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Global Hospital Mumbai: Trailblazer in Multi-Organ Transplant

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    Global Hospital Mumbai

    Global Hospital Mumbai has consistently been at the forefront of medical advancements. They have achieved several remarkable milestones, including performing India’s first swap liver transplant, single lung transplant, minimal access lung transplant, and the first pediatric auxiliary liver transplant in Asia.

    The hospital’s dedication to research and development has earned them recognition from the Government of India. Global Hospital is the first healthcare institution in the country to be acknowledged for its research endeavours, further cementing its position as a leader in medical innovation.

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    History of Global Hospital Mumbai

    • Established in 1996, Global Hospital Mumbai has been providing advanced healthcare services for over two decades.

    • It is a part of Parkway Pantai Ltd., one of the largest private healthcare groups in the region.

    • Dr K. Ravindranath founded the Global Hospitals Group in Hyderabad in 1998, waiting for the legislation of the Human Organs Transplantation Act before establishing Global Hospitals.

    • The hospital has grown to become India’s fourth-largest healthcare chain, catering to a diverse range of patients.

    • Global Hospital Mumbai has achieved numerous medical milestones and is known for its expertise in multi-organ transplants.

    • With a strong emphasis on research and development, the hospital has been recognized by the Government of India for its contributions to healthcare innovation.

    Global Hospital Mumbai

    Global Hospital at Parel, Mumbai is a leading advanced healthcare facility in the city, offering exceptional medical services and state-of-the-art facilities. Here’s what you need to know about Global Hospital Mumbai:

    • Global Hospital in Mumbai is a 450-bed healthcare facility renowned for its expertise in various medical specialities.

    • It has a 24/7 pharmacy and a round-the-clock emergency department.

    • The hospital specializes in endoscopic procedures, hepatobiliary and liver surgeries, surgical and medical gastroenterology, bariatric surgery, and robotic surgery.

    • With cutting-edge technology and modern infrastructure, Global Hospital Mumbai ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care.

    • The hospital houses advanced equipment and facilities to support complex surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, and therapeutic interventions.

    • The dedicated medical team at Global Hospital Mumbai comprises highly skilled doctors, surgeons, and healthcare professionals who provide personalized and comprehensive treatment to patients.

    Global Hospital, Mumbai: Infrastructure

    Global Hospital Mumbai boasts a robust infrastructure designed to meet the highest standards of healthcare delivery. Here are some key features of the hospital’s infrastructure:

    • Building

      The hospital is housed in a 17-floor tower that is built to be earthquake-proof, ensuring the safety of patients and staff.

    • NABH Standards

      The infrastructure of Global Hospital Mumbai has been developed in compliance with the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) standards, ensuring quality care and patient safety.

    • Speciality ICU Beds

      The hospital offers specialized Intensive Care Units (ICUs) equipped with dedicated beds for different medical specialities. These include liver ICU with 15 beds, renal ICU with 6 beds, surgical ICU with 10 beds, medical ICU with 16 beds, cardiac ICU with 8 beds, pediatric ICU with 5 beds, ICCU with 6 beds, and HDU with 12 beds. These specialized units cater to the specific needs of patients requiring intensive care.

    • Multi-Level Parking

      Global Hospital Mumbai provides multi-level parking facilities, allowing convenient and secure parking for patients, visitors, and staff.

    • Convenient Location

      Situated in Parel, which is at the heart of Mumbai city, Global Hospital enjoys convenient proximity to the airport, railway stations, and bus stations. This strategic location ensures easy accessibility for patients and their families, reducing travel-related challenges.

    The infrastructure of Global Hospital Mumbai reflects its commitment to providing a safe, comfortable, and technologically advanced environment for patients, enabling the delivery of high-quality healthcare services.

    Major Specialties at Global Hospital Mumbai

    Global Hospital Mumbai is renowned for its expertise in a wide range of medical specialities. Mentioned below are a few major specialities offered at the hospital:

    1. Oncology

      Global Hospital excels in the field of oncology, providing comprehensive cancer care services. The hospital houses a dedicated team of oncologists who employ advanced diagnostic techniques and innovative treatment modalities to address various types of cancers.

    2. Orthopedics

      With a focus on orthopaedic care, Global Hospital offers specialized services for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. The hospital has a team of experienced orthopaedic surgeons who are skilled in performing joint replacements, sports medicine procedures, and complex orthopaedic surgeries.

    3. Neurology

      Global Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of neurologists who specialize in diagnosing and treating disorders of the nervous system. They provide comprehensive care for conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and movement disorders.

    4. Neurosurgery

      The hospital’s neurosurgery department is dedicated to the surgical treatment of conditions affecting the brain, spine, and nervous system. The highly skilled neurosurgeons at Global Hospital perform intricate surgeries, including brain tumour removal, spinal fusion, and neurovascular procedures.

    5. Nephrology

      Global Hospital has a renowned nephrology department that focuses on the diagnosis and management of kidney-related disorders. The hospital offers advanced dialysis services, kidney transplantation, and comprehensive care for patients with chronic kidney disease.

    6. Spine Surgery

      Global Hospital is known for its expertise in spine surgery, providing specialized care for spinal conditions and disorders. The hospital’s spine surgeons employ advanced techniques and minimally invasive procedures to treat spinal deformities, herniated discs, spinal tumours, and other complex spine conditions.

    Diseases Treated at Global Hospital Mumbai

    Global Hospital Mumbai offers comprehensive medical care for various diseases and conditions. Following is a list of some diseases that are treated at the hospital:

    1. Cancer

    2. Arthritis

    3. Stroke

    4. Heart disease

    5. Kidney disease

    6. Spinal disorders

    7. Gastrointestinal disorders

    8. Respiratory diseases

    9. Diabetes

    10. Infectious diseases

    These are just a few examples of the diseases and conditions treated at Global Hospital Mumbai. The hospital’s wide range of medical specialities ensures that patients receive specialized care for various health issues, delivering comprehensive treatment and improving patient outcomes.

    Top-Notch Patient Care Facilities

    At Global Hospital Mumbai, patient comfort and well-being are of paramount importance. The hospital provides a range of first-class facilities to ensure a comfortable and seamless experience for patients and their families. Some exceptional patient care facilities offered are:

    Comfort During Stay

    The hospital offers private rooms equipped with amenities like a TV, free Wi-Fi, a phone, and a safe. Mobility-accessible rooms are available for patients with special needs. Family accommodation options are provided to ensure the presence and support of loved ones. Laundry services, dry cleaning, and a welcome package are also provided.

    Personal Assistance and Convenience

    Global Hospitals go the extra mile to assist patients with services such as concierge assistance, religious facilities like prayer rooms, and personal assistance. A fitness centre, spa and wellness facilities, café, business centre services, and on-site shops cater to various needs.

    Food and Nutrition

    Global Hospital Mumbai ensures that patients receive appropriate dietary care, with the provision of special diet requests and access to a restaurant, also for family members, offering a variety of international cuisines.

    Treatment-Related Support

    The hospital offers seamless services such as medical records transfer, online doctor consultation, rehabilitation facilities, an in-house pharmacy, and assistance with document legalization. Post-operative follow-up care is also provided to monitor patient progress.

    Language Support

    To eliminate language barriers, Global Hospitals provide interpreter services and translation assistance to facilitate effective communication between patients and healthcare providers.

    Transportation and Travel Support

    The hospital offers comprehensive transportation services, including airport pickup, local transportation booking, and assistance with visa and travel arrangements. Car hire, private driver, and limousine services are available for convenience. The hospital also assists with local tourism options and organizing shopping trips. In critical cases, air ambulance services can be arranged.

    Global Hospital Mumbai’s Multi-Organ Transplant Centre

    Global Hospital Mumbai is renowned for its expertise in multi-organ transplantation, offering a wide range of transplant services to patients in need. The hospital’s dedicated transplant centre is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a highly skilled team of transplant specialists, surgeons, and support staff. Here are the various organ transplant services provided at Global Hospital Mumbai:

    1. Liver Transplant

      Global Hospital is a pioneer in liver transplantation, with a successful track record in performing complex liver transplant surgeries. The hospital’s team of experienced hepatobiliary surgeons and liver transplant specialists ensures comprehensive pre-transplant evaluation, donor compatibility assessment, and post-operative care to deliver optimal outcomes for patients.

    2. Small Bowel and Pancreas Transplant

      Global Hospital offers specialized small bowel and pancreas transplantation services for patients with complex gastrointestinal disorders. The hospital’s multidisciplinary team of experts works together to provide comprehensive care throughout the transplantation process, including donor matching, surgical procedures, and long-term follow-up.

    3. Kidney Transplant

      Global Hospital’s kidney transplant programme has a high success rate and provides a new lease of life for patients suffering from end-stage renal disease. The hospital’s experienced nephrologists, transplant surgeons, and support staff work closely to perform both living donor and deceased donor kidney transplantations, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.

    4. Heart Transplant

      Global Hospital’s heart transplant initiative offers hope to patients with end-stage heart failure. The hospital has a dedicated team of cardiothoracic surgeons, transplant coordinators, and cardiologists who work collaboratively to assess donor compatibility, perform transplantation surgery, and provide comprehensive post-transplant care.

    5. Lung Transplant

      Global Hospital’s lung transplant program caters to patients with severe lung diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The hospital’s experienced pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons perform both single and double lung transplants, providing life-saving treatment options for patients.

    6. Hand Transplant

      This is a pioneering initiative that offers individuals who have lost their hand(s) due to trauma or other reasons, an opportunity to regain their functional independence. The hospital’s team of microvascular surgeons and plastic surgeons work meticulously to perform complex hand transplant surgeries, giving patients a chance to restore their hand function.

    How Can Ketto Help at Global Hospital Mumbai?

    Ketto can be a valuable resource for patients and their families at Global Hospital Mumbai, who are seeking financial assistance for their healthcare needs. Here’s how Ketto can help Global Hospital:

    1. Medical Fundraising

      Ketto provides a user-friendly platform where patients and their families can create fundraising campaigns to seek financial support for medical treatments, surgeries, and hospital expenses. By sharing their stories, medical reports, and treatment plans, individuals can connect with a wide network of potential donors who can contribute to their cause.

    2. Easy Campaign Creation

      Ketto simplifies the process of campaign creation, allowing users to set up personalized campaigns with compelling narratives, appealing visuals, and target fundraising goals. Users can provide detailed information about their medical condition, treatment requirements, and the financial assistance they need, fostering transparency and trust among potential donors.

    3. Wide Outreach

      Through Ketto‘s extensive online reach and social media integration, campaigns created for crowdfunding can reach audiences at a global level. This wider outreach increases the chances of attracting compassionate individuals, philanthropists, and organizations who are willing to contribute towards the cause.

    4. Donor Engagement

      Ketto offers a platform for patients and their families to interact with donors, providing updates on the progress of their medical treatment, expressing gratitude, and sharing success stories. This engagement fosters a sense of community and strengthens the bond between the patients and their supporters.

    5. Security and Trust

      Ketto maintains a secure payment gateway and ensures that the funds raised through the platform are used solely for the intended medical purposes. The platform verifies the authenticity of the campaigns and endeavours to maintain transparency and accountability throughout the fundraising process.

    How to Start a Campaign on Ketto?

    Initiating a campaign on Ketto is a simple process that begins with creating a personalized profile on the platform. By sharing comprehensive details about their specific medical condition, treatment plan, and the estimated cost involved, individuals can create a compelling narrative to attract funding.

    Wrapping Up

    For individuals seeking world-class healthcare and treatments, Global Hospital Mumbai is a beacon of hope. With a rich history, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and specialized services, it sets new benchmarks in patient care. Ketto’s initiative in providing financial support through crowdfunding and Global Hospital Mumbai’s trustworthy reputation can help in creating successful campaigns and raising funds, thus positively impacting the lives of patients and their families.

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