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How Crowdfunding can serve as a viable option to help cancer patients?

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    Our healthcare system and hospitals were overwhelmed because of COVID-19. While our government, healthcare institutions, and the public were all worried about the covid-19 (coronavirus 2019), it is good not to neglect the condition that has rendered many families financially and socially devastated. For such families, Crowdfunding for cancer patients could provide much required financial support. Nevertheless, let’s see what cause has rendered some families broken.

    Cancer and its impacts

    According to WHO statistics, cancer is the 2nd leading factor of mortality, responsible for one out of every six deaths worldwide, with cancer mortality recording more than 6% of overall deaths in India. Cancer treatment isn’t always effective, and even when it is, it might take a long time for individuals to recover completely. For the unlucky cancer patients, this period is particularly stressful due to their reduced immune system, the severe condition of their disease, as well as the worry of catching the coronavirus. However, there is an effective solution to save and restore the down-casted cancer patients (both emotionally and financially).

    The Solution: Crowdfunding is a viable option

    Crowdfunding can bring much-needed assistance to families who have previously taken loans and thereby get in debt. Crowdfunding allows them to raise cash without having to worry about repaying the money, allowing low- and middle-income families to receive high-quality care while being financially secure.

    Based on the severity of the condition and its requirements, many crowdfunding campaigns intended for cancer patients can afford the treatment, medical demands, boarding and travel costs of a patient, and in most cases, the patient’s post-treatment and rehabilitation costs. Many people have embraced Crowdfunding to compensate for a portion or all of their medical expenditures.

    Several NGOs (Non-governmental organisations) are established to help cancer patients and can keep up their efforts to gather funds from time to time through Crowdfunding. Furthermore, Crowdfunding enables them to get to several families concurrently. Because social distancing is now the trend, these fundraisers help NGOs gather funds discreetly and with minimum contact (physically).

    How Crowdfunding for cancer can help?

    Although the virus spreads in various ways, cancer patients have weakened immune systems that require additional protection. Crowdfunding is most commonly used to cover patients’ initial treatment expenses. It may also make cancer patients’ lives safer. These techniques are primarily indirect since they establish an atmosphere that favours everyone rather than simply cancer patients.

    The application of Crowdfunding to give PPE kits to physicians and healthcare professionals is a basic example. As our health sector becomes overburdened, it is critical to defending our medical personnel, who are accountable for the medication of others. Through Crowdfunding, several NGOs and even commercial projects can offer PPE kits to physicians and medical professionals. COVID-free patients can also benefit from similar initiatives that supply protective devices to help them avoid catching the virus. This is critical for cancer patients whose immune system is weakened after or during treatment.

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