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Why and How to Start a Fundraiser for Medical Bills?

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    Fundraiser for Medical Bills

    There is excellent potential for crowdfunding in India, given that the worldwide industry is anticipated to reach USD 28.8 billion by 2025, with Asia serving as the primary development engine. The country’s crowdfunding business is expanding significantly due to rising online payments and internet use.

    Compared to a decade ago, we can observe that there is more knowledge about crowdfunding now. In the past, winning people over to online medical crowdfunding initiatives was challenging. However, we have developed a dependable brand image throughout the years thanks to ongoing awareness efforts, happy patient success stories, and complete financial transparency. To raise money and benefit society, we have also seen several individuals step up and donate via the site.

    In addition, more than 80% of Indians lack health insurance, and 63% of all emergency medical bills are paid out-of-pocket. Most families use their assets and take out high-interest loans to pay for medical expenses. High out-of-pocket costs and a lack of health insurance are the leading causes of family debt while dealing with medical crises. Medical crowdfunding has now become a viable alternative funding source for families that cannot afford or access high-quality healthcare.

    Over 2 lakh medical fundraisers were held by Ketto, and more than INR 1200 crore was collected. To hold medical crowdfunding awareness initiatives in the hospitals, we have partnered with over 280 chains of hospitals and employed medical social workers and local teams.

    With millennials making up 75% of the workforce by 2025, India is predicted to have the most significant millennial workforce. The fact that millennials are motivated to succeed by improving the world and enacting social change is another distinguishing quality of this generation.

    Digital crowdfunding to start a fundraiser for medical bills

    It is getting more and more common to utilize the internet for crowdfunding. Online crowdfunding campaigns are more accessible, more affordable, and more practical than conventional forms of crowdsourcing. With billions of individuals making up the world’s digital population and almost 60% of people worldwide using the internet, it has prepared the way for a new ecosystem.

    The emotional, physical and monetary strain of medical bills may be enormous, and they can come as a complete surprise, threatening one’s financial stability. Therefore, medical crowdsourcing via online donations is rapidly becoming in popularity. Specifically, medical crowdfunding is a method of obtaining funds that:

    Cancer, organ transplants, uncommon illnesses, and many others have very high out-of-pocket costs, but with medical crowdfunding, anybody may contribute to a patient’s care. Unexpected medical expenses may deplete retirement funds quickly. You and your family may experience financial and emotional strain due to an unforeseen medical emergency. It is where medical crowdfunding may be of great assistance in ensuring that you can afford to obtain the care you need as soon as possible.

    Regardless of how carefully you prepare, medical emergencies are always unpredictable. Secondly, the cost of proper healthcare may swiftly deplete your resources and put your family under financial strain. At Ketto, we think that no one should be forced to forego a second shot at life due to lack of cash and that everyone should have access to financial assistance for medical care. To do this, you may use medical fundraising to pay your medical expenses and get contributions for treatment as soon as possible. Thousands of people will support your cause and wish for a second shot at life for you or a loved one. By crowdfunding on India’s leading platform for medical fundraising now! You may collect cash for emergencies from kind contributors who support your rehabilitation.

    Fundraiser for medical bills in India

    Indians are increasingly choosing to crowdfund over more conventional forms of finance like insurance or medical loans. Over 70% of Indians either lack medical insurance or have inadequate coverage. This implies that their insurance seldom covers the high expense of required treatments like cancer or prenatal care. On the other hand, medical loans sometimes limit the amount that may be borrowed and might have exorbitant interest rates. Debt may also be created through loans that are on the larger side.

    Ketto makes it simple for you to spread the word about your cause using digital platforms, phone, and text messages. Additionally, we have a committed staff searching for compelling tales to share with the media and the general public.

    All you want to do is make a close friend, family member, or other loved one quickly get well soon when they are unwell or in bad health. While you often don’t have control over getting your loved one healthy again, you can take steps to lighten their load and assist their difficult time to become more bearable. You may start a medical fundraiser using Ketto to assist in paying for their medical expenses, such as the price of a hospital stay or medical treatment, or to generate money for unforeseen personal expenses that they cannot handle on top of their medical expenses.

    You may organize the fundraiser, take on the responsibility of getting the word out and raising money, and have the money directly placed into your loved one’s account. The features of Ketto will make it simple for you to express gratitude to donors and to keep them informed of how your loved one is doing with their treatment.


    With Ketto, you can launch a free, simple fundraiser in minutes to pay for healthcare and medical expenses. If a family member or a close friend is given an unexpected sickness diagnosis, you may also step up and help raise awareness and money that can be life saving.

    Start a medical fundraiser for yourself or a loved one with Ketto and get immediate help with hospital bills.

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