tool to provide much-needed support for individuals seeking medical and financial assistance. It represents a compassionate response to those in need and has the potential to make a significant difference in their lives.

    Crowdfunding also underscores the importance of ensuring access to quality healthcare for everyone and can help raise awareness of the urgent need to address this issue. Some might say it is not sustainable to meet healthcare expenses, but crowdfunding is making big waves for now.

    Are there Benefits of Paying for Healthcare Via Crowdfunding?

    To club some of the common benefits of meeting healthcare expenses via crowdfunding, here are some points:

    Access to funds: Medical crowdfunding is an excellent way to access necessary funds for people who may not have enough insurance or personal savings to meet the costs of medical treatment.

    Community Support: With the help of crowdfunding, people can reach out to their social network and extended community for financial assistance. Getting together with people who are known or willing to help might be a great support in a medical emergency.

    Flexibility: Creating a crowdfunding campaign without much hassle is quite simple. This makes it a flexible way to raise money for medical expenses.

    Funds Substituted by Medical Crowdfunding

    Individuals can consider several methods to make payments for their medical expenses. However, the absence or lack of these makes crowdfunding for medical bills a popular option.

    Health Insurance

    Health insurance is among the most trusted and reliable ways to meet healthcare expenses. Nowadays, healthcare insurance has evolved to become more technical and inclusive. Under their purview, individuals can meet the costs of medical treatments, surgeries, medicines, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

    Personal Savings

    Collecting and saving money in advance could help individuals prepare for an unwanted emergency and unexpected medical expenses. To do this, one must set aside a portion of their income each month. This will create savings or emergency funds that can be used to meet healthcare costs.

    However, it is very difficult for most people to set aside a fixed amount each month, which can disturb the constitution of such funds.

    Payment Plans

    Many healthcare providers offer several payment plans. Individuals can use these to divide their medical costs over time gaps. It can significantly ease the burden of paying a lump sum for medical treatment. However, the liability of payment for such treatment looms each month.

    Government Assistance Programs

    Depending on the available assistance from the government, individuals may be eligible to receive help from the government. Their income levels and medical needs may be considered before sanctioning such funds.

    One can explore the different options available to them when seeking medical support. But they must consider each option’s pros and cons to define the best for their medical and financial condition.

    Concerns Regarding Using Crowdfunding to Pay Medical Bills

    Medical crowdfunding is a temporary solution for those needing help meeting their medical expenses. However, only a few concerns are associated with this funding source for healthcare bills.

    For one, it lacks any serious regulation at present. Medical crowdfunding is not regulated like other sources of healthcare financing. This makes it difficult to verify the legitimacy of a campaign and ensure that funds are being used correctly.

    Further, crowdfunding may not be able to cover every medical expense of an individual and may not even be a sustainable long-term solution to a person’s healthcare requirements. Lastly, it can be emotionally taxing on individuals who may feel awkward asking for help or guilty about burdening others with their requirements.

    Crowdfunding platforms like Ketto ensure that no fake campaigns reach genuine donors. The platform filters out fake profiles and movements by putting certain regulations in place, bringing only those to the forefront who require desperate help.


    Medical crowdfunding is a crucial aspect of healthcare expenses that cannot be ignored. Fundraisers can be highly effective in raising the necessary funds to meet the healthcare needs of individuals.

    Unfortunately, it takes a moment for someone to fall victim to a medical condition or accident. Medical crowdfunding provides a flexible and promising opportunity for those needing to gather funds for quality treatment.

    The popularity of crowdfunding increased significantly during the Covid era when people faced various medical emergencies. Since then, awareness of crowdfunding as a source of funds for healthcare has been on the rise.

    Medical crowdfunding does not necessarily replace any specific sources of funds. Rather, it provides an additional option for individuals who may not have access to traditional funding sources such as health insurance or personal savings.

    It allows people to reach out to their social networks and the wider community for financial support in medical needs. However, it is important to note that medical crowdfunding is not a reliable or sustainable solution for healthcare funding, and it should not be seen as a replacement for comprehensive healthcare coverage.

    Crowdfunding platforms like Ketto have become a reliable source to obtain funding for many. For more informative articles, resources, and support regarding medical treatment, visit

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