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Financial Assistance 101: Tips to Get Medical Funding for Critical Patients

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    Raise Medical Funding for Patients
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    Hospital bills can compromise one’s financial security, especially when medical emergencies occur unexpectedly, leading to an unbearable emotional, physical, and financial load.

    Many are looking for economical ways to fund medical treatments for critical illnesses by gathering funds through crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunding benefits patients and their families by raising money from a diverse group of philanthropic donors to cover their medical-related expenses, such as long-standing hospital bills, surgery costs, post-surgical expenses, etc.

    Medical crowdfunding has greatly helped individuals suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), cancer, organ transplants, and other severe illnesses. Patients identified with rare diseases gained voice and financial help through medical crowdfunding, raising as much as Rs.16 crores to afford the world’s most expensive gene therapy, Zolgensma.

    Medical Crowdfunding Tips

    #1 Choose the right crowdfunding platform: Look for crowdfunding sites in India that are committed to supporting the cause, offering a user-friendly experience, providing timely updates to the person requiring the funds and the donors, and assisting with the hassle of withdrawing the funds raised.

    #2 Ask Often: Many people are uncomfortable asking for anything, whether it’s help, money, or food. It’s just a difficult thing to do. They must overcome the fear and ensure they are ready to ask their community and supporters for help with their fundraiser. Give people a message about where the money is going and create a call to action. They’ll be more willing to help.

    #3 Explain a cause: Now, remember, when asking, don’t just say, “Hey, I need money, please, sir.” State why getting money is urgent and what it’s for. Tell people, “Hey, I am raising money to save a needful child from cancer.” More than the money, it is the cause that motivates people to donate.

    #4 Emphasize: One wants to emphasize how raising money for medical bills will help a medical emergency because that will make people donate.

    #5 Use Social media: One can create a social media campaign and tell their followers that he has one month to raise, say, 1 lakh rupees, and that he needs it now. Keep updating followers and supporters with how close he is to his goal because that will encourage others to donate to help him meet that goal. Thus, an underlying disease can be treated, or a long-due operation can happen for the patient, relieving their pain and suffering.

    #6 Have proof: Video clips help in the expression of genuine emotions and the instillation of trust. A short video outlining the patient, their illness, their financial need, and how donations will help to create an interesting narrative. Sharing vital medical reports and bills may add credibility and authenticity to the campaign. Remember that online donors may not know a fundraiser. As a result, one must offer them all the relevant information that installs trust.

    #7 Communicate urgency. Create a timeline and give them updates. Tell them, “Hey, man, I need to collect Rs 50,000 by this date,” to look for an organ donor and save the patient’s life. And every week, communicate something along the lines of, “Hey guys, we’re on our path to 50,000; we’ve already gotten 35000 rupees. Thanks to A, B, and C for donating.” Remember, we’re raising medical funding for patients, and it’s not about the funds. It’s about the story. So, make sure to communicate urgency.

    #8 Communication is the key. Make sure to communicate what the donation is for. Communicate the path, communicate what the funds will be doing, and that leads into the next stage. One wants to get a plan and move that plan forward. Make sure to have the organizers, supporters, and people about to support ready by communicating to them what the plan is. But one can achieve a successful outcome by having a successful plan and having the fundraising planned out.


    In many respects, crowdfunding has changed people’s opinion that they are not alone in their fight against their medical emergency, regardless of the cost.

    Hundreds of people will give to the cause and hope that a fundraiser relative is given a second shot in life. By crowdfunding on India’s #1 Medical Fundraising Platform today –! One can collect emergency donations from generous people cheering for another recovery.

    Ketto believes that no person should be refused a second chance at life because of a lack of funds and that every individual should have access to financial help for medical treatment. A person could choose medical fundraising to pay their bills and get donations for medical care as quickly as possible.

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