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7 May – World Athletics Day

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    World Athletics Day

    When is World Athletics Day?

    World Athletics Day is celebrated on 7th of May. While all of us celebrate IPL, the Olympics and the Pro Kabaddi League, sometimes we forget to appreciate every individual athlete that puts in the effort to make each tournament worth watching. Celebrated on 7th May this day aims to bridge this gap between the viewers and these immensely talented athletes throughout the world. In 1996, the then-President of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF), Primo Nebiolo, introduced the World Athletics Day to promote athletics amongst youngsters and encourage the new generations to pursue their passion for sports. This was done as a social responsibility project aimed at promoting athletics for a better world. This day, therefore, works towards ensuring fitness and health.

    Why should you celebrate it?

    Every kid starts off his/her/their childhood by learning how to swim, cycle, play football, etc., but eventually, all of this fades away when kids are forced to leave sports for studies. This is, however, not just a practice that can make children unhappy and dissatisfied with their chosen paths, but it is also extremely unhealthy. It is essential that we take care of our physical health, and this is one realization that COVID-19 has brought home for many of us. A healthy heart is a happy heart!

    What can you do to celebrate it?

    This year, in 2022, you can contribute to the world being a healthier and fitter place by donating generously on the 7th of May to crowdfunding campaigns on Ketto allows you to allocate your donations to the cause that you relate with and lets you choose the entity or the person you want to donate to. With an entirely transparent and smooth process, you would only have to take out 2 minutes from your 24 hours to make a positive difference in someone’s life. With the World Athletics Day motto of “Athletics for a better world”, every act of donation or volunteering, however small or big, can positively impact a life. In the present uncertain world, a contribution to fitness and health goes a long way for the individual and society – a fit and healthy young generation can bring many positive changes and provide support to the society, especially the ageing population. Engage in voluntary service and understand the value of helping others!

    We look forward to your enthusiastic celebration of this important day.

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