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How Ketto is Helping Abir Fight His Battle Against Cancer

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    How Ketto is Helping Abir Fight His Battle Against Cancer

    There is nothing more painful in the world than a mother seeing her child undergo excruciating pain and suffering. So, how does a mother feel when her son’s cancer relapses twice, this time deadlier than before?

    Being the youngest in his family, he’s the apple of everyone’s eyes. It was in 2014 that Abir was first diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 4. Over the next three years, the child has spent much of his time being poked by needles, giving blood and receiving harsh chemotherapy.

    It looked like things were finally turning better before Abir’s cancer relapsed in 2018, just two days before his 8th birthday. Abir’s parents soon relocated to New York, leaving their work, home and elder son (then 16 years old) in India. But, while Abir successfully beat his condition, all hell broke loose when it relapsed for the second time in 2020. Abir’s family has exhausted all their resources and are now dependent on crowdfunding through Ketto to help with further treatment and save the boy’s life.

    How has Ketto helped Abir in his fight against cancer?

    After seeing what Abir’s family was going through, a few family friends came together and created a fundraiser on Ketto. They used the medical crowdfunding feature on Ketto to get the required support for the boy. With the “updates” section regularly updated, you can know about Abir’s health and how your contributions are helping him in the fight against cancer.

    Using Ketto, the family has reached a vast global audience and received donations as high as $5000 from well-wishers, both India and abroad. By simply sharing the details on social media, Abir’s fundraising campaign has got the momentum required.

    His family wants to launch a digital platform to bring cancer specialists and survivors together through different offerings. All funds post-Abir’s treatment shall go towards the same.

    Total Amount of Funds Raised Till Now

    The crowdfunding campaign for Abir’s CAR T-cells therapy intended to collect a total of 5 crore rupees, of which ₹ 3,09,86,147 have already been raised. People from countries such as the USA and UAE contributed actively towards the cause, doing their bit towards ensuring that Abir goes through with the life-saving procedure at the earliest.

    The family still needs to raise an additional INR 19,013,853 over the next week via Ketto to continue Abir’s treatment and launch the digital platform for cancer survivors and experts.

    Total Number of Donors So Far

    With Ketto, the family has reached a total of 12,763 donors from across the world. They have also received support from a community of well-wishers, charitable trusts and family members who have been with them from day 1. Thanks to the cancer crowdfunding feature on Ketto, users can raise funds for six different types of the disease at a 0% platform fee.

    Final Thoughts

    Although Abir’s condition has improved, regular high fever and body aches have prevented him from leading an everyday life. In addition, he is always prone to infection & the only glimmer of hope is your support. That said, every contribution you make will go a long way in bringing happiness to an innocent life.

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