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Young Father of 2-year-old Fights Brain Haemorrhage: Extend Your Help with Ketto

    Young Father of 2-year-old Fights Brain Haemorrhage

    A doting husband and father, Rohit Sharma has been battling a brain haemorrhage since February 24, 2020, when he suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Upon reaching, the doctor informed his wife about her husband’s condition, adding that Rohit needed to stay in the hospital for a long time to be treated and recover completely.

    The doctor’s words came as a shock since Rohit is the sole earning member of his family. His father had already been paralysed in an accident 5 years ago and suffered from memory loss, which meant he couldn’t do much for his son.

    With the treatment costing Rs. 90 lakh, it was apparent he couldn’t afford it on his own. So his friend Rachit Shrivastava decided to start a crowdfunding campaign on Ketto and raise funds for Sharma’s treatment.

    How did Ketto help Rohit?

    To raise the treatment funds quickly, Rachit created a campaign on the Ketto crowdfunding platform. Through its easy interface and 3-step campaign creation process, he uploaded the beneficiary’s medical records and documents and published them online.

    Using Ketto’s social sharing feature, he shared the campaign details to all his social media profiles to maximize the campaign’s reach.

    Within no time, Rachit’s crowdfunding campaign started getting a lot of support from friends, family members and well-wishers who contributed all that they could. They also further shared the campaign’s link with other people, ensuring that the contributions went up and Rohit could reach the goal amount for his treatment faster.

    Over the last year, Rohit has made significant progress with his health and continues his treatment at home via regular online consultations. He, however, still needs to visit the hospital for monthly checkups and tests and to undergo speech and physiotherapy.

    With a large part of his savings spent towards medical care over the last 12 months, Rohit still needs close to 5.6 lakh rupees to reach his goal.

    Total Amount of Funds Raised Till Now

    The crowdfunding campaign was quite successful, with contributions coming in from people in India and abroad. Friends, well-wishers and strangers who resonated with the cause of this campaign donated whatever they could in their capacity. Ketto’s online crowdfunding platform offers international payment support, making it easy for donors to donate money in different currencies from anywhere in the world.

    The campaign has received immense support from countries like Singapore, the USA, and Canada, with people donating amounts as high as INR 1,00,000.

    The campaign has successfully raised a total of INR 1,00,39,749 till now.

    Total Number of Donors

    So far, 4959 donors have successfully pledged their support towards the fundraising campaign. Ketto’s dashboard feature allows campaign creators to successfully track the top donations along with the most generous donors.

    If you’re willing to contribute, you can even check their names on the campaign page itself, alongside the amount they’ve donated.


    While the campaign has been very successful, the beneficiary still needs an additional 5.6 lakh rupees to continue funding his treatment. Rohit is still dependent on intense medical care as he slowly finds his way back to normal life.

    Rohit’s family (especially his 2-year-old daughter) is very close to him. Given that he is his family’s only hope, your contributions will matter a lot. 

    Please consider donating here if you wish to extend your help towards a young family’s brighter future.

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