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Donate to Charity with SIP and Let Your Altruistic Side Shine!

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    Donate to Charity with SIP

    SIPs, or systematic investment plans, are among the most well-liked methods of purchasing mutual funds—SIPs aid in fostering financial discipline and eventual wealth accumulation. With SIPs, you may begin small and progressively construct a corpus in an organized and systematic way.

    What is a SIP?

    A SIP, or systematic investment plan, allocates a modest, predetermined sum of money for market investments at regular periods, often monthly.

    If you want to invest in stocks or mutual funds but want to limit your exposure to risk, the systematic investment plan (SIP) is the way to go.

    SIPs are often considered passive investments since, after you’ve invested, you keep doing so regardless of how the investment does. The amount of money you amass in your SIP must be monitored for this reason. You may wish to reevaluate your financial strategies whenever you reach a particular threshold or come close to retirement. You may increase your money’s growth by switching to an actively managed strategy or investment. To check out what will be the best for you, it is always a good idea to consult a financial adviser or other specialists.

    Benefits of a SIP investment

    Economic discipline: Financial discipline is fostered by the consistency of SIPs. It promotes forced savings and aids in corpus building without impairing lifestyle.

    Flexibility: SIPs provide investors with more investment freedom. Anytime is a good opportunity to raise or reduce your investment.

    Convenience: Making investments with SIPs is hassle-free. With a single set of instructions, you may do it online with ease. Your SIPs will begin to accrue on their own.

    Lower risk: Making large-scale investments might put your cash in greater danger. A SIP helps you better manage volatility by spreading your investment over time, lowering the risk to your cash.

    Ketto’s Social Impact Plan

    Ketto initiated the SIP initiative as a campaign to ensure that all people, regardless of caste, gender, religion, or other factors, have access to medical treatment. They wish to utilize this medium to offer children medical assistance and give them a chance to combat impairments, illnesses, and other conditions since a kid passes away every two minutes because their family is unable to pay for the assistance.

    Ketto has strict rules to verify patients seeking donations on its website. Donated funds are protected from fraud by stringent verification procedures.

    Ketto also takes precautions to guarantee the safe delivery of the SIP donations to the recipients. Ketto mediates the transaction and sends the funds to the confirmed patients.

    Donations made via the SIP programme may be redeemed at any of our partner hospitals, including AIIMS, Apollo, Max, and many more, after 90 days of participation.

    Secure your future via crowdfunding

    Your donation serves as a long-term investment in medical assistance. In the future, it may pay for your medical emergency. As the current state of the country requires more aid than you can provide, frequent acts of generosity should be prioritized on a par with financial contributions.

    Starting with the underprivileged kids in your neighborhood will also work. You may help underprivileged Indian youngsters by making a donation to the National Organization for Social Empowerment. They will get food, clothes, education, medicine, and relief in several areas thanks to the money you provide. A significant impact will be made with your assistance to get the complete system running. If you want to make a difference in the lives of the many poor children in India, please give to us so we may carry out our mission as effectively as possible.

    A systematic investment strategy consistently invests a certain amount of money, often into the same securities. SIPs function according to the dollar-cost averaging theory. A SIP often requires ongoing commitments from the investor and usually draws automatic withdrawals from the funding account. SIPs are available from many brokerages and mutual fund firms.

    However, SIP on Ketto is not limited to individual gain. When you contribute to Ketto SIP, it becomes part of crowdfunding. Hence, your SIP investment is a donation for many people who need urgent medical treatment. Crowdfunding is a kind of fundraising, particularly online, where anybody, from individuals to organizations, may make a modest donation to support a project, business endeavor, or charitable cause.

    Initially employed by for-profit businesses to pay for expenditures, crowdfunding is progressively beginning to replace it as a means of obtaining contributions. Ketto is one of India’s major crowdfunding platforms, soliciting donations online for various causes to aid those in need.

    You may join a community that has motivated many people to improve lives each month and save a life by joining SIP. Despite criticism that it supports quackery and other dubious practices in the healthcare industry, Ketto’s Social Impact Plan (SIP) is a legitimate crowdfunding platform.

    Therefore, join the SIP if you’re eager to contribute to the Ketto community and assist others regularly.


    Using Ketto’s SIP features, you may tap into the power of social networks to help with the financial burden of medical treatments. You may get advice, crowdfunding help, and contributions in a medical emergency.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment