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Helping Strays The Crowdfunding Way

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    Crowdfunding to Help Strays

    What is animal crowdfunding?

    Animal crowdfunding is the process by which one can raise funds to help animals. It involves creating a campaign around a specific animal-related cause (such as opening an animal shelter) to raise funds. In this article, we will discuss tips for creating crowdfunding campaigns to help stray animals.

    How can I make my fundraising campaign more efficient?

    1. Pick a specific cause

    While animal crowdfunding is a particular cause, it is important to be even more specific when starting a crowdfunding campaign to help strays. It is always better to focus on one, or at most two, types of animals, i.e., a crowdfunding campaign for just cats or just dogs is bound to be more successful than a crowdfunding campaign for cats and dogs.

    2. Explore other animal crowdfunding campaigns

    Most likely, there will already be an animal crowdfunding campaign to help strays in an area close to yours. If not, there is likely to be one in another city. Exploring these campaigns will help you get insight into what is effective and what is not. You may also wish to get in touch with the people leading these campaigns if required.

    3. Have a target amount or goal in mind

    People like to see that you have set out to arrive at a certain destination. Every animal crowdfunding campaign should have a certain amount assigned. This can be the entire amount for your project or it can be a certain fraction of what you have set out to achieve. Regardless, having a certain designated amount is necessary.

    4. Share a compelling story

    It can be helpful to share a narrative that helps people connect to your campaign on a personal level. This could be the story of one of the strays that you plan to have at the shelter or hope to have adopted. What is essential is that your animal crowdfunding campaign should associate with the readers at an intimate level.

    5. Build a community before launching

    Before you launch your animal crowdfunding campaign, it might be worthwhile to find a group of supporters who are willing to help you. They could be pet lovers that you find online or within your neighborhood. Having a community can help build a stronger connection to your cause, which will automatically make your campaign stronger.

    6. Get some commitment beforehand

    The fact is that people support animal crowdfunding campaigns that already show some promise. Having a group of backers, even before you start your campaign, can help illustrate this promise. These could simply be from the community that you have developed.

    7. Keep your patrons updated/send thank you notes

    It is important to follow up with the people who support your campaign. Writing to them with a short thank you note after they have supported your campaign can go a long way. You may also want to share stories about one or more of the strays that are part of your campaign.

    8. Share photos and other multimedia on social media

    A photo is worth a thousand words, and a photo of an animal you are planning to support through your campaign is probably worth a million. Recordings can be even more effective. Share photos and videos of the shelter and the animals involved to help promote your animal crowdfunding campaign on Facebook and/or Instagram.

    9. Build a team

    It might seem easy to create the campaign and do all the work on your own. However, it is important to realize that in the long run, a campaign requires a lot of work. Building a team to divide up the labor is a smart and sensible idea that can help your animal crowdfunding campaign stand out.

    10. Organise a midway event

    It is common practice to have an event when you are halfway to the final date of your campaign. For an animal crowdfunding campaign, this would involve the strays you are hoping to help through the campaign. Inviting people to come work with you on feeding the strays can be one such event. The more you involve your audience, the greater the chance of them helping you financially.

    11. Get some press, if possible

    Press is a powerful way to help people learn about your campaign. It can be wise to get in touch with a press person before you begin your campaign so that they can follow the trajectory of your narrative. The key is to find people who can write about your campaign in a kind and considerate fashion, really capturing the stories of the strays you are planning to support.

    12. Plan ahead

    It is important to plan when it comes to setting up an animal crowdfunding campaign. Collect photos and videos before you execute the campaign. If you want to set up a shelter, you may want to find spaces that you plan to use. Building a team and contacting the press are all steps you can take before you execute your campaign.

    Plan, execute and reflect

    The fact that you have decided to raise funds to create a campaign to help stray animals in your neighborhood is a big step. To ensure that your campaign is successful, you must divide it up into the simple steps of planning, executing and reflecting. Reflecting is important because it will help bring your project beyond the initial aim.

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