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How to Raise Funds for NGO in India: Important Tips

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    Raise Funds for NGO's in India

    India is home to many non-government organizations (NGOs) working for various social causes. NGOs work toward different goals to solve problems that are often overlooked. However, these NGOs face a common challenge – lack of funds. Despite their clear goals, finding financial support can be challenging for NGOs. There are many ways to raise funds for NGOs in India. This article offers a simple answer to the question of how to raise funds for NGOs.

    How to raise funds for an NGO in India?

    The below-mentioned tips will help NGOs get the funds they need to continue their work:


    A significant percentage of the funds raised by fundraiser events is spent on preparation, conduction, and marketing. However, all these expenses can be spared in online crowdfunding campaigns so that all the money is utilized for the purpose for which it was raised. This method is called crowdfunding.

    Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds for a cause from multiple donors. It can be done on online platforms. Platforms such as Ketto allow NGOs to launch online fundraiser campaigns for free with just a few clicks and within a few minutes.

    Medical crowdfunding has, to date, helped thousands of families access expensive treatments such as cancer treatment, organ transplantation, etc., which they could not otherwise afford.

    Crowdfunding support several other causes, such as educating children from underprivileged families, creating opportunities for women, helping people affected by natural calamities, animal welfare, etc. Each crowdfunding event only needs the publicity from the NGO, which can be done by sharing on social media.

    Corporate sponsors

    NGOs can approach corporates and encourage corporates and businesses to fund projects for social causes as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR). NGOs can contact companies that offer services related to their cause. For instance, if an NGO aims to raise money for education, it can reach out to a company that deals with kids’ products or clothes. Similarly, if an NGO aims to raise money for environmental causes, it can contact a company dealing with environment-friendly products.

    NGOs can also partner with corporate entities to organize interdepartmental or individual fundraising competitions with the company. Online platforms can help them launch a fundraiser for the NGO, and the employee or department that raises the maximum fund can win a small reward on behalf of the company. Employees can be encouraged to promote the campaign on their social media to increase awareness about the NGO.

    Another option is to seek out grants from foundations or other institutions that support the work of NGOs.

    Fundraising events

    Another method to raise funds for NGOs in India is by holding fundraising events. Events such as walkathons, marathons, biking events, charity dinners, auctions or a rally can promote awareness. These events can be promoted with the help of social media, banners, print ads, pamphlets, etc., ensuring more people come and donate to the charity. However, it is essential to be vigilant about the expenses involved in such events to make sure they turn out profitable.

    Personal contact

    In the digital era, personal solicitation can make all the difference. Invite a potential donor to the NGO or pay them a personal visit and explain the NGO’s projects. It is an excellent way to build long-lasting relationships, which can also help fund generation for the NGO.

    Similarly, NGO employees and volunteers can also tell their families and friends about the NGO and its social causes. It helps in gaining new donors for their NGO. Furthermore, employees and volunteers can encourage their families and friends to donate or volunteer to the NGO, and both of these will benefit the NGO.

    Create a social media presence

    Having a strong presence online can go a long way in generating funds for an NGO. It will help reach donors across the globe and increase the potential of fundraising for the NGO. The website of the NGO should be visually appealing, user-friendly, and have up-to-date information about its ongoing and completed projects. Most importantly, the website should be mobile-friendly as most people surf websites while using their mobile.

    Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are great ways to get the word out about the NGO and become visible to donors who can relate to its goals and would like to contribute. These platforms can also be used to promote fundraising events, crowdfunding, etc.

    E-commerce sales

    NGOs can also gain funding by getting creative and not limiting fund creation to donations. NGOs can sell merchandise related to the cause of the NGO. These can include T-shirts, mugs, bags, and other items that promote the NGO and its social causes. These can be promoted on social media to increase sales.

    Different options for donations

    NGOs should make it as simple and convenient as possible for their donors to make donations. It can be done by providing different options for payment. It might be easier for a donor to pay online, while someone else may prefer a cheque or cash. NGOs must accommodate the wishes of its donor to make it hassle-free for them. Often people may skip the donation if they don’t find their desired payment method.

    Last words

    NGOs play a vital role in India and support many. They provide services in situations where government-run agencies are unable to help. However, NGOs need enough funds to operate. Online platforms such as Ketto provide highly efficient fundraising opportunities for NGOs by assisting them at every step in launching a crowdfunding campaign so that they can focus on the fieldwork and need not spend too much time and effort on how to raise funds for NGOs.


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