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Crowdfunding for Higher Studies in Foreign Countries

    Crowdfunding for higher studies

    Getting a seat in a reputed college is the dream of most students in India and around the world. And it is now possible for every child to study abroad without worrying about the costs, what with crowdfunding gaining popularity. Yes, it’s true! The global potential for social change offered by crowdfunding platforms such as Ketto has always been phenomenal. Read on to find out the five best ways to seek crowdfunding for higher studies in foreign countries.

    How to seek crowdfunding for higher studies abroad?

    Crowdfunding platforms

    The first on the list is crowdfunding platforms. In simple terms, crowdfunding refers to the gathering of funds to help a person in need. It is a noble practice to gain monetary help for individuals who face economic, social, or cultural barriers in their daily life. Platforms like Ketto offer crowdfunding opportunities that take mere minutes to start. Follow these steps to start crowdfunding with Ketto:
    • Visit
    • Click ‘Sign in’
    • Enter a phone number and email ID
    • Create an account
    • Add the required details
    • Enter all bank details, and it’s done!

    Education fundraisers

    Similar to the crowdfunding strategy, education fundraisers are another effective way to raise money. In this case, someone else would be raising funds for the person in need. Ketto is in direct contact with several renowned people looking to provide adequate assistance to students excelling in their studies. Reach out for help at Ketto!

    NGO fundraising

    Ketto has successfully collaborated with hundreds of NGOs since its beginning, which can help students who are in need of money to study abroad.


    Scholarships are yet another excellent way to allow talented students to get admission into their dream college. There are several scholarships introduced by the government of India to help students to study abroad. The detailed guidelines for such scholarships are present on the respective official websites.

    Study loan

    The last, but most prominent way to fulfill the dream to study in a foreign country is to take a study loan. Banks offer study loans at reasonable interest rates. There are several types of loans and policies designed and developed to help students.

    How to start a fundraiser campaign

    Crowdfunding is the latest trend in the world of higher studies. Although it is criticized by some, it is supported by many. Students dreaming of studying in a foreign country are now using crowdfunding to appeal to people for donations. At Ketto, it is possible to initiate crowdfunding for people in need in just three simple steps. These are as follows:

    Step 1: Kickstart your fundraiser

    To start a fundraising campaign, provide all the necessary information about the campaign, who is benefiting from it, and so on. Also, do not forget to add all the necessary documents that will be needed for verification later.

    Step 2: Sharing on social media

    Once all documents are verified, the campaign will go live. Share the campaign with friends, family, and followers by sharing the link on your various social media platforms. This will ensure the campaign receives the maximum possible support.

    Step 3: Withdrawal of funds

    Once the funding target is achieved, the sum can be directly drawn into the respective bank account. This process usually takes hardly 5-6 minutes to complete.

    Documents required for a crowdfunding campaign

    At Ketto, starting a fundraising campaign is extremely easy. There are a few documents required to ensure that only genuine appeals for help are entertained.
    The various documents that are prerequisites for any fundraising campaign are:
    • Copies of the Aadhar cards of the campaigners are required for the KYC verification of the campaign.
    • In case the crowdfunding campaign is to meet medical needs, several other documents such as a cost estimate letter, hospital admission receipt, hospital bills, hospital reports, and any other related documents are required.
    • In the case of a non-medical campaign, the objective should be mentioned appropriately. Documents such as photographs and other information related to the campaign need to be uploaded.

    Why is Ketto India’s most popular crowdfunding platform for education in foreign countries?


    Any money donated is available immediately. Ketto guarantees withdrawals at any time throughout the online crowdfunding campaign.

    International payment support

    On Ketto, it is possible to find international peers and students who share the same interests. Ketto accepts donations in a variety of international currencies.

    24×7 support

    Ketto offers 24×7 support through calls, WhatsApp, email, SMS, and instant chat.

    Ketto is here at every step to step up efforts for education crowdfunding. We offer round-the-clock support!

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