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Crowdfunding for Education Abroad: How to Get Sponsored for Study Abroad

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    Fundraising Higher Education

    How will you feel if you have someone who does crowdfunding for your higher education abroad?

    Pursuing a seat in your dream college for higher education is a dream come true. You have come so far, which many would just dream to have. That one check-box for expenses and funds won’t stop you hereafter. Ketto takes care of it.

    Ketto is an online crowdfunding platform that helps individuals, groups, or organizations overcome physical, social, economic burdens in getting funds for medical bills and education.


    Ketto gives people a flexible platform to raise funds to build higher education schools and everything in between. This user-friendly platform has reached 55+lakh money donors and 2lakh+ fundraisers.

    Any individual across the world can donate or fundraise through Ketto and also can help someone in need. They have raised around 1100 crores from 1st January 2020 to 16th July 2021 and are still positively impacted.

    Top 10 ways to fund your education:

    Grabbing a chance to study abroad is as simple as learning in your own home country. All you need is a mind to desire and a spirit to aspire.

    There are various strategies to think about regarding education payments. Each approach fits a different criterion.

    1. Crowdfunding
    2. Education fundraisers
    3. NGO fundraising
    4. Corporate sponsorships and Internships
    5. Student grants
    6. Study loan
    7. Government scholarships
    8. International student’s scholarships
    9. Full time or part-time jobs
    10. Freelance skill monetization


    First of all, the best method to choose is crowdfunding, as it gives the privilege to concentrate only on studies. And also, it applies to all types of students, regardless of their academic performance. You don’t have to be extraordinary to get paid for your education abroad.

    Crowdfunding is funding a small amount of money from a large population group for a cause through campaigning. For that, you need an online platform like Ketto, which is easy, user-friendly, and favorable for fundraising. The process is straightforward, and it only takes 2 minutes.

    • Go to the homepage.
    • Click “Sign-in”.
    • Use an e-mail id and phone number.
    • Create your account.
    • Give them a few details about yourself.
    • Enter your bank details (for money withdrawal).
    • That’s all!! You are good to go!!

    Share your fundraiser and start campaigning for your dream education. The funds raised can be withdrawn directly to your provided bank account.

    Education fundraising in Ketto:

    This one is more or less similar to the first crowdfunding strategy. The only difference is someone else is going to raise funds for you. It works for you. If you excel in your academics, you can persuade sponsors, and the sponsors also wish to help you.

    Ketto has many top communities and influencers constantly looking to assist students struggling to overcome hurdles. They help such students in fundraising and do crowdfunding campaigns for them. Create your profile in Ketto, search for fundraisers and reach out to them for help.

    Ketto associated with NGOs:

    Many Non-Governmental Organisations are helping talented students to plan and pursue their higher education abroad. In its decade-long journey (2012-2021), Ketto collaborated with many NGOs and private organizations to help struggling students live their dream.

    NGOs are organizations that do social work of getting from people and giving it to the needy. Check for an organization, approach them and seek help for your education funding. If you fit into their criteria, they will come forward and help you. However, individual crowdfunding is better than relying on an organization.


    Scholarships are an excellent way to enable talented students to pursue their education dreams. Every country’s government offers various scholarships for both their national students and also incoming international students. The detailed guidelines and application criteria for government scholarships are available on their respective websites.

    Additionally, almost every program in every university offers scholarships to their students. Most of them cover tuition fees, accommodation charges, stationary expenses, or at least a few of them. Most students prefer weekend full-time or part-time jobs and freelance opportunities for other food, travel, and miscellaneous expenses.

    Education Loans:

    Banks offer education loans with reasonable interest and charges to students seeking admission. There are various loan types and policies in favor of students, and it is the most commonly used source of expenses.

    More than half the total percentage of students get student loans to meet their educational expenses. To avail of this type of loan, one has to submit an academic history, admission proof, identity proof, and future employment ideas.

    The requirements and procedures change from one bank to another, so it is advisable to check the individual bank’s website for more information. In some countries, like the United States, an international student can also avail of student loans.

    Corporate Funding:

    Many multimillionaire companies also offer scholarships, internships, and education funds for talented students. They support talented minds from struggling economic backgrounds and pay for their education. And in return, they ask them to work for their companies on a contract basis. This strategy comes under the reward-based crowdfunding type.

    Benefits for investors:

    Crowdfunding provides an opportunity for charities, social workers, and donators to get in touch with the aspiring young population looking for education help. Young minds attempting to achieve their dreams are like a growing little bird wishing to fly high one day. Students born with intelligence, talents, and ambitions often face economic hurdles.

    In 2021, many startups and organizations like Ketto put effort into connecting talented minds and investors. Many wealthy and famous people wish to help the needy but hesitate because of the lack of transparency. For all of them, Ketto is a boon. Ketto takes you directly to the recipient and gives clarity in money transactions.


    Ketto is an online crowdfunding platform where students can campaign and collect funds for their higher education. Pursuing higher education abroad is a possible thing in this 21st century. Crowdfunding opens the door to students to directly campaign for themselves with little process and time.

    Sushant Peshkar
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