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Transforming Lives through India’s Top Crowdfunding Platform: Ketto

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    How is crowdfunding transforming lives?

    Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept in India, and it comes with its own set of challenges, primarily trust concerns. Despite the setback, crowdfunding in India is gradually gaining popularity and awareness. We treat crowdfunding as the practice of asking a large group of people, known as ‘the crowd’, for small sums of money. In India, crowdfunding platforms like Ketto can make substantial ambitions possible.

    Crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platforms allow anyone to establish fundraisers for a cause or life event wherein they are helpless to raise funds. Crowdfunding can also be a lifeline for those with financial difficulty. Crowdfunding sites in India, such as Ketto, can help people achieve big goals. Ketto platforms sanction anyone to engender fundraisers for a cause or a life event, enabling the helpless to raise funds independently.

    Crowdfunding web portals can act as go-betweens for contributors and beneficiaries. According to market experts, the crowdfunding process is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 16 percent over the next five years, from 2021 to 2026.

    As evidenced by the popularity of various crowdsourcing platforms, natural disasters truly unite people. The PM Cares Fund of our Prime Minister of India adopted a crowdsourcing method to divert significant contributions to the fight against the coronavirus. It also demonstrates that, when used properly, such platforms can help a vast number of people receive help. Platforms, like Ketto, save lives. We believe that active crowdfunding campaigns on social media will accelerate the expansion of the crowdfunding industry

    What effect does crowdfunding have on saving and changing lives?

    • The House of Artisans is a small and medium-sized company that employs roughly 200 rural artisans and makes handcrafted products. It fell out of business because of the shutdown and forced Shineel Tilwani, the creator, to undertake a fundraising campaign on Ketto. Shineel Tilwani raised the necessary capital of Rs. 42 lakh.

    • Owners closed Rambo Circus and their shows due to the corona outbreak. They successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign. They raised Rs. 12.5 lakh to sustain approximately 90 employees and military members.

    • Pravin is a 23-year-old young adult. He was diagnosed with a stage-three malignant tumour in his encephalon. Following a spell of fever and dizziness, he went to the hospital for more tests, which revealed the most horrifying outcome of cancer. Pravin, who comes from a middle-class family, had to cope with the financial implications of a cancer diagnosis. He was familiar with the concept of crowdfunding. During a conversation with a few coworkers, Pravin heard of Ketto, an Indian crowdfunding platform that had successfully helped raise funds for a similar cause. In the first 6 hours of going live, the fundraiser raised Rs. 10,00,000/-. Within 24 hours, 538 people had contributed to the fundraiser, helping it reach its target of Rs. 16,47,280/-. Pravin’s fundraising efforts were a success, as his story inspired 538 people across India to donate amounts ranging from Rs. 100/- to Rs. 32,500/-.

    What role can crowdfunding play in assisting children who require the life-saving drug Zolgensma?

    It is fatal to suffer from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which affects one in every 7744 Indian children. In the past, there were few treatment options for SMA. Physiotherapy for supportive care was the only viable option for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). More recently, at least three new SMA therapies have emerged. With this advancement in medicine, children with SMA now have new hope for a higher standard of living. It is a hereditary neuromuscular disorder that affects the nervous system and motor neurons, resulting in degeneration of the muscles and weakness. SMA symptoms can appear in a child as young as six months. They typically have trouble eating, breathing, swallowing, and supporting their heads. Zolgensma remains the only allopathy treatment available, and it is by far the most expensive drug in the world. A single dose of Zolgensma costs approximately about 16.4 crore INR. India imports Zolgensma from the United States.

    • On May 5, 2021, a little girl Sandhya from Ahmedabad, received a dose of the life-saving drug Zolgensma. In just 42 days, the social media fundraiser broke records, raising Rs. 16 crore from over 2.64 lakh generous donors!

    • Akhtar, a three-year-old boy from Hyderabad, received his Zolgensma injection on June 9, 2021. Medical crowdfunding makes it possible because of the generosity of 62k+ donors who contributed Rs. 14.84 crore. Celebrities such as Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Sara Ali Khan, and Arjun Kapoor took to social media to donate and raise awareness about Akhtar.

    • On the 26th of February 2021, Tina received Zolgensma, which put her on the right path. Tina was detected to have SMA-type 1 at only two months old in November 2020. Her parents launched an online crowdfunding campaign on the social platform, and the story quickly spread across multiple social media networks. In just 159 days, 87k generous donors raised Rs. 14.93 crores, allowing Tina to receive Zolgensma.

    Realize the power of medical crowdfunding.

    The Union Finance Ministry of India removed import duties on 55ml of the medication Zolgensma on July 14 due to unforeseen circumstances and public interest. Thanks to the exemption, families will be relieved of another financial burden as they seek funds for baby care.

    Why Ketto?

    • Ketto is an organized website or web portal for several fans across the globe. 
    • Ketto values people, connecting people to access healthcare and sharing jubilance.
    • Ketto is progressing towards its mission of human value. 
    • Ketto believes that every day, good things will transpire. 
    • Ketto believes in humanity.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment