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Crowdfund To Support And Sustain The Old Age Homes In India

    Crowdfund To Support And Sustain The Old Age Homes In India

    In India, around 112 million senior citizens face multiple social, psychological, economic and physical obstacles. Moreover, they also suffer from several health issues such as loneliness, elder abuse, neglect, lack of income, security and poor access to healthcare. Like our senior citizens who worked vigorously to keep us protected throughout our lives, the team at Ketto is at the forefront of supporting and sustaining the nursing homes in India. 

    As per the reports released by the Longitudinal Aging Study in India LASI, around 5% of people over 60 experience ill-treatment or no treatment at all. It includes both emotional and physical neglect leading to degradation in their health. Many elders, especially in rural areas, are left alone in the house while their children travel the world searching for food, shelter and jobs. 

    With so much happening in the world at the moment, the need to support old-age homes becomes imperative. What if we tell you that you can make a difference in their lives? Regardless of how big or small, your donation is, you can significantly change someone’s life for the better. 

    What is Crowdfunding?

     In simple terms, Crowdfunding is a process of gathering funds for people who are in need. It helps individuals who are in need and looking for your support. You can help senior citizens going through mental and physical trauma every day by supporting the cause of sustaining old-age homes in India. Through a small step that involved setting up a crowdfunding campaign, someone’s precious life got another chance to live.

    India is regarded as a young country, with 22% of our population comprising the youth, whereas, when talking about senior citizens, the total population accounts for 8.6%. With this, there has been a significant rise in the old-age homes in the country. In 2016, there were about 500 homes, whereas the number rose to 728 in June 2020. According to the latest study, this number might increase by 25% in the coming years. 

    Don’t you think your helping hand in building an old-age home can bring a huge difference? We believe that every donation counts! If you also think so, it’s time to join hands and make a difference. 

    Old Age Homes Fundraising Ideas

    Whether you’re looking for a small or large fundraising event, it is challenging to think out of the box that attracts maximum attention. There are several factors to consider to get immediate results. These include donor reception, budget, and estimated time commitment. Here is the list of ideas you can stick to to raise funds – 

    • Peer-to-peer fundraising

    The first is Peer-to-peer fundraising. Some common examples of this are Walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons or fun runs. Such competitions encourage the masses to donate to a cause like the sustainability of old-age homes. 

    • P2P charity runs

    Another best way to raise funds is the charity runs. These are fun to watch and participate in. They appeal to potential supporters. Also, these possess excellent ROI. 

    • Sale

    A well-planned sale can break the ice if you want to raise funds faster. Encourage community people to bring out their unused items. Put value to these goods and start selling. Also, don’t forget to make a donation box that encourages customers to donate. 

    • Auctions

    Another great way to attract maximum eyes is to set up an online auction. Display all hand-made, unused products in the auction and sell them at low prices. These can be anything from paintings, posters and so on. It will raise funds for the organisation and bring out students’ creativity. During this time, bidders can participate and auction paintings. 

    • Treasure hunt

    A game that guarantees you to find the desired object at the end while having fun. You can include community people, senior citizens and others. It develops a bond while meeting your fundraising goals. 

    • Classic car shows

    Classic car shows and senior citizen causes go hand in hand. Reach for people who love to drive and build classic automobiles. Sell tickets at reasonable prices to attend the show. 

    What are The Three Simple Steps Involved in Fundraising? 

    If you want to start fundraising to Support And Sustain The Old Age Homes In India, follow these three steps – 

    Step 1: Kick Start Your Fundraiser

    To start your fundraising campaign, the first step is to add up all the necessary information regarding the campaign. It should include details about the campaign, who is benefitting from it and other essential information. 

    Step 2: Sharing of Fundraiser

    Once all the verification is done, it’s time to dive into the actual process. Now, your fundraising campaign is live. You can share the campaign with your friends, family, and followers by attaching the link on your various social media platforms. You can appeal to the masses and get the maximum possible support.

    Step 3: Withdrawal of Funds 

    Once your target is achieved, you’re eligible to withdraw your funds directly to your bank account. It takes hardly 5-6 minutes in the process. Say, for instance, you had a goal of collecting Rs. 5 Lakhs to support old-age homes in India, and then you can withdraw the same once you have completed your target.

    Final Thoughts

    Ketto is one of India’s most trusted platforms, where it is straightforward to set up fundraising programs. So if you’re looking to Support And Sustain The Old-Age Homes In India, you can visit our website and get involved in the fundraising program! Ketto ensures that only noteworthy and genuine campaigns go live on the website. 

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