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Give Back to the Community With Ketto’s Social Impact Plan

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    Ketto's SIP

    When talking about the future, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is to make adequate financial investments that might help in the hour of need. There are a ton of popular ways to make investments, including equity, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and systematic investment plans (SIPs).

    At Ketto, SIPs fall under the social impact plan. It is an excellent investment plan that helps save lives. According to statistics, a child loses their life every two minutes in India due to lack of money or adequate healthcare facilities. 

    Ketto aims to help people financially to meet their medical, physical, and mental needs. Ketto is India’s most trusted crowdfunding platform helping individuals to raise funds to pay medical bills, study overseas, pay bills for other people, and so on. It is a user-friendly platform with more than 2 lakh fundraisers and 55 lakh donors. Our mission is to bring the change that the world wants to see!  

    At Ketto, we believe small things make a huge difference. This means there is no compulsion to make huge donations to crowdfunding campaigns; amounts as small as Rs.50 can make a difference to someone in need.

    What is SIP?

    Ketto’s social impact plan is an excellent opportunity for individuals to donate small amounts of money on a monthly basis. At Ketto, the team offers round-the-clock support to answer all queries in a timely and efficient manner. The entire donation process is 100% transparent and hassle-free. Also, donors get regular updates on how the funds are being used. The best part is that this process is digitally done and requires no physical presence. 

    Here’s how Ketto works 

    •  Brand 

    Ketto reaches out to popular figures or celebrities with a heart for the common people and community service to increase the visibility of crowdfunding campaigns. 

    • Team-building 

    Ketto believes in ‘togetherness’. At Ketto, team-building is integral as we believe that strong relationships can bring massive change. 

    • Cause marketing 

    Ketto’s target is to reach the maximum number of people and educate them about the various crowdfunding campaigns. Every day, several activities are introduced, keeping the focus on community service. 

    • Marathon and outdoor events 

    The team at Ketto organizes indoor and outdoor events, which attract the attention of many. This has worked wonders in the past. Till today, the team has participated in several marathons just to embrace life and make people understand the importance of living in the moment. This helps to reach the maximum number of people and get them to donate. 

    The impact of Ketto’s SIP 

    Ketto believes in the essence of togetherness and working as a team. Today, there are over 1 lakh people donating towards Ketto’s social impact plan for various causes. The lives of over 650 children suffering from kidney failure, organ transplant, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases have been saved so far thanks to crowdfunding campaigns organized on Ketto. Ketto was established in 2012 and, since then, more than Rs. 2.5 crores have been raised successfully to protect the lives of less fortunate people. 

    Ketto does not limit itself to crowdfunding for medical emergencies. We work for other significant causes such as education, creativity, child welfare, animal welfare and cancer treatment. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ketto raised around Rs.390 crores for the Covid-19 relief fund with the support of around 2 lakh donors. This act was widely appreciated by the Indian government.

    Benefits of Ketto’s SIP 

    Here is a list of benefits of Ketto’s social impact plan: 

    • Builds community 

    Ketto brings like-minded people together who want to contribute to the betterment of the community. It gives people assurance that their money has been used in the right place. The best part is the team at Ketto gives updates at every step. 

    • Safe and secure platform 

    Ketto is one of India’s most trusted and reliable crowdfunding platforms, which makes people less hesitant to donate. Questions about whether the amount will actually reach the needy will not pop up with Ketto.

    • Trustworthy and transparent process 

    Trust is the most vital part of any crowdfunding campaign. Ketto makes sure that they remain 100% transparent with the campaign organizers during the entire donation process. Every month, Ketto sends detailed notes regarding the money being used to meet the needs of the campaign. 

    • Choice 

    At Ketto, there is no compulsion to donate huge amounts, nor is there any competition as everything is done online. Donations have to be voluntary!

    Final thoughts 

    Being a part of great initiatives brings a sense of satisfaction for people. Ketto offers an excellent opportunity for people to donate every month to a good cause with their social impact plan. If you want to lend a helping hand to someone, join hands with Ketto today to make a huge difference! Subscribe to our Social Impact Plan and get on this amazing ride!

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