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5 Successful Online Crowdfunding Campaigns on Ketto

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    Ketto's success stories

    Cancer is a chronic and life-threatening health issue that sucks the life and joy out of its victims. Cancer patients and their loved ones carry a heavy burden, but they need not take it alone anymore. The internet can be a lifesaving tool if used for the right purposes. Online crowdfunding platforms share the patient’s story and allow people to donate as much as possible towards the cause they feel for.

    Ketto has been working hard to create effective online crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for those in need, especially cancer patients. There is nothing nobler than saving a life. Ketto has executed more than 10,000 online crowdfunding campaigns since its inception in 2012.

    The success stories of cancer patients who got Ketto’s online crowdfunding support

    Here are five successful online crowdfunding campaigns on Ketto for cancer treatment:

    1. Nitesh’s story

    Nitesh was a 23-year-old student aspiring to become an MBA when tragedy struck. He was diagnosed with cancer in the form of a tumor in his brain. Not only had all his plans been ruined, but he also had new worries about the financial cost of his treatment.

    Nitesh belongs to a middle-class family with limited means. Fortunately, he was already aware of online crowdfunding for cancer treatment. Nitesh’s friends suggested Ketto, an online crowdfunding platform that successfully organized many cancer treatment fundraisers.

    He created a fundraiser campaign with the help of the website and named it “Help Nithesh Defeat Cancer”. Not sure whether anyone would be willing to help, Nitesh took a chance and appealed to the goodness in society to help him out in this challenging time.

    He shared the campaign with his friends and teachers and received an overwhelming response within the first six hours. The campaign had already raised Rs 10 lakh out of the targeted 15 lakh required by him. In under a day, the campaign raised more than Rs 16 lakh. Nitesh’s story became one of the most successful cancer campaigns online. The success of Nitesh’s campaign provides hope to others in a similar situation.

    2. Chavi’s mother

    Chavi was a young woman working as a legal advisor when she received the disastrous news of the return of her mother’s illness. Her mother’s breast cancer had relapsed. Even though the doctors gave her hope for her mother’s health, the financial cost of the treatment and medications from the last bout of cancer had eroded their savings.

    With very few options left, Chavi decided to try online crowdfunding. She was so hesitant in the initial days that she did not share the campaign. But when she finally did, she was encouraged by the response to create a Facebook page with the help of her fund’s manager from Ketto.

    Due to her initial scepticism, Chavi did not expect a sum of Rs 10,000 to be raised. But to her joy and relief, she raised the sum in just the first two hours. Within 24 hours, her campaign had raised Rs 50,000. With the help of 355 donors, Chavi raised more than Rs 500,000 for her mother’s treatment.

    3. Reena’s daughter

    Reena’s 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed with blood cancer. She made her way from Bihar to Mumbai to receive the best possible treatment for her daughter Upahar. The problem was that the doctors recommended a bone marrow transplant that would cost Rs 10 lakh. This amount was completely unmanageable by Reena.

    Upahar’s story reached the popular blog page known as Humans of Bombay. The kind-hearted people at Humans of Bombay decided to start a fundraiser on Ketto on behalf of Upahar. The fundraiser was an immense success. They hit their target amount just 48 hours after the campaign went live.

    Reena and Upahar were overwhelmed by the response. They could not believe that people would willingly help a stranger in their time of need. This is why one should never think they are alone in their struggles. Just ask for help.

    4. Karan’s friend

    Karan’s story is a real story of friendship and how a small contribution can make a big difference. Karan belongs to Kochi and started a cancer fundraiser for his friend who was diagnosed with cancer.

    His friend was from a low-income family and needed all the financial assistance that he could get in his fight against cancer. With small amounts from his friends, family, and others who wanted to help, Karan ran a successful fundraiser on Ketto and raised more than Rs 30 lakh for his friend’s cancer treatment. Karan’s story is another example of how online crowdfunding can save lives.

    5. Abir’s Story

    Abir was just five when he was diagnosed with cancer. Since the first time, it has relapsed twice. He is now 13. Abir’s mother is grateful for each day her child is spared, but his cancer treatment has significantly affected his parent’s savings.

    Abir’s parents started a crowdfunding campaign for cancer treatment on Ketto when he was advised to go through a Car T Cells therapy, a special therapy to fight blood cancer.

    Abir’s cancer treatment campaign is still active on With seven days remaining for the campaign to end, it has already raised more than Rs 400,000 out of the target of Rs 500,000. Abir’s cancer treatment campaign is another example of the success of online crowdfunding in raising funds for cancer treatment.


    It does not take much to do a good deed. The willingness to help and small actions can reap excellent results. This is the belief that Ketto’s online crowdfunding platform runs on. With the help of the internet, one can mobilise funds for those in need with the contribution of those who want to help. Ketto’s success stories are many in number and life-changing for many people. Creating an online crowdfunding campaign or contributing to a noble cause has never been easier. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Start an online crowdfunding campaign on Ketto today.

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