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Ketto Celebrates – National Pollution Prevention Day on 2nd December

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    National Pollution Prevention Day

    India celebrates national pollution prevention day on December 2nd every year. The day is celebrated based on the memory of the people who lost their lives in the Bhopal gas tragedy. The tragedy is considered as one of the biggest disasters in the history of India, and it occurred on the 2-3rd December. The pollution level of our country is increasing day by day. The day’s objectives are to enhance the public’s awareness and control and minimize industrial disasters, minimize the pollution caused by the negligence of people, and make the industries and the public aware of the need to follow the different pollution control acts. 

    The Negative Effects of Pollution on Us

    Pollution has many significant adverse effects on humanity. Pollution can cause dangerous diseases to human beings and can destroy the environment. Many diseases such as pneumonia, asthma, typhoid, etc., can be caused by pollution. Also, nature is affected by pollution. The trees and the animals are also victims of pollution. The carbon dioxide going forth from plastics and the smoke from vehicles causes pollution, and the level of oxygen in the air is disturbed. Global warming and ozone-layer depletion are results of pollution. 

    One of the major causes for the increase in the pollution level is the change in climatic conditions. In earlier decades, there were almost similar intervals for climate change, but now the situation has changed, and it has almost become unpredictable to identify which season comes when. The water bodies such as oceans and rivers are also affected by pollution. The waste from factories and industries is often dumped in rivers, and this is a major concern for us to live safely and healthy on the planet Earth. 

    Pollution in Delhi

    Delhi is a metropolitan state in India and is the center of many factories and industries. All the major movements and industrial collaborations take place in the state. Delhi has a population of 20 million and is one of the most polluted places in the world. There are various reasons for the pollution in Delhi, and one of the most important causes is the missions from factories and other industrial companies. It is observed and reported that the air in Delhi is very much polluted, and this is a major concern for human beings and the environment. It is we who have to come forward and do something to change the situation and fight against pollution and protect mother Earth. 

    How Can We Contribute Towards Reducing Pollution

    We, as citizens of India, have the responsibility to fight against the increase in the pollution level and protect nature and other fellow human beings. There are various methods by which we can contribute to this. Planting trees, avoiding plastic, smoke-checking in vehicles, making sustainable products, etc., are some of the ways to do so. For all these, we need funds and crowdfunding is a great way to gather funds and start a group to fight against pollution and help society. There are many organizations and groups that are committed to fighting against pollution and their help has to be taken. 

    Spreading awareness among the public is a great way to start with. People are unaware of the serious consequences of pollution. So the most important thing is to start a campaign to educate people about the consequences pollution can cause to us as humans and also to the environment. Children have to be educated in schools and colleges. There has to be a culture of safety and healthy living. 

    The Need for Organizations to Work Together

    Different organizations need to take the initiative to prevent pollution by all means. Most of the pollution happens from organizations and factories due to the waste they emit. This can be the smoke coming out of the factories or the industrial waste going to the water bodies. There are certain organizations that focus on sustainable products and pollution-free mechanisms, and they need to be appreciated. It is time that we focus on pollution-free practices. The world has advanced so much, and there is no excuse in still practising the old pollution-causing ways of practising things. 

    Industries have to find out ways that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They need to come together and be responsible for the actions that cause pollution. We need to make a massive and collective movement against pollution, and this can be helpful. 

    Starting a Fundraiser to Reduce Pollution in Your Neighbourhood

    There is a great way to prevent pollution and reduce its effects in your neighbourhood. The way is to start a fundraising campaign with the help of a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is the way of collecting funds from a  group of people who are interested in your idea and vision. It is an online method to collect funds. There will be an online platform and you need to register there and start a campaign for raising funds for the reduction of pollution. Many generous and good-hearted people will see your campaign and provide you with funds. 

    Once you have enough money to do what you intend to do, you can stop the campaign. This will be a great initiative on your part on protecting the environment and reduce pollution. You can use the funds to conduct seminars, educate people, donate to charities, etc. There is no better way to get funds for your needs than crowdfunding. There are many crowdfunding platforms out there that are authentic and trustworthy, like, with whom you can start a crowdfunding campaign. 


    An increase in pollution level is a serious problem in the world we live in, especially in India. As responsible citizens, it is our duty and obligation to help reduce and prevent pollution in all the ways we can. Crowdfunding is a great way to do this. Through crowdfunding, funds can be raised, and this can be used for the prevention of pollution. You can start a campaign for preventing pollution in your neighborhood, and there will be many people who will be ready to help. Let us do all that we can to make India a pollution-free country and a safe place to live in. 

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