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5 Hassle-Free Hacks To Get Financial Help For Medical Treatment In India

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    Financial Help For Medical Treatment

    Medical emergencies are not something a person can predict. Although most individuals save a little bit of money for a rainy day, hospital bills can sometimes be so excessive that paying them without financial help for medical treatment can be a nightmare. Just how dire the situation of medical health in India is can be seen in the following statistics; over 5.8 million Indians have succumbed to cancer, stroke, diabetes, lung, and heart disorders. It is believed that 1 in 4 persons can be at risk of dying from a non-communicable disease before they turn 70.

    More often than not, the reason for such loss is the lack of funds for treatment and limited financial help for medical treatment in India. This is a stressful situation for the families of the inflicted to be in. While there are other options like taking out a loan, preparing in advance and having medical insurance, or in the case of the low-income group getting government help. However, these solutions are time-consuming and not feasible in a time-sensitive situation. In this case, crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for medical-related expenses like cancer or other major surgeries.

    Benefits of Crowdfunding

    Medical crowdfunding is an excellent way of making your friends and family aware of the hardships the afflicted individual is undergoing. A heartfelt story can not only compel known individuals to donate but also pulls at strangers’ heartstrings so that they can also donate to your cause.

    It can also help spread awareness about rare medical conditions that people may not be aware of.

    Crowdfunding for medical treatment helps get immediate funds which are essential when facing monumental hospital bills. Any money can be withdrawn as soon as it is donated so the individual who started the campaign can begin paying their bills without waiting for the entire amount to be collected.

    Hacks for Getting Financial Help For Medical Treatment

    Tell Your Story

    Being vulnerable is never easy, but it is only when readers are aware of your story that they will form a connection with you and want to donate to your cause. People need to understand the situation in which you asked for financial help for medical treatment. Choose an eye-catching title to draw the audience to your cause and encourage them to read more about why you need medical fundraising.

    Use Visual Aids

    A picture or video is a thousand times more effective in conveying a situation’s reality than words. Pictures are also a great way of breaking up blocks of text, taking the fundraiser to the next level. Pictures are also more effective in drawing more people towards your cause. When fundraising for an NGO, it is best to post a video about the NGO’s work and how the money raised will help those who are not as privileged as others.

    Make A Plan

    Giving clear, detailed information about your cause, the amount of money you need to raise, the time you have to raise it, and any documents you need to provide to prove the claim’s authenticity can make your medical crowdfunding effort feel more genuine. When the audience has a clear picture of the situation, they are more likely to provide financial help for medical treatments than when they do not have the whole picture.

    Use Social Media To Your Advantage

    Your family and friends are most likely to support your cause, and with the power of social media, you can reach out to all of them no matter where they are. Social media helps you reach out to your network without having to contact each of them separately and can also help you spread your message far beyond your immediate contacts. However, ensure you do not limit yourself by only posting on social media. Emails, texts, and traditional phone calls to close relations are ideal for improving your chances of reaching your target amount.

    Keep Your Donors Updated

    The people who donate to a cause are invested in the story. At this point, it is a good idea not only to be grateful to those who have provided financial help for medical treatment but to give them regular updates about the patient and how their donation helped. Simple thank-you notes or handwritten letters give it a personal touch and are great for retaining donors, especially when there is a need for ongoing support for the cause.

    Start Raising Funds Today

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