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Education Crowdfunding – The Best Way to Help to Achieve their Dreams

    Education crowdfunding

    “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. – Aristotle”

    The above quote by the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle, succinctly captures the nature of education. A lot of young students face many challenges while pursuing education, but the ones who muddle through reap significant benefits in terms of a rewarding and successful career. Some of the most common issues that students in India face are the inability to pay fees, not having access to quality education, etc. 

    So, what do we do when the roots of our education are bitter? Do we stop young children from chasing their dreams? The answer is a big NO. Instead, we can empower them to continue pursuing their education by seeking help from various nonprofit organisations and compassionate and kind individuals. Another effective alternative that you can consider to raise friends for helping the children is to start crowdfunding for education

    There are many crowdfunding platforms in India, like Ketto that help people raise funds for various causes. It provides a platform where people can host their campaign and reach out to thousands of potential donors. Ketto is one of the popular crowdfunding platforms has a commendable history of successfully hosting crowdfunding campaigns.

    To start your education fundraising campaign, you need a compelling story that clearly explains the campaign’s purpose and how the donors’ contributions can help make a difference. You can also tell the potential donors about your vision and why you chose a particular platform to host your campaign.

    You can start an education crowdfunding campaign for the following causes:

    Higher education

    In India, lakhs of students discontinue their education after finishing school due to a lack of funds to pursue higher education. While a few students avail of an education loan, for others, the thought of borrowing can be overwhelming. If you are looking to raise funds to help the children in your community, pursue higher education and empower them to follow their dreams, you can start an online crowdfunding campaign. 

    Through crowdfunding, you can reach out to millions of people and NGOs; who may share the same passion as you for helping children learn and seek donations. In your crowdfunding campaign, you can attach the students’ mark sheets to showcase their talent; why they deserve to continue their studies. You can also share your broader vision and tell the audience how you will use the money for the students’ betterment. 

    Build educational infrastructure

    If you are associated with an education-based NGO, you may want to raise funds to improve their infrastructure and capacity. You could need money to start a ‘young readers’ library program or build a science lab. Similarly you may also need essential items, chairs, blackboards, and stationaries. You can also raise money to build toilets in schools. There is no limit to the good use for the money you raise. It will help if you mention why you are raising funds in your crowdfunding campaign. The potential donors may be aware of what causes they are contributing to; and it will also lend more transparency to your campaign. 

    Attend an international course or workshop

    Learning doesn’t have to stop after graduating from college; it’s a life-long endeavour. But, to continue pursuing higher studies, you may need money for it. Similarly, is there a workshop that you want the kids you are helping to attend? Do you wish to help a few children pursue a particular course abroad?

    Whatever the reason, you can start a fundraiser for it. Spread the word in your network. Request the crowdfunding platform to help you spread the word; so that you can raise the desired amount at the earliest. 

    Education-based start-ups

    Bootstrapped education-based start-ups may need money to replicate their success and reach more students. Along with seeking funding from venture capitalists and institutes, these start-ups can also start a crowdfunding campaign. It can be a rewards-based, donation-based, or peer-to-peer crowdfunding campaign, depending on the specific needs. 

    Technology and our sense of community have ensured that money is no longer a constraint. Go ahead, empower yourself and someone else by starting crowdfunding for education!

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