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How Crowdfunding for Healthcare Became the New Normal?

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    Crowdfunding for Healthcare

    Crowdfunding is a quick and efficient way to generate a huge pile of money without burdening the other person. Medical crowdfunding expands healthcare facilities while lessening expenses. Millions of campaigns have been started by users since 2009, when the first crowdfunding platforms appeared online. Crowdfunding for healthcare has become a common method of paying for medical care. 

    With so much happening worldwide, you may or may not be aware of the various daily hurdles that the less fortunate or needy face. For instance, a child loses their life every two minutes in India due to poor healthcare facilities or the inability to access better healthcare options. What if we tell you that you can make a difference in their lives? Regardless of how big or small your donation is, you can significantly change someone’s life for the better.

    Crowdfunding for healthcare is a lifeline in India, where residents lack adequate health insurance, insufficient governmental healthcare programs, and high costs for private healthcare. Medical crowdfunding sites like Ketto have emerged as an essential link in the yawning gap between India’s private and public healthcare systems.

    If you’re confused between healthcare insurance and crowdfunding, we have a solution for you!

    Difference between Crowdfunding and Healthcare insurance

    Crowdfunding and healthcare insurance are two of the most effective ways to cover medical emergencies. But which one is the best? Find out here!

    Crowdfunding – Crowdfunding is an easy and simple way of online fundraising. Here, a group of people comes together to contribute a small amount of money from their pocket to save someone’s life. It is often regarded as a modern way of raising funds, which is done throughout the internet. Leading fundraising platforms such as Ketto ensure that the money is used for the right cause.

    Health insurance – A health insurance plan is a safe and secure way to pay all medical expenses. However, such types of insurance do not cover all losses. There are certain terms and conditions based on which adequate assistance is offered. Additionally, health insurance can be expensive as well, unlike crowdfunding. Besides this, buying health insurance involves several legal formalities that are time-consuming.

    With the development of crowdfunding for healthcare technologies, medical fundraising campaigns can now be launched in under five minutes and have a considerably greater success rate. Crowdfunding is a practical method for funding voluntary, reciprocal, experimental, and medical treatments that lack sufficient scientific support and are not covered by health insurance funds.

    Crowdfunding bridges the gap between healthcare and the general public by enabling people to experiment with different crowdfunding techniques. Even though both reward-based crowdfunding and private crowdfunding are very popular, many people have also used donor-based crowdfunding to reach their fundraising objectives. It is reshaping the healthcare industry and addressing the system’s pervasive issues. Crowdfunding has been a blessing during the pandemic, but it will continue to grow long after it is over.

    How To Promote a Crowdfunding Campaign?

    Deadlines have a time limit.

    You cannot afford to set a delivery date that is too distant in the future because these products require quick delivery. Therefore, to ensure that your product is delivered on time, you may have to deal with several fulfilment concerns before commencing a project.

    You might need to change your end-user strategy.

    Your clients will ultimately contribute to the development of your brand. Despite being aware of the advantages of using some of these items, many individuals have an outright hostile attitude toward this industry, which has grown due to the pandemic. Therefore, you might need to step up your game and persuade them to preorder your product based on its distinctiveness or functionality.

    Pair up with micro-influencers.

    Different types of social media influencers exist, and we’ve discovered that those with a specific audience base of between 1,000 and 100,000 followers are now more potent. These individuals, known as micro-influencers, might assist you in reaching a larger audience base with greater engagement compared to some influencers with millions of followers.

    Grab local testimonials.

    Getting recommendations from close friends, family members, or even locals, is the best way to receive customer feedback on your goods. They may receive samples, and if necessary, you could ask them to provide a video review that would be broadcast on social media or even used on the campaign page. Remember that real-time feedback campaigns typically have higher user retention rates than those without them.

    Work with crowdfunding marketing agencies.

    Finally, if you have the funds, we advise hiring a marketing company that does crowdfunding for healthcare. These people could assist you in strategically promoting your campaign by employing best practices. They can design adverts or materials depending on the specific target population that your product may appeal to because they are already aware of it.


    Medical crowdfunding can solve several issues, including restricted financing options and poor private capital utilization rates, and make up for health insurance systems’ shortcomings. Nevertheless, despite the accessibility and popularity of medical crowdfunding websites, the success rates of campaigns on various platforms range significantly! Crowdfunding platforms like Ketto have evolved as pioneers here! If you or someone you know needs monetary support, you can sign up on Ketto and set up your campaign.

    If you feel strongly about making a difference in the world, then team up with Ketto and spread joy in the lives of the needy with your donations. 

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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