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First Death from Delta Plus Covid Variant Recorded in Mumbai

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    Just when we thought that the COVID-19 situation is getting under control, another virus mutation is in the news. Yes, you heard that right. The coronavirus has once again mutated into what is being called the “Delta Plus” covid variant. This year, the entire country saw the second wave of the deadly COVID-19 virus pandemic. And while the nation has still not recovered from the second wave, the number of cases is surging again. This time it is the Delta Plus variant that has come into existence. 

    Recently, a 63-year-old woman died due to this variant of coronavirus in Mumbai. Very little is known about this variant as of now, so it is difficult to tell how deadly it will become. According to scientists and experts, the Delta Plus virus has resulted in no alarming issues yet. Initially, when the coronavirus mutated to the Delta variant, it contained A.Y.1. However, this new Delta Plus variant contains the K417N mutation, directly affecting the “spike protein”. 

    Here is what experts have to say about the Delta Plus variant:

    • It can be much more contagious than all of its other variants.
    • All unvaccinated people are at a high risk of losing their life with this infection.
    • If proper measures are not taken, it might lead to hyperlocal outbreaks.
    • There is still more to learn about this variant to say anything for sure. 
    • Getting vaccinated is the best way to stay protected. 

    The spike protein helps in triggering immunity in your body. Depending on the structure of this mutated virus, scientists have given it different names like P614R, E484Q and L452R. Just like the Delta plus covid variant virus, the spike in this COVID variant has Ace-2 receptors, making it easier for the virus to infect people. What’s more, this also results in the virus replicating faster. With both these characteristics, this virus will probably have a deadlier impact, as it also disrupts the natural ability of our body to fight against any disease. This will make our body weaker when it gets infected, and that’s why speculations are rife that it might be deadly for people who haven’t got their vaccine yet. 

    How Can You Be Safe From The Delta Variant?

    The Delta Plus COVID variant should not be taken lightly at all. It would be best if you took all the precautions necessary for remaining safe. We already know the best option at the moment is to get vaccinated. People who have not been vaccinated yet should get their shots so they can boost their immunity.

    Apart from this, you need to wear a single mask in fairly crowded places and two masks in crowded places. Keep a sanitiser in your pocket to disinfect your hands at regular intervals. Try not to touch any public property. It would be better if you wear a cap and gloves. Eat healthy food items and avoid junk food as much as possible. 

    Last but not least, if you feel any difficulty in breathing or have any symptoms, consult a doctor/medical professional and get quarantined. This will protect you and safeguard your family and those who come in contact with you.

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    How does Crowdfunding Help?

    The term “crowdfunding” might seem to be a brand-new concept in India. But this technique has been helping a lot of people for decades. For example, Ketto is a fundraising platform that numerous families and even celebrities have used to raise funds during the second wave of the coronavirus. If you too want to help the sufferers of coronavirus in Mumbai, you can take up the initiative to help them by donating a small amount. No, you don’t have to do anything out of the box or burn a hole in your pocket. Just donate according to your will and capacity and ask people around you to do the same. A small contribution from multiple people can grow into a big amount. 

    And that can save a life or help many people battling for life against this deadly virus. Ketto has been an active platform since 2012. It has raised funds on several occasions to help people throughout the country. 

    Is this the beginning of the Third Wave?

    Nobody is sure about the impact of the Delta Plus COVID variant in Mumbai because only a little is known about this variant. However, experts have stated that the virus will not be as deadly as the first two pandemic waves. So, based on these speculations and statements, we can say that the third wave can be prevented and has not started yet. 

    Many scientists and doctors also believe that the third wave (if it came) would be here by the end of August. 

    Whatever be the case, the picture is still not clear. But one thing that we know for sure is that Ketto is here to help the people of India. Even if the third wave comes, you can crowdfund on the Ketto platform for free. You never know that a small donation made during these COVID-19 times might help save someone’s life.

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