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What Are the Unique Features of Healthnest, and How Can You Benefit From This App?

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    Features and benefits of Healthnest

    Technology has been improving at a fast pace. The pandemic is fueling the need to connect with people virtually, even for critical factors. The online world is thriving with enormous potential to serve people in need. The number of smartphone users worldwide will exceed 3.8 billion users by 2021. People make the best use of their smartphones by being on the internet, as 92% of the total internet users worldwide access the internet through their mobile. The various apps available on the Play Store provide much more than just entertainment. Just like the Healthnest app, where you can explore the community of like-minded people to help you get through the tough times and help others in attaining a better life.

    About Healthnest

    Healthnest is India’s first and Asia’s largest health network that lets you connect with the people who have been through the same health problems as you may be going through right now. This enables you to get a deeper understanding of your problems and find out an appropriate solution together. Healthnest will escort you to wellness by providing emotional and informational support throughout the treatment journey. The community encourages patients to stay calm and positive to glide through the hard times easily. Here you can connect with medical experts, patients with similar problems, and caregivers.

    Features of Healthnest

    1. Organize events

    You can expand your community circle by organizing meetings. When you connect with like-minded people and talk freely with them, you can sense a feeling of trust and happiness. The motivation to stay strong comes with a responsible community where people care for each other. They share genuine thoughts that help patients overcome challenges together and pave the way for growth and satisfaction.

    2. Join the network of your choice

    Join the group that you relate to the most. The group of people already gone through the same medical condition as yours or are going through the same problems can suggest better ways to heal. However, you don’t have to worry about your data, as the Healthnest app respects your privacy and keeps your information safe.

    3. Talk to experts

    You can talk to verified medical experts, therapists, and community experts for free but with valuable advice. Get 24*7 assistance from the experts. Talking to someone will not only relieve you from physical problems but will also give you mental support. You can chat or call the doctor to clarify any doubts about your health.

    4. Mood tracker

    This feature keeps mental health in check. You can lodge your mood every day that is visible to you and the admins. Get precious advice from the knowledgeable group of admins of the app. Healthnest provides a platform for sharing the mental condition of people.

    5. Bug fixer

    The app is continuously improving since its release. This is a new feature that people would admire as no one likes any hindrances on the path of wellness. Healthnest is striving to improve by providing a smooth user experience.

    6. Improved chatting system

    You can chat with the doctors and community advisers whenever you need. The advanced chatting feature allows uninterrupted connection with the experts.

    Features of Library

    In the “Me” section, you can find a library containing few valuable features:

    My bookmarks – Here, you can find your favorite posts. When you find a useful post, you can save it to review later. Find all your saved posts here.

    News and articles – Find the personalized news and articles specially curated for you. Read and get enlightened and keep yourself up to date with recent happenings.

    FAQs – The most common queries are listed here – read the answers to the most popular questions.

    Events – Stay up to date with the latest events that might interest you.

    Functional keys of Healthnest

    Explore the various buttons on the app as you install the Healthnest app and take a vital step towards your health and happiness. Once you install the app, you need to provide your phone number for authentication. And you are ready to build connections with the experts and community people. When you click the “home” button, you can see the various posts from the admins. You can also personalize the posts by clicking on the genre of your choice:

    • Diet
    • Lifestyle
    • News
    • Symptoms
    • Announcement
    • Self-care
    • feel-good stories

    Here you can find the mood tracker feature as well. In the services section, you can find help from various communities. You can join a community to raise funds for yourself or others. The other two buttons are for the on-time notification (if any) and a “Me” section to build your profile.

    How can you benefit from this app?

    1. Share your experience and gain insights from others

    Healthnest provides a platform where you can share your valuable experience, which can be life-changing advice for someone in need. You can also get proper guidance from already experienced people.

    2. Access to health resources

    Get 24*7 health resources available in just a click. Connect with medical experts and get accurate health advice.

    3. Mental wellness

    One of the most critical factors in today’s world is keeping up mental wellness. Healthnest provides an expert analysis of the mental condition of people.

    4. Start a fundraiser

    The services section of the Healthnest allows members to raise a fund for themselves and others in need.

    Healthnest is the new-age application for people who care for themselves and others. Become the best version of yourself by receiving the help you need and helping other people in need. Download the app now and embrace a life filled with good health and positivity.

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