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Social Impact Plan – How to Start Contributing Towards Making Healthcare a Reality for Everyone?

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    Ketto's Social Impact Plan

    Good quality healthcare is a dream for millions in India. The rising medical inflation keeps proper treatment out of the reach of underprivileged people. But Ketto’s social impact plan ensures healthcare reaches everyone who needs it.

    The social impact plan aims to form a just and equal society. So, it doesn’t restrict itself to healthcare. It also raises funds for education, sports, and other social causes. You can become a part of the Ketto Social Impact Plan and take a step towards saving precious lives.

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    What is Ketto’s Social Impact Plan?

    The Ketto social impact plan lets you make monthly contributions similar to a SIP mutual fund. Several donors contribute an amount of their choice every month. This fund goes towards the treatment of underprivileged people.

    The monthly contributions start from Rs 500 or low. Isn’t that super convenient? You don’t have to worry about donating a huge amount to help someone during medical emergencies.

    Advantages of Ketto’s Social Impact Plan

    Affordable and budget-friendly

    You can start a monthly plan for as low as Rs 50. What matters is that you continue every month to make a difference. Imagine you spot a crowdfunding campaign for cancer and want to donate Rs 10,000. But giving that amount from your salary might put a heavy burden on your finances. That’s where monthly donations come in as your saviour. You can divide Rs 10,000 into 10 or more instalments.

    The donations are hassle-free

    You don’t have to physically visit the patient. You can donate with a few clicks from the comfort of your home. That means you don’t have to worry about taking out time of your busy schedule.

    Transparency and regular updates

    You can see the impact your donations create. When you donate regularly, you become invested in the cause. Thus, Ketto provides you with regular updates about how your money gets used.

    You can also follow Ketto’s website and social media handles to know about thousands of people getting help with their treatment. Isn’t it magical how your contributions can create such vast impacts in society?

    A massive network of donors

    There are thousands of donors like you, ranging from service professionals to celebrities. That’s what helps Ketto to make healthcare a reality for everyone.

    You don’t have to worry about your contributions being too small. Because every penny matters and when thousands of people donate a small amount, the impact is unimaginable.

    It helps in Ketto’s monthly planning

    When you commit to donating a fixed amount every month, the organization can create a monthly plan. For instance, they will know the number of patients they can cater to.

    Prior planning helps in better execution. The patients will know they can expect timely help. Moreover, plans also help the organization not to go beyond theirs. That’s why the more people subscribe to Ketto’s monthly social impact plan, the easier it becomes to make treatment a reality for needy patients.

    Your donations are an investment

    Your money will not just go towards the treatment of those in need. It can help you in your medical emergencies too!

    How? Your contributions will get treated as SIPs. Thus, you can get your emergency medical bills reimbursed by Ketto.

    You can just upload your medical bills and Ketto will bear the extra costs. Thus, you can also get back the money you donated if the need arises.

    It helps to build an international community

    There are thousands of donors across the globe in the Ketto social impact plan. You can form a part of a meaningful international community.

    A community becomes stronger when it has a vision and purpose. And there can’t be a stronger community because all the members are guided by the will to make the world a better place.

    The international community helps Ketto reach out to people from different corners of the world.

    Save a life with Ketto’s Social Impact Plan

    Every small donation counts when you join the social impact plan. When you commit to donating a fixed amount every month, you pledge to create a bigger impact.

    The best part is you can stop the donations anytime. You will also get back your donated amount through reimbursements of your medical bills. But won’t it be best if your money saved someone’s life?

    Join Ketto’s Social Impact Plan today and take a step towards making healthcare a reality for all. You can also start a fundraiser on Ketto anytime to support a social cause.

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