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Fear Mounts Worldwide As New Variant classed ‘of concern’ and named Omicron

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    Omicron new Covid variant

    A new Covid variant named Omicron has emerged. The World Health Organisation WHO has already declared it to be many times stronger than the previous ones. Therefore, there is fear among the public regarding the potency of the viruses and their consequences in their everyday lives. As per WHO, the larger mutations present in this Covid variant are the reason behind its higher infection risk. Named Omicron, this coronavirus news is creating panic and cases have been reported from countries like Israel, Hong Kong, Belgium, and Botswana.

    What can we do to prevent this variant of Coronavirus?

    Though there are no reports suggesting entry of the Omicron variant in India, everyone needs to be vigilant. Simple steps like wearing a mask, using sanitisers, avoiding crowded places, and taking vaccines can make a huge difference.

    Impact Caused to India

    Most people in India were slowly returning to their older ways of life and this Covid-19 news has rattled them again. Also, as the effectiveness of the vaccines against this new Covid variant is yet to be examined, it will surely be a topic of hot debate as of now. The Covid-19 news put the world on high alert. Nations such as the UK, USA, Canada, etc. have already banned the flights arriving from the countries where the Omicron variant was detected.

    Response Taken By India To Curb Spread of Omicron

    Though India has not banned the flights yet, it has imposed strict measures on the flight passengers especially on those arriving from the countries that have cases of Omicron. The passengers travelling from these countries need to upload their travelling history of up to 14 days. They should also present an RT-PCR test that shows them negatively tested for Covid-19.

    What are the authorities saying?

    According to the authorities, the passengers travelling from other nations will also be tested randomly. However, the passengers arriving from at-risk nations need to undergo a mandatory test on arrival as well. If found positive, they will need to remain in institutional quarantine. Also, their samples will be checked by INSACOG to check the mutations and potency of this new variant. Those who tested negative need to stay in home quarantine for 7 days after which they need to undergo another test on the eighth day. Despite the outcomes of this test, the passengers will have to monitor their health closely.

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