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Save A Life: How You Can Make A Big Impact With Small Monthly Donations

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    Small Monthly Donations

    We often believe that small contributions are never enough to solve a big problem. Yet, we always misunderstood the power of tiny steps & the efficacy of stability that can significantly impact our society.

    Helping & supporting others is never defined by the magnitude of your donations; whether it’s a monetary donation, one-time or yearly donation, or small or monthly donation, the impact always shows up, and it’s surreal.

    Why Opt For Monthly Donations Over Yearly Or One-Time Donations?

    Following are some reasons why you, as a donor, can choose to be a monthly caregiver with minimal contributions:

    Easy on your pocket: Donating monthly allows you to take your time to think about helping others slowly and steadily and is less expensive. You can easily share a smaller amount of your earnings than a large amount at one point in time & can predict your budget accordingly. It gives a sense of motivation to donate every month, and the benefit of tax relief is always there. Eventually, small contributions can reduce the pressure of donating and make it easy on your pockets.

    Easy to track: Monthly donations can be easily executed through online platforms such as Ketto. You can easily track your previous automated payments and can plan for further charitable donations for the upcoming months.

    Ensures trust between you and the intermediate: With regular monthly donations, you’ll gradually build a strong relationship with whom you donate, ensuring trust over time. You are updated with all the necessary information & can effectively plan your future contributions with the same.

    How Do Small Monthly Donations Result In Saving A Life?

    We have often heard that ‘strength lies in the unity’ that initiates with small engagements. The proposition of small but stable monthly donations reflects the beginning of a journey toward its bigger impact; therefore, every penny of the assistance provided can make an impact far beyond your representation.

    Here, the most important cause of this big impact is that ‘Monthly donation is a recurring benefit’. Now, what does this recurring benefit mean? When you are constantly donating, even if the amount is small, it creates a sense of repetitive benefit and stability which in turn helps the non-profit organizations & the intermediaries to support those in urgent need without any delays. It connects you with the respective donors and allows the NGOs to expand their scale to meet the needs of more and more care seekers.

    The idea of monthly donations facilitates an easy flow of funds together with various types of donations that are conveniently processed & can be broken apart throughout the year. It is the most effective way to help people and constantly support them in their difficult journey.

    These small amounts can make a big difference in society. You never know how the minimal amount of your donation can be a reason for a one-time meal to someone. It can help a child pursue his education or contribute to nurturing & protecting a newborn and much more than your mind’s eye.

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    Personal Benefits of Monthly Donations

    You will never attain the same satisfaction as a donation or helping someone can give you. It’s indifferent to all the feelings and success. Helping and feeling for others gives the wisdom of gratitude and, in a way, reduces our mental stress. If we think from a humanitarian aspect, charity makes our lives easier and helps create a better environment in and around us.


    Small monthly donations have proven to construct a bigger impact in society, even if the donation is minimal, and shows how each life matters. In the current digital era, we are fortunate enough with various online platforms which give us an easy option of monthly donations. You can easily donate a minimal amount and be a prospective contributor to saving a life.

    For instance, Ketto is the most trusted and largest platform in Asia, with millions of donors helping those in need. You can be one of those who are making a difference in society.

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