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Easy Hacks to Successfully Crowdfund for Your Family Member’s Kidney Transplant

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    Crowdfunding a kidney transplant

    Organ transplants are truly life-saving procedures. However, the exorbitant expense of transplant surgery and rehabilitation may put these lifesaving therapies beyond reach for many people. The transplant process is typically 180 days lengthy, from pre-transplant testing through hospital release. Patients suffer a slew of expenditures over that time period, not to mention missed income. If someone in the family requires transplant surgery and is concerned about the expense, crowdsourcing kidney transplants may be an efficient approach to gathering the funds required.

    Here are some easy hacks for successfully crowdfunding a kidney transplant.

    Easy hacks for crowdfunding a kidney transplant

    Choose an effective platform: The first and the most important step to easily crowdfund a transplant is to find an effective platform for the campaign. A platform that will help raise funds for people in need. Ketto can be one such platform where people can find genuine supporters for their cause. At Ketto 21 people raised  6.2 crores for their family member’s open heart surgery and there are many more such instances. This was possible with the hassle-free ways of crowdsourcing kidney transplants through the platform of Ketto. Here are some of the key highlights of what Ketto offers –

    • Start a campaign for free
    • The amount can be withdrawn directly from the fundraiser’s bank account
    • Multiple people can be involved in sharing the campaign and supporting the cause
    • Donations are accepted in the form of cards, UPI, net banking, and online wallets from anywhere in the globe
    • The fundraiser will get instant updates on their progress

    Millions of people have already raised funds for themselves or their loved ones through the crowdfunding platform Ketto and it can be a life-saving option for people needing a kidney transplant.

    Set a realistic target: – Before starting a crowdfunding campaign, one should be aware of the whole cost of the transplant. Evaluations, follow-up appointments, drugs that must be taken on a regular basis, and time away from work all add up rapidly. The entire cost varies based on the individual’s circumstances and where they get their health care. Many individuals must go to a transplant facility and remain in the region, incurring extra expenditures for transportation, lodging, lost wages for time away from work, and food during the recovery period following surgery. Many folks need alternate therapies or transportation as well. One must examine the bare minimum of funds required for the transplant. Consider the greatest amount of funds that may be necessary. They may utilise this data to create a sensible budget that includes the essential expenditures and can be presented on the project page.

    Select a campaign name: Choosing the right name for the crowdfunding post is crucial because it creates the first impact on the audience. Select a campaign name that sums up your story. When crowdsourcing kidney transplants, one must ensure the campaign name carries the same emotion. They must frame a title that is synonymous with the cause. Use terms that people are familiar with rather than using scientific terms. Other things to consider while selecting a name are:

    • It should be compact and hard-hitting.
    • It should be brief and straightforward.
    • It should be global and not native.

    Determine the campaign’s duration: Creating a short-term campaign may be an effective method to pique the interest and urgency of prospective funders. However, if the campaign’s time duration is too short, the fundraiser may not have enough time to reach out to a large number of individuals. If the campaign lasts too long, the fundraising efforts may lose steam. Thus it is important to consider the aim,  network, and requirements of the project. They may then choose a fair time schedule for reaching their financing target. Once they have established a time range, they can develop strategies to pique the attention and enthusiasm of prospective sponsors.

    Testimonials: They can be in the form of short videos and audiograms of the person needing a kidney transplant. They can discuss the procedure and the struggle and include a plea for support.

    Audio-texts: A single photograph or a series of photos with an impactful message can go a long way for your crowdfunding campaign.

    Stills from daily life: This is a more systematic way of updating the audience about all the progress made, the roadblocks fundraisers face, and finally, reemphasizing the target for a successful crowdsourcing kidney transplant.

    Please spread the news: To spread the word about the campaign, every accessible technique must be used. Social media postings for their fans, sponsored updates (paid social media advertisements), and email blasts are three excellent places to start. They should generate excitement before the campaign begins so that people are ready to participate when it begins, and they should publish or email frequent updates leading up to a good finish. Each update should have a compelling call to action to entice readers to take the next step, whether it’s to share the piece, leave a comment, or contribute.

    Make a realistic but appealing video: The pitch video is the focal point of the crowdfunding website. According to Fundable, “campaigns that get more than 30% of their financing in the first week are more likely to succeed.” It is feasible by developing a strong campaign pitch. It will be what converts a curious observer into a sponsor or supporter of the initiative. Keep it to 2-4 minutes. The pitch video should be concise yet persuasive in capturing the spirit of the campaign.


    It would be best if you created a strong connection with your audience for crowdsourcing kidney transplants. Use the abovementioned hacks to get your story to places like social communities and empathizers. Help your friend or family members get the much-needed funds for the transplant through medical crowdfunding at Ketto.

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