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How To Raise Money For A Family In Need Using Ketto SIP?

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    People and families often fall into hardships for different reasons. From poor harvest to expensive medical treatments, or even an accident due to a natural disaster. Life can cause serious problems for people across the world. Some of them can be controlled or even recovered. But, there might be situations where people might need each other’s help.

    It’s natural to lend a helping hand when you see a family member, relative, or friend struggling. You might want to contribute towards their well-being but aren’t sure how to do so. An online fundraiser is one solution. But, sometimes the beneficiaries might need continuous support to sustain or pay their bills. This is exactly where a monthly reserve can help.

    Thankfully Ketto offers you multiple options to help your family get through this difficult time.

    One such initiative by the organization is the “Ketto SIP” (Social Impact Plan). It allows families and friends to contribute a fixed monthly amount to a cause of their choice. The amount can be anywhere between INR 200 to INR 500.

    In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the benefits of Ketto SIP and how it can help families overcome specific challenges.

    So let’s dive right in.

    What is the Ketto Social Impact Plan (SIP)?

    We’re all aware of how expensive healthcare is. The Indian government spends just about 1.5% of the total GDP on healthcare. As a result, the health infrastructure of our country is often overburdened.

    Hospitals and medical centers lack the necessary equipment and facilities for treatment. Moreover, patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses are often unable to afford the treatment costs because of the exorbitant fee structure.

    This is exactly what Ketto wants to change with its Ketto SIP offering. Ketto’s SIP is a community of monthly donors who are committed to helping families in need. They help with the necessary funds for navigating through a medical crisis. With this feature, Ketto donors can get 100% transparency with updates about how their funds are being utilized by the beneficiaries.

    How can Ketto SIP Help Raise Money for a Family in Need?

    Ketto’s SIP feature helps beneficiaries access a consistent flow of funds for their medical treatment. With benefits like 100% transparency, automatic monthly donations, and quick updates, it is a revolutionary idea in the world of crowdfunding.

    Here’s how the Ketto SIP process works.

    Step 1:  Start by picking a cause that you wish to support upon signing up. Once you’ve done this, select the donation amount you wish to donate each month. Usually, the amount is anywhere in the range of INR 200-500 per month.

    Step 2: Upon choosing the amount, your monthly donation will be matched with a patient requiring urgent, life-saving medical treatment.

    Step 3: Every month, the donation amount will be transferred to the patients. Donations made via Ketto aren’t tax-deductible and are transferred in their entirety to the patient’s account.

    Step 4: You’ll start receiving regular updates about the patient’s health, and how long the treatment might continue. Moreover, you can also learn if any further donations are needed.

    What are the Benefits of Ketto SIP for Personal Crowdfunding?

    There are several benefits to signing up for Ketto’s SIP program. A detailed explanation is given below.

    Community: The investment plan helps build a community of people who want to positively impact the world. By giving a small amount of their time and money, contributors can experience a sense of accomplishment. They can make an impact on society.

    Freedom of choice: The investment plan gives you freedom of choice. This replaces the feeling of competition in donating the maximum amount to charity. The Ketto SIP is affordable, and you can choose the amount you want to donate each month.

    100% Secure, Verified Campaigns: All campaigns on Ketto are 100% secure and verified through a 3-step process. As a result, you don’t need to worry about your money being misused or handled improperly. There’s a complete KYC of patients, alongside a fully-encrypted payment gateway for the contributor’s benefit.


    If you want to help a family in need, the Ketto SIP plan is perfect. Through this investment plan, you can start donating money every month. Moreover, it can also be used for contributing to campaigns you want to support. You get a continuous stream of updates about how your money is being utilized by the beneficiaries.

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