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Checklist: Everything You Need Before Starting a Crowdfunding for Blood Cancer

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    Blood Cancer Crowdfunding

    What is blood cancer?

    It is a type of cancer that affects the blood cells. It is caused to DNA changes within the blood cells. This causes blood to behave abnormally. None can control the causes of these changes. One in every 16 men and 22 women are known to develop blood cancer during their lifetime. In India, over 1 lakh people are diagnosed with blood cancer every year. Due to advances in treatment, blood cancer can be treated. 5yr survival rate is about 70%. When caught early most types of blood cancer such as leukaemia are curable.

    How expensive does the treatment cost India?

    It costs a minimum of 10L to treat blood cancer in India. It can exceed up to 1 crore to treat a person with leukaemia. This is because the cost of setting up an oncology department itself is expensive. Some machines used for treatment have costs ranging between 18-19 crores. The doctors, nurses and other specialists working for cancer patients have been specially trained hence the cost of their fees is also high.

    What is blood cancer crowdfunding?

    It is a platform where online users can donate a small amount of money towards people with blood cancer. Such campaigns are designed to assist patients and their families with treatment and medical expenses. Cancer can be cured with early detection and aggressive management.

    Cancer patients have been specially trained

    Blood cancer crowdfunding allows anyone with an idea to raise money for a cause to freely pitch the idea. It helps the donors connect with the patients. Anyone who wishes to raise money for a family member or a friend, or someone in need can do so through the Keto online fundraising platform. There is no platform fee.

    How can Ketto help?

    Ketto is India’s best medical crowdfunding. It was set up on the principle that people’s lives matter. The basis of this business was to respect people while fulfilling their needs. With respect, it means the right to privacy of identity. Ketto is involved in using business to revolutionize ways to bring health to all in India. Ketto brings funds for those in need of healthcare and other essential services. And gets them to connect with people who are in a position to make a difference. Anyone can raise a fund, it does not have to be a relative or a friend.

    What can Ketto do for blood cancer crowdfunding?

    • Cancer treatment is expensive. In India, treatment costs begin at $90,000 and can reach $500,000 or more. For families that are unable to generate these kinds of funds, platforms like Ketto can be merciful. These donations can make a difference in the lives of thousands of people who are seeking medical help for blood cancer.

    • During hospital admissions and treatments, families are frequently required to make large, unexpected payments. In situations like those Ketto can help patients’ families raise funds.

    • It can be embarrassing to approach strangers and ask for money in an emergency. A cancer diagnosis is a traumatic event for families. In such cases, fundraising can be helpful, as it keeps the recipient’s identity anonymous.

    • Rest assured. It is often difficult to trust the motives of such fundraisers. The donors often wonder if the money that is being donated actually reaches the recipients. At Ketto, real-time dashboards are provided. And these can be navigated alongside the payment method.

    • Ketto also supports international fund transfers. Donors from all over the world can contribute to cancer patients that are in need.

    • The fundraisers can register at any time and there is 24X7 assistance provided by the team.

    • The SEO tools utilised by the fundraising online platform. It helps families reach out to donors effectively.

    • A fundraising expert guides through the whole process.

    Steps to start the fundraiser

    • The app is designed in a way that it only takes the fundraiser about 2mins to sign up. It requires general details about the fundraiser and the recipient.

    • This can then be shared in the form of links to family and friends

    • The funds raised get deposited directly to the recipient’s bank number as provided during registration.

    • It only takes 5mins to withdraw funds in Ketto.

    • Sometimes, the fundraiser needs larger amounts of funds for bigger causes. This is where good advertising and marketing can increase the reach out.

    Cancer is an emotionally traumatic and financially draining condition. After the diagnosis, one must get the required treatment. The incidence of blood cancer had increased in India. It is an upsetting feeling to leave the close ones suffering. Ketto is able to help families provide an immediate treatment which turns out to be life-saving.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment