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Taking Care Of Accident Victim’s Medical Expenses? Online Crowdfunding Can Help!

    Online Crowdfunding for Helping Accident Victims

    Online crowdfunding refers to gathering funds through the internet globally by people willing to donate using an online payment method. So, you can easily use this instrument to raise, collect and donate funds whenever required, even as a tool for making a social impact.

    Uncertain health issues, medical emergencies and accidents can happen to anyone, and not everyone can deal with the pressure on their pocket due to such unforeseen medical expenses. This is where crowdfunding platforms and websites assist you.

    Crowdfunding and medical treatments

    Accidental deaths and injuries may be severe. Lakhs of rupees are spent on complicated medical procedures like surgeries, ICU care, and other therapies for acute and chronic injuries. Families living below the poverty line must pay 10 to 30 times as much for healthcare without insurance. Many people spend all of their savings or get into terrible debt.

    Making contributions to help victims through online crowdfunding platforms like Ketto can help you do good and make a bold social impact. For instance, if someone needs to go through surgery or even an organ transplant after he has met with an accident but cannot afford it, you can help him pay his bill by starting a fundraiser.

    How to begin an online fundraising campaign?

    You can start a fundraiser online effortlessly on Ketto. You only have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

    • Elucidate your cause

    The goodwill you are serving should be boldly specified. If you want others also to understand your social-impact effort, you have to provide them with the mandatory details of your crowdfunding initiative.

    • Spread the information

    It will help if you spread the word about your fundraiser or crowdfunding campaign to generate support from the masses. This requires sharing it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp.

    Steps involved to create a crowdfunding campaign

    • Go to a crowdfunding website such as Ketto.
    • Register for a profile and sign into the site.
    • Select a cause. You have a range of choices, including in education and health.
    • Submit a request.
    • You’ll need to provide the necessary documentation as verification.
    • For a withdrawal, share your account information.

    Within minutes, your campaign will be active.

    How can crowdfunding help accident victims?

    According to the 2019 data, in Delhi, 4.37 Lakh road accidents were recorded in which approximately two lakh victims died due to the absence of critical medical attention or lack of funds for getting access to the required medical treatments.

    The vast majority of people in poverty do not have health insurance. If the injuries are severe, large coverage is needed for medical emergencies. Due to a lack of resources, poor accident victims are unable to undergo operations promptly. However, these people can be helped. Accident victims’ lives can be entirely turned around with the help of crowdfunding.

    If you start an online crowdfunding initiative, the lives of these accident victims can be saved with the help of other people. Crowdfunding is a quick way to help multiple people at the same time. You can generate a wide base of donors from around the world in only a few hours. Fundraiser and online crowdfunding campaigns are more than enough to make a difference and contribute to the well-being of society. Road accidents have become the leading cause of death in India; thus, it requires our immediate attention.

    Quick and easy solutions are generated using the internet. You can connect people with different nationalities but the common humanity through online crowdfunding. Crowdfunding, therefore, allows you to build a strong community willing to work on humanitarian grounds for any good purpose. Such campaigns only require 2 to 3 days to generate enough funds to help at least four to five accident victims, which proves the efficiency of online crowdfunding.

    Benefits of crowdfunding

    Helping people in difficult times could give you moral satisfaction and help you unlock other benefits as well. By crowdfunding and raising funds for a fundraiser, you and your firm can make a social impact, which could, in turn, fetch you tax benefits. You can easily access tax deductions, tax relief, rebates and even a break. Under 80G of the Income Tax Act, donating to a certain relief fund crowdfunding campaign or fundraising institution could fetch you a tax rebate from 50% to 100%, as specified in the act.

    Filing for such a return is effortless; the basic documents you will require are PAN, Aadhaar Card, Form 16, bank account details and investment details. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps to file an income tax return:


    Online crowdfunding is an efficient way to help you make your first step towards social-impact efforts. Road accidents and medical emergencies are unforeseen and cause a lot of pain and problems to families whose members are going through distress. Through online crowdfunding, you can help release the burden of such families while you can also enjoy tax benefits from this contribution in the future.

    Sushant Peshkar
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