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This Ketto Fundraiser is Helping a Father and Son Duo Overcome Medical Calamity

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    Helping Father And Son Duo Overcome Medical Calamity

    In June 2020, Mr Bhaskar Chand, after spending family savings on his recent kidney analyses and preparing funds for his kidney transplant by selling family lands, received another healthcare blow – his son Anant, a 21-year-old aspiring doctor, was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia, a life-threatening disease.

    At this point, Mr Chand’s family made the hard choice of prioritising Anant’s treatment over his father’s using the money set aside for Mr Chand’s kidney transplant. However, there was more in store to test their luck.

    Unable to find a suitable bone marrow donor, Anant has had to be stabilised through regular blood transfusions while being on the waiting list of DKMS, where he was registered a year ago. He regularly faces complications, including rashes, fever, bleeding, soreness of mouth (resulting in low food intake), body aches, and the risk of infection due to poor immunity. Anant recently recovered from dengue infection, which he developed despite being in isolation. On the other hand, Mr Chand, who was scheduled to receive an incompatible kidney donation from his wife due to his worsening condition, developed a jugular infection, then a fistula, and, subsequently, infections in his urinary tract and lungs and liver. He underwent regular dialysis and other treatments to overcome these complications but could ultimately not survive.

    The above mentioned ordeals, many of which persist, have required the late Mr Chand’s family of four to come up with funds for diagnostic tests, medications, blood transfusions, a kidney transplant, a bone-marrow transplant, dialyses, hospital charges, as well as rent and travel charges over the past year and a half, without a source of income. Such pressures, which are unimaginable for anyone, have left the family devastated.

    Ketto, which Anant’s cousin contacted, has held the hand of this family throughout these testing times and will continue to do so till the end. We were able to surpass the initial goal of raising ₹95 lakh to tackle the numerous complications that arose in the treatments of both Mr Chand and Anant. The current amount raised stands at ₹ 1,23,90,484, with a few more donations required to reach an ideal amount of ₹ 1,41,00,000. These numbers speak volumes about the power of crowdfunding, showing people’s understanding that unsurmountable ordeals may knock anyone’s door untold, and empathy may be easier to receive and pay off than loans.

    A total of 10,030 people have volunteered to help Mr Chand and Anant, following their progress through regular updates provided by Ms Mansi Singh on their Ketto fundraiser page. The fundraiser page also calls people to donate bone marrow to Anant through DKMS and provides all relevant medical reports to maintain transparency.

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