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Here’s How to Finance Your Long-Awaited Liver Transplant Surgery

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    Crowdfunding for Liver Transplant Surgery

    People wondering how to finance their long-awaited liver transplant surgery aren’t alone. Many patients who become severely ill just seeking a transplant want to take advantage of the opportunity to buy their shares in the liver transplant programme. The reason for this is that the recipient will get a much greater discount on the price of their donated organ if they are willing to purchase their share of the matching-volume pledge from their donor’s family.

    If they plan to undergo this major surgery, they should take note of the following tips to get a cheaper way to pay for it on their own.

    Funding for Liver Transplant Surgery In India

    Surgery for liver transplants is one of the most expensive surgeries in the world. It has become a necessity for people with liver failure. However, many people cannot afford to pay for this surgery. The good news for those who have no means to arrange the funds required for their liver transplant is that they can still get the procedure done with the help of good samaritans who are willing to help people in distress. Yes! Goodness exists. And such funding has been changing lives.

    Medical crowdfunding

    For those looking for urgent funding for their liver transplant or other serious ailments, it may be time to consider going for a medical crowdfunding campaign. The process is more common than they think, but it’s not for everyone. There are many different types of campaigns that can help them get the funding they need to treat their illness.

    Why Crowdfund For Liver Transplants?

    On average, a patient waits more than three years for a liver transplant. And with the number of people waiting for a new liver on the rise, it’s important to know how to fund their transplant surgery.

    There are several options available to help them get the treatment they need. If they are looking at crowdfunding for a liver transplant, here’s what they need to know:

    • Get help from other people who want to help them get well and live their life with more freedom;
    • Will be able to receive funds before jumping into expensive treatment options;
    • Will gain supporters who will support them in all their future endeavours;
    • The project will be shared among thousands of potential donors across the world.

    It’s no secret that waiting lists are long, and liver transplant surgery costs a lot. But what if they could finance their trip to the doctor?

    That’s precisely what a group of people is trying to do, but it’s also a bit complicated.

    To receive support from people who care about others, the family members and friends of patients in need of liver transplants can sign-up on crowdfunding sites like Ketto. The idea is that if enough people donate their money together, the campaign will be able to raise enough funds to pay for an entire transplant procedure itself.

    Why Ketto?

    Ketto is a crowdfunding platform for medical treatment and also for other needs. It’s designed specifically for people who want to help fund those in severe need of money for treatment. They can use the platform to find out about and support new treatments and track down funding for existing ones.

    As the population of India grows, so does the number of people without access to medical care. In rural and urban slums, affordable healthcare is often unavailable or unaffordable.

    The lack of medical insurance and the high healthcare costs are two reasons why many Indians turn to crowdfund for medical expenses.

    People often face problems as their out-of-pocket medical expenses are rising in India. With crowdfunding, they can raise money online to pay for their bills or even get started on treatment.

    The idea of crowdfunding is to ask the public to contribute money to a cause. In this case, the reason is an expensive medical treatment like a liver transplant.

    How to Start Crowdfunding on Ketto?

    One can easily set up a crowdfunding campaign on Ketto to raise funds for their loved one’s liver transplant surgery. The process is simple and rapid, helping them to raise the required amount without running haywire to arrange the fund.

    1. They first need to set up a fundraising campaign on Ketto, India’s best medical crowdfunding platform. 
    2. They can set up their campaign and explain their situation to donors.
    3. They can also include photos or videos to help people understand what’s happening with their loved ones.
    4. Once they know what kind of campaign they want, it’s time to build an audience! 
    5. The best way to do this is by sharing their stories on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, especially if their medical condition affects their physical appearance.

    When setting up their campaign, they should include all the potential information donors want to know –  which hospital their loved ones are getting treated in, how much money they’ll need, and how much time their treatment will take. Also, one should ensure clear guidelines about where donations should go.

    Take Action Now

    A liver transplant surgery is complex and requires an extensive support system. The team at Ketto helps to set up crowdfunding and find the financial resources one needs to complete the transplant process. By working together, Ketto hopes to create a path for people to be able to finance their health care.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment