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Free Treatment For Cancer Patients In India

    Free Cancer Treatment In India

    Cancer treatment in India has progressed in leaps and bounds; most hospitals are providing patients with world-class facilities and advanced treatment options to improve their quality of life. However, progress comes with a price, and sometimes it can be too high for the patient or their family members to afford. This is when patients and their families are in a predicament as they want to seek quality service without falling into debt.

    To ensure that all patients get the same treatment and care, many hospitals have started providing their patients with financial help and, in some cases, even free treatment. Cancer is a health concern not only in India but all over the world and affects millions of lives every year. This is why everyone needs to be aware of the risks of this disease and provide options for those members of society who do not have the same privileges as others. This article focuses on hospitals that provide the best free cancer treatment in India.

    Important Facts About Cancer (2022)

    • Total estimated new cancer cases in India: 1.39 million
    • Total estimated new cancer cases worldwide: 19.3 million
    • Estimated deaths caused by cancer in India: 7,84,821
    • Estimated deaths caused by cancer worldwide: 10 million
    • Most common forms of cancer in India: Breast, oral, cervical, lung, and stomach
    • Most common forms of cancer worldwide: Breast, lung, prostate, colorectal, and stomach

    While the mortality rate varies based on factors such as the lifestyle, demographics, and access to healthcare of the population. Recent advances in cancer research and treatment have helped hospitals improve survival rates for different types of cancer. However, most treatment options still require early detection, which relies on promoting cancer prevention strategies and better awareness. This is why individuals need to get regular health checkups.

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    Best Cancer Hospitals in India for Free Treatment

    1. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

    Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) in Mumbai is renowned for its exceptional cancer treatment. Jamsetji Tata established it in the late 19th century and is a part of the Tata Trusts. This Trust has been committed to providing its patients with high-quality healthcare services, and along with hospitals, they have established and maintained several educational institutes and healthcare programs in India.

    TMH is considered a primary cancer treatment and research facility in India and has many oncology specialists on their team. With two centres in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, it offers patients comprehensive services, including diagnosis, treatment, and clinical trials and research. Being one of the best cancer hospitals in India, TMH also focuses on research in the field of cancer, especially cancer genetics, targeted cancer therapy, and immunology. They also emphasise early detection and prevention of the disease, which improves the treatment options for the patients.

    2. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bengaluru

    Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology (KMIO) is another renowned cancer treatment centre that offers cancer treatment free of cost in India. Established in 1971, this is one of the oldest cancer centres in India and was the first cancer care centre opened in Karnataka. Like Tata Memorial Hospital, KMIO also offers comprehensive healthcare solutions and has a panel of experts in different areas of oncology, including radiation, medical, pediatric, surgical, and other specialities.

    KMIO also has an advanced laboratory set-up that allows its team of scientists and researchers to work on finding new and improved cancer treatments and make them more accessible to its patients. The hospital is well known for its quality of patient care, patient-centric approach, and commitment to excellence. Another critical factor that makes KMIO one of the best cancer hospitals in India for free treatment is its dedicated team of volunteers and social workers that also provide patients and their families financial assistance and other support services whenever needed. Its educational workshops and programs also help spread awareness about cancer and its treatment.

    It is among India’s top free cancer treatment hospitals in India as they provide excellent patient care while reducing the financial burden of patients that are already trying to cope with difficult situations. Cancer medicines are sold at 40 to 60% lower prices than usual market rates.

    3. AIIMS, New Delhi

    The All India Institute of Medical Science has been widely regarded as one of the country’s best medical hospitals. It has established itself as a leading name in cancer care with the comprehensive variety of treatments and services they offer.

    AIIMS has a highly qualified team of dedicated cancer specialists, including oncologists, surgeons, nurses, technicians, and radiologists. It also has several specialised research centres that help develop new cures and treatments for cancer. Along with its exceptional cancer care, AIIMS provides free treatment for cancer patients in India. It has a special department that is dedicated to providing financial assistance to anyone who is in need. The department also aids patients who want to apply for grants and other assistance to cover the cost of their cancer treatment without digging deep into their pockets.

    AIIMS is a good choice for those who need free cancer treatment in India as it offers high-quality medical care and cutting-edge cancer research.

    4. PGIMER- Post Graduate Insitute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh

    If you want more options for free cancer treatment in India, PGIMER, Chandigarh, is another name on this vast list. It offers world-class infrastructure along with advanced treatment technologies. It is also very well known for its comprehensive approach to cancer treatments and its team of skilled oncologists with different specialities. This helps the team treat all kinds of cancers at whichever stage they may be.

    The institute is well equipped with a radiation therapy department capable of providing some of the latest treatments, including intensity-modulating radiation therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), and image-guided radiation therapy. To ensure it provides its patients with nutritional and psychological counselling and pain management services for an all-encompassing service. PGIMER offers financial assistance through the National Cancer Institute, which the Indian Government funds to those patients who cannot afford the cost of treatment. This is why PGIMER is a popular choice for free cancer treatment in India.

    5. Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Thiruvananthapuram

    Another renowned and respected cancer treatment facility in India, Regional Cancer Center (RCC), offers patients comprehensive cancer care, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up services. This is another program that the government supports. The program offers free cancer treatment in India for anyone who can’t afford the high bills that are associated with cancer treatment. It is open to all Indian citizens, irrespective of their income.

    The RCC also has an extensive network of experienced medical experts and dedicated support staff who serve patients and their families. The institute also offers patients free diagnosis and treatment and has a team of counsellors who give patients and their families emotional and psychological support. The hospital also provides various activities and support groups like therapy, meditation, and yoga.

    RCC is a globally recognised institute for research and cancer treatment and has some of the most high-quality treatment facilities for cancer treatment.

    6. Indian Cancer Society of Mumbai

    To promote early detection and treatment of cancer, the Indian Cancer Society of Mumbai offers their customers free diagnosis and screening tests. It also provides free seminars and programs to help them spread awareness and knowledge about cancer. It is one of the few non-government cancer organisations dedicated to providing cancer patients with free treatment, detection, understanding, and cures.

    7. Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai

    Cancer Institute Chennai is one of the best cancer treatments in India. It was established in 1952 and is one of the oldest cancer centres in India. This tertiary care institute is known for its research-oriented approach and high-quality service at affordable prices. This institute also provides patients with various cancer treatment services such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, supportive therapies and surgery. Patients and their families can also opt for counselling and other support services to promote their overall well-being and ensure the best treatment for cancer patients.

    Cancer Institute in Chennai is one of the best free cancer treatment hospitals in India. Not only does it offer quality treatment and modern facilities at more affordable prices, but it also offers financial assistance, support services, counselling, training, and research programs that aid in spreading cancer awareness in the country.

    8. SGPGIMS – Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow

    SGPGIMS offers patients comprehensive cancer care and treatment and is one of the best places to find free cancer treatment in India. It has a dedicated oncology department with a linear accelerator, a wide range of imaging modalities, and the newest model of Cobalt-60 machines. It also features a Surgical Oncology Department that hosts most of the best cancer surgeons in the country. They are highly qualified and have the skills to perform complex oncology surgeries.

    This institute’s Immunotherapy and Chemotherapy Unit also provides patients with options for the latest drugs and cancer treatment. It also has a dedicated Telemedicine Unit and a Palliative Care Unit that offers remote consultation with global specialists and relief from psychological and physical symptoms of cancer.

    Along with providing free cancer treatment for patients unable to afford it, this institute also offers free food, medication, and transport to the hospital for inpatient treatment.

    9. Dharamshila Hospital and Research Centre (DGRC), Delhi

    DGRC was one of the first cancer hospitals in India to receive accreditation from NABH. It is now a common name in the list of best cancer hospitals worldwide. DGRC offers a comprehensive list of advanced services, including the patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and after-surgery rehabilitation.

    10. Gujarat Cancer Research Institute

    The Gujarat Cancer Research Institute is a speciality hospital established in 1972 with 650 beds. It is also called M P Shah Cancer Hospital and is funded by the Government of Gujarat and the Gujarat Cancer Society. The institute features six speciality oncology units and provides its patients with most of the modern and advanced facilities that help them diagnose the disease early and effectively manage and monitor cancer growth.

    It is one of the more prestigious hospitals in Gujarat and is an excellent place for free cancer treatment because of its advanced technology.

    Crowdfunding for Cancer Treatment

    While the list of hospitals that provide free cancer treatment in India is vast, if the patient does not have access to these hospitals, there are other ways of raising money for quality treatment. Crowdfunding is one of the most effective ways of gaining financial support for cancer patients, with several benefits.


    Most crowdfunding sites are online, so patients and their families can start their fundraising campaigns from almost anywhere. Therefore the family does not need to be physically present to gain funds or seek financial help.


    Many crowdfunding platforms only charge a minimal amount or percentage of the amount raised. This is why crowdfunding is preferred over other methods of raising funds.

    Better Reach

    When shared on social media platforms, a crowdfunding campaign has wider outreach than when you contact your friends and family for help. Reaching a wider audience can help you receive donations from individuals nationwide or even international donors.

    Faster Funds

    A crowdfunding campaign can raise funds quicker, which can be crucial in sicknesses like cancer that require immediate financial assistance.

    Emotional Support

    Along with financial support, crowdfunding campaigns also provide emotional support to patients and their families. The messages of solidarity and encouragement that patients receive can also boost morale during the difficult time of treatment and recovery.

    Ketto is one of the leading websites that allows you to raise funds for medical treatment and other emergencies. Their cancer crowdfunding campaigns have been able to help many patients and families receive quality cancer treatment even when it may have seemed impossible or out of their budget. With so many options for free cancer treatment in India and crowdfunding options, cancer patients from all walks of life will receive equally good quality treatment from some of the best institutes in India.

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