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Financial Barriers for Entry into Sports in India & How Fundraising Can Help

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    Fundraising in Sports

    If our sports associations could focus on their core interests and enthusiasm, India could be a better sporting nation. In the absence of sports playing their due role, corporate India is overburdened to build a country for the future. However, if India is to become a sports nation and institutionalize outdoor activity, it must fund this effort with an innovative strategy. To help India’s young sports champions continue professional training and ultimately represent the country, fundraising campaigns are gaining favour. Now, one can initiate a fundraising effort for a top sport or an organization that encourages athletes. In India, crowdfunding websites like Ketto allow people to fundraise donations for such causes. In this fundraising guidance, we explain how fundraising can help overcome India’s largest financial barriers to entry into sports.

    Issues Facing India’s Sports Industry

    Sports as a career option raises questions about its position and preferences over other conventional options. The general consensus is that sports don’t earn a living or make people rich. 

    Economic, educational, cultural, religious, social, and sex/gender discrimination discourage India’s aspirational population from pursuing sports. This is why there is a requirement for an in-depth examination of community opinions on physical activity and sports, especially among young people, and the challenges they face in developing their athletic skills.

    The following are some major loopholes dotting India’s perception of professional sports:

    • A lack of available funds: The lack of available funds presents a major issue for low-income individuals pursuing sports as a career.
    • A lack of resources: There is a lack of high-quality sporting infrastructure throughout the country.
    • Attitude-based barriers: In India, a career in sports is not often regarded as a lucrative option. False assumptions cause attitudinal obstacles. Instead of playing sports, parents push their kids toward academic fields like medicine and engineering. They think sports will ruin children’s lives, but doing well in school will make them live like a king.
    • A lot of pressure: if someone has taken up sports as a career, there is a lot of pressure to succeed or face a life of vulnerability.
    • Lack of a sporting culture: India lacks a sports culture in which people actively watch and promote sports.

    Not Resources, but Inadequate Use is to Blame!

    India has persistently failed to produce competitive athletes in sports other than cricket. As a result, sports have not significantly improved despite considerable public and corporate investment.

    Many national and international experts believe that if India wishes to become a sporting country, it must invest extensively in developing new infrastructure and a strong grassroots system.

    Many athletes find that they cannot achieve their goals because they do not have access to sufficient resources, such as expert coaching, training infrastructure, or the appropriate tools. 

    Thankfully, the world has changed since then. As a result, people are now free to pool their resources to provide future superstars with the best facilities to succeed.

    Today, we can launch a crowdfunding campaign for a sport on behalf of a single athlete or sporting organization. In India, numerous online crowdfunding platforms, such as Ketto, offer various fundraising campaigns to assist individuals in raising funds for various causes.

    What Is Fundraising in Sports?

    You should play sports because you love them. You adore competing, teamwork, learning, growing, and pushing yourself. Any sports activity is and must be a matter of passion.

    On the other hand, one can’t ignore the fact that money is an issue. You will require money for things like uniforms, equipment, transportation, fees, and anything else, even if you aren’t participating internationally.

    Team members are delighted to help, but they can’t do everything. Fundraising in sports supports athletes and clubs in this regard. With this financial support, sportspeople can focus on improving instead of worrying about how to pay for the next competition.

    Corporate Participation In Sports Development

    Corporate India has recognized the value of leveraging sports via association. In addition to cricket, this association of sports and corporate now also extends to badminton, wrestling, hockey, football, and Kabaddi.

    The spending has been divided into five distinct categories: ground sponsorship; team sponsorship; franchise fees; athlete development; and media spending. 

    However, even if this satisfies the business objectives of sports development, only a select few expect to benefit from it. Therefore, corporate India must have a stronger and more substantial impact.

    It should be noted that not even a minuscule portion of corporate expenditures on sports go toward developing sports at the grass-roots level, in terms of things like raising public awareness and encouraging more people to get involved or providing more resources for things like infrastructure, competitive platforms, services, and initiatives, along with athlete and sports ecosystem improvement.

    If India wants to become a nation that dominates in sports, stakeholders and entities must start providing financial support for sports through corporate social responsibility initiatives.

    Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

    People can assist athletes to realize their full potential by contributing to sports crowdfunding campaigns. Donors can express their support for the athlete and offer insights based on their knowledge and experience gained through sports crowdfunding platforms. In addition, donors can help sports teams acquire the necessary training facilities to flourish in their respective fields by donating to the cause.

    For instance, the supporters can assist the athletes in preparing for their future objectives by providing the necessary training facilities for the athletes.

    Using crowdfunding websites like Ketto, anyone can create a sports-related crowdfunding campaign. In addition, Ketto enables people and organisations to begin their fundraising efforts without complicated processes. Ketto offers powerful tools and technology to create, launch, and market impactful crowdfunding campaigns. 

    Crowdfunding in the World of Indian Sports

    Talent has never been an issue in Indian sports. Anecdotally, we all know about thousands of young sportspeople who quit after school or college for myriad reasons. Typically, financial considerations are the driving factor behind their retirement announcement.

    Any sport demands training, equipment, diet, coaching, and travel investment. Outside of cricket, very few Indian athletes get this kind of cash to pursue their interests. Few sponsors encourage athletes to develop their fundraising strategies. 

    The best thing would be for the government and companies to work together to start investing in sports. For a long time, we have been aware of this truth about the sports environment, but most of us have done little about it other than engage in armchair activism. Thankfully, a vocal minority has decided to do something positive rather than complain about the state of affairs.

    One key insight resulted in the development of their plan to provide India’s young athletes with the tools they require to succeed. You should ask individuals for assistance by making small donations, which could add up to considerable amounts.

    The Value Of Donations to Athletes and How Can Ketto Help?

    Athletes that seek donations via sports fundraising have no other objectives outside the fulfilment of their objectives besides honour and glory. So it is not official, and there isn’t any duplication agenda.

    A contribution to a sporting event made through a crowdfunding campaign is a contribution to the sport. With this contribution, you can bring great joy and benefits to athletes. 

    Use the most effective organizational fundraising strategies suitable for growing sportspeople and people who lack the financial capability to play their chosen sport! Ketto offers all the tools you need to launch your sports crowdfunding campaign.

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