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A Quick And Easy Guide for How To Raise Funds For NGO

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    Easy Guide To Raise Funds For NGO

    NGOs need to be creative with the amount of competition that is present. The right amount of balance is necessary for acquiring funds for NGOs. Both traditional and newer methods should be tried to attract more donors to contribute to the cause. NGOs should examine their wants and needs and then they should make a strategy accordingly. Getting the donations flowing whole throughout, planning and getting their work done on time is often hard. If they cannot arrange funds, staying motivated and delivering results can be challenging. This is where Ketto- a trusted platform for raising funds for many socio-economic issues is of help- anyone can be a fundraiser, including NGOs and can raise funds.

    How to raise funds for your NGO

    There are a lot of ways to build revenue for a nonprofit organization, but if the ideas are not working, the strategies need to be changed. If money is not being arranged it causes their work to be withheld, or even discontinued. This is an unfortunate state where the needy are denied the help they should receive. Here are a few tips that can be a guide for fundraising for NGOs.

    1. Traditional advertising:

    With the advent of social media, most of the promotions and ads are done through electronic media. Although the youth today are inclined towards the internet, the older generation, commoners etc. still prefer the older advertising strategies like leaflets, direct mail, and newspaper ads. A personalized message would provide a positive impact and they are more likely to donate.

    1. User friendly:

    What is convenient for some will not necessarily be convenient for all. Some may not be comfortable with the electronic media and would prefer the donations to be made as cash, cheque or in kind. Always provide options for the donors to make the donations in a mode that they prefer. Even the websites should be designed where the donate button is easier to find and hassle-free. This would avoid any chance of missing out on the donations due to these reasons.

    1. Online fundraising:

    Smartphones and the internet have become an inseparable part of today’s lifestyle. Rural areas may not have a wide network, those people depend on NGOs to raise funds. A crowdfunding fundraiser is a great option as people can easily donate with a click of a button. People from abroad can also donate as there is no need of meeting in person for this. Always ensure to use a trusted and popular platform like Ketto to start a fundraiser as this would help gain the trust of the donors. Ketto is best for fundraising activities as the platform has zero percentage charge, and NGOs can even withdraw money in the middle of the campaign, which can be used for their cause.

    1. Building network:

    Create a list of people that matches the principles of the NGO, contact them via e-mail, phone etc. and make a personalized request. The friends and family of the staff, other donors etc can help too when they get to know more about the organization. The donors would feel more comfortable spending their hard-earned money when they feel that it is going to the rightful hands. So an extra set of hands to help will increase awareness about the NGO in more places through their social media, direct e-mails, and contact the journalists or media personnel.

    1. Annual events and get together:

    NGOs work for causes like educating kids, building houses, providing food and shelter to animals and so on. These activities require a large sum and collecting it would require widespread attention from donors. They can conducts events like marathons, charity dinners, cultural programs with music and dance and school rallies etc. would attract a larger crowd and media attention. Conducting these events as yearly functions, more people will be interested in participating.

    1. Corporate partnership:

    Companies can partner and sponsor a fundraiser event, lend their employees as volunteers, provide rewards or gifts or mementos for the best donor etc. These gestures would keep the donor interested and the corporates would get free promotion of their services as well. NGOs should identify the companies with policies that would match their motto and establish a relationship that lasts for a long.

    1. Sales:

    If conducting larger events is not possible always, NGOs can look into the option of yard sales in a large community. Artworks, homemade food items, baked goods, craftworks etc. which are unique and are not available at shops would prompt people to buy and thus more money can be collected. These events can be conducted at regular intervals where the friends and family of the donors, even the people from the neighborhood can be invited to be a part.

    1. Expressing gratitude:

    When the donors see the well-being and gratitude of the needy, they get emotional satisfaction which motivates them to do more. So keeping them informed about the updates is a great way to keep them close. Ketto keeps the donors updated about the condition of the needy, which is why it is most preferred by the donors.


    It is not easy to raise funds, that too when the NGO has just started its work. Getting donors’ trust and providing their hard-earned money for NGOs is tough. Many scams are going on, which confuse people about whether to donate or not. So choosing a trusted platform for crowdfunding is a significant step.

    Here is when Ketto comes to help. With zero percentage platform fees and over fifty-five lakh donors and two lakh plus fundraisers, Ketto helps to gather funds quickly and hassle-free. Programs such as sponsoring meals for a homeless person, educating a child etc need to be sponsored regularly as these events are a continuous process. The seamless platform offers an easy fundraising campaign and accountability for the money pledged.

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