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How to Raise Funds and Donations During Charity Events

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    How to raise funds and donations during charity events

    The pandemic has taught us some great lessons in the past couple of years, including the importance of healthcare and keeping our immune system strong. Every country faced challenges during the Covid-19 waves and tried to support every individual. It was heartwarming to see everyone coming together and taking a stand in supporting those who needed help. However, we also realized that healthcare is costly, medicines, vaccines, health insurance come at a cost, and not everyone can afford it.

    However, technology has made crowdfunding a reliable and quick way to raise funds. Ketto, one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in southeast Asia, raised more than Rs 390 crores in the Covid-19 relief fund with the help of more than 2 lakh donors. More than 4400 fundraiser events have been conducted so far, which has helped support the country’s collapsing healthcare system. Thus, proving the importance of creative ideas for fundraising events for charity. It helps when people come together and work as a collective force to tackle challenges and make this world a better place.

    Let us find out more about crowdfunding, its relevance, and some ideas that you can use to raise funds and donations during charity events.

    What Is Crowdfunding and Why It’s Important?

    Crowdfunding is a way to support people or organizations who need money for various social, economic, and cultural challenges. For example, it is an excellent way to raise money to provide access to timely healthcare to those who need it urgently and lack funds. The idea is to use technology, digital platforms, secure banking systems, verifications and bring together people from all walks of life who contribute voluntarily and share happiness.

    Ketto calls it SIP, Social Impact Plan. It would help if you did not confuse it with the SIP in the financial sector, which is a systematic investment plan. However, it works on the same principle. People invest financially; donating to various causes can choose an ongoing donation plan or support a cause by spreading awareness. Hence, it becomes a part of a grand process that positively impacts society.

    Let us understand the importance of crowdfunding for social causes:

    Medical Fundraising

    Healthcare is expensive, especially for acute diseases and procedures like Cancer treatment, open heart surgery, kidney transplant, and NICU care of newborns. Medical expenses can rise quickly, and your health insurance may not cover everything. Therefore, you look for medical loans, which can be lengthy. Hence, you don’t get the timely assistance. Moreover, you need to pay out the loan with interest, which adds a substantial financial burden. Medical fundraising through online crowdfunding ensures quick donations and money is transferred to immediate use.

    Education Fundraising

    If we want to build a better society, educating the young is the only way. However, many families cannot support their child’s education due to financial inequality. So, unfortunately, many bright minds don’t get the support and end up living a life they don’t deserve. Education crowdfunding in India helps not only children but also supports teachers and NGOs involved in improving the education sector in the country. 

    Fundraising for Animals

    Helping the voiceless is our most significant responsibility. Humans can still raise a voice when they need help. However, these innocent animals need our help. Animal crowdfunding helps raise funds for sterilization programs, necessary medical treatments, meals, and running animal shelters.

    Fundraising for Childcare and more

    So many things require support like child support, environmental issues, food and hunger, community development, Old age care, and more. Crowdfunding for social causes goes a long way in helping someone who needs your support to see a better tomorrow and survive today’s issues.

    Creative Fundraising

    Raising funds is not limited to a medical emergency or the economically weak. Fundraising also helps in making many dreams a reality. For example, you might want to publish your book, build an innovative product or service, or test your potential in creative fields like theatre, acting, painting, or music. You can choose fundraising for yourself or someone you know who has great potential but needs some support and motivation. More than 50 people have raised over eight crore rupees to build innovative products and successful startups through Ketto’s creative fundraising, which is simply fantastic.

    How Can I Start a Fundraiser?

    Starting a fundraiser on Ketto is super easy. You can do it in a matter of minutes, and that too without any platform fees.

    1. Start: Submit all details related to the fundraiser, like why you need it, for whom it is required, how much is the goal amount, medical expense, and NGO details. These are necessary to verify the authenticity of the fundraiser.

    2. Share: Once your fundraiser is live, the only thing you need to do is share it as much as possible. Share it using all popular social media channels, reach out to your personal and professional contacts, any social group you are part of, and so on. The more you share, the faster you get the donation and support.

    3. Withdraw the Sum: Lastly, you withdraw the money donated for your cause directly from your bank account without any hassles. Use it for a reason and make someone smile.

    Please note that fundraisers need not be for others; you can start it yourself. Furthermore, it is entirely secure, and the identity and other critical details of both donor and beneficiary remain digitally safe, thanks to the solid encryption methodology used by Ketto.

    Creative Ideas for Fundraising Events for Charity

    If you wonder how to raise funds and donations during charity events? The first thing you should know is to be optimistic and happy. Fundraiser events should be joyous, bring smiles to people’s faces, and encourage them to spread awareness and donate with open hearts.

    All you need for fundraising events is a creative mind, planning, and a group of people to participate. The fundraising activities work at the community level, corporate events, educational events, or sports to raise awareness. The best thing is now, with digitization at its peak, you can bring people together for online events, and there are no restrictions on meeting in person. We all have learned to manage our work online, and similarly, most fundraising activities can now happen online.

    Make full use of social media

    You can organize fundraiser awareness campaigns by arranging meetings to discuss the cause. Invite popular social media influencers who believe in the cause, and convey the message to a broader audience. In addition, you can organize online auctions and games, create informative videos, and develop engaging content such as memes that talk about the cause and benefit society or individuals.

    Gamify things

    We all love to play, irrespective of age. Hence, the gamification industry is booming, and everyone uses it for their benefit. You can use gamification strategies to make your online campaigns exciting and engaging.

    Sports activities

    One of the most popular and tested ways to raise funds is by calling out people to play the game they love. A friendly cricket match, a short distance marathon, where participation matters more than winning or losing. Nothing unites people more than sports. It entirely uplifts their mood, and they contribute to the cause, not just monetary, but by actually being part of the process.

    Organize competitions

    You can organize competitions like debate, film making, writing contests, singing, painting to spread awareness. The products can then be auctioned, giving the money to charity. It will help build awareness, and the people who participate or are related to them will come forward to support by donating and sharing the fundraiser details with others. These completions can happen in educational institutes like schools and colleges, corporate offices, or even online on social media platforms.

    Communities that eat together laugh together

    People bond over food. An excellent way to raise funds is by organizing dinner, lunch, or breakfast where people eat while spreading awareness about the cause. Like sports, organizing food festivals and events involving community eating is a super effective idea for fundraising events for charity.


    Raising funds and donations at charity events can be challenging yet satisfying, as long as you know how to make them work. It requires planning, coordination, teamwork, focus, and execution. At the same time, you chalk out a plan to make others’ lives better and bring smiles to their faces. Don’t forget you need to enjoy the process as well. It spreads and infects others with happiness if you feel happy doing something. Ketto can help you achieve your goals of giving back to society. It will fulfill your creative dream, helping someone who needs medical assistance and more by an effective crowdfunding platform.

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