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Online Fundraising and Crowdfunding Ideas

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    Fundraising Ideas Perfect for Any Cause

    Fundraising has gone through many shifts, and the scenario has changed. Gone are the days when we needed to send letters to call people. Now everything has shifted online and especially with the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major shifts in how people deal with each other and the ways they use to communicate. Fundraising can be done completely online with different mediums. The best online crowdfunding platform is Ketto, where you raise funds through crowdfunding.

    This article will discuss the different online fundraising ideas available. Are you someone who is looking to raise funds online? Do you have enough ideas on how to raise funds online with minimal effort? This article will get you through the various ideas you can use for fundraising online.

    The need for fundraising

    Fundraising can be effective if you need some urgent funds to meet your needs. The need can be physical, social, or any other, for that matter. There are people who are sick and do not have the money to get treatment. There are the unmarried women who do not have funds to meet the expenses, the homeless, the disaster affected, those who need funds for animal welfare, and short-term needs. These are some of the many reasons for fundraising, and there are platforms that will help you to raise funds from generous donors.

    Fundraising Ideas for a kick-start

    Text messaging

    People use mobile phones almost all the time, and it is a powerful tool to communicate. You can send text messages to different people, and the interested people will respond to you. There are companies that will help you set up text messaging, and once the message reaches the intended party, all they need to do is make a quick payment.

    Email Campaign

    Another great way for fundraising is through email campaigns. Emails are powerful modes of communication in today’s world, and business people check their emails from time to time. There are different email campaign platforms that you can use to set up the email campaign like Mailchimp, grapes bunch, bitrix24, etc. You can set up an account with them and send emails to the intended persons with the text well constructed.

    One of the most powerful and effective methods of fundraising is through social media. Social media has boomed over the years and especially during the COVID-19. People spend hours on social media every day and go through different posts and videos. The major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are powerful media, and you can create an account in these social media and publish posts with photos and content for fundraising. Also, you can post videos and stories as well. You can also engage with people in real-time, and this is highly effective.


    There are many online platforms out there that can collaborate with you for your needs. Some companies donate their portion of the profit to needy people. So it is important for you to find a company that is interested in helping the needy and run a campaign with them. They can run campaigns for you, or they even can donate themselves. This is an efficient method of fundraising.

    The need to donate to the needy

    Millions of people around us require money and other facilities, and it is important to have an open heart towards them. Helping others is part of corporate social responsibility, and it also makes us more humane and open to the wants and feelings of others. Many people are without basic needs like education, marriage, healthcare, etc., because they don’t have the funds. If you can be a reason to wipe the tears from these people, you are doing a lot of good.

    Helping others can open the doors in your life as well when you are in need. So try your best and give a helping hand to those suffering, and it will be a great act of mercy. People are looking for help on all sides and are desperate. With such a huge population, India has enormous needs, and generous people need to support the country. Together we can move forward and make the lives of many happy and comfortable.


    In this article, we discussed the various online fundraising ideas that you can use for your needs. All these ideas are working, and you need to research and find out which one best suits you. One of the best options for fundraising is through Ketto, an online crowdfunding platform where many donors are present. The platform allows you to raise funds whether you need healthcare, education, marriage, natural disaster, animal welfare, or any short-term need. It is a well-recognized and authentic crowdfunding platform.

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