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How Social Impact Plan (SIP) Works?

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    How SIP Works

    Social Impact Plan or SIP is an initiative of Ketto, an online crowdfunding platform based in India. Ketto started SIP to make an impact on India’s health care system, specifically for children struggling to afford hospital expenses. It is a large and trusted crowdfunding platform aiming to achieve “Healthcare for All” with the help of a strong community. This article is all about SIP and its impact on the community.

    Indian Health Care System

    Being a developing country, India lags behind in achieving the goal of “Healthcare for All” due to existing Infrastructure. This situation is a result of many issues such as:

    • Neglecting rural population
    • Inadequate government fund allotment
    • Social and cultural drawbacks
    • Shortage of medical equipment and bed vacancy
    • Privatized hospitalization
    • Expensive medical bills

    The health care system has many disadvantages, which makes people go to expensive private hospitals for major life-threatening illnesses. Also, medical bills for chronic diseases are too high for the poor and they eventually tend to give up on treatment. The most affected populations in India involve children under 5 years and elderly above 65. Ketto concentrates on addressing such drawbacks in society by raising funds and helping the needy.


    Online crowdfunding platforms like Ketto are a boon to such needy people. The main aim of Ketto is to help people manage their medical bills and recover quickly. Anyone can create an account, host campaigns and raise funds. In this long journey (from 2012 to 2021), Ketto has supported people undergoing open-heart surgery, kidney or liver transplant, bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy, and so on. Around Rs 1100 crores have been raised  from January 2020 to July 2021 through Ketto. And it effectively participated and contributed to the management of the COVID-19 second wave in 2021.

    Social Impact Plan

    Social Impact Plan is an initiative of Ketto aiming to help sick children who live in poverty and can’t afford medical bills. SIP is a mission to make health care available for everyone, no matter where they are and who they are. It works with the help of a large community of inspiring people making a fixed investment per month and contributing it to medical emergencies. Ketto currently has around 68 thousand people contributing monthly to the SIP project. So far, SIP saved 670+ children by raising a sum of 25 million Indian rupees helping them get various treatments with the corpus.

    SIP Features

    • Affordable- SIP is affordable. No matter how small an amount you contribute, it will make an impact on someone’s life.
    • Community- By signing up for SIP, you are joining a community of 68K inspiring people who are changing lives every month.
    • Transparent- You will receive updates from Ketto on how the money is spent and who gets cured because of your contribution.
    • Investment- By making a contribution to SIP, you can fund your medical emergencies.
    • Automated- Every month, you will automatically contribute to SIP the desired amount of your choice. You don’t have to spend extra time.

    How It Works?

    SIP works in 3 steps:
    • STEP 1: Creating a Ketto account and subscribing to SIP
    • STEP 2: Automatic monthly donations
    • STEP 3: Receive monthly updates

    STEP 1: Ketto account creation is a 2-minute job. Here are the steps:

    • Go to the homepage
    • Click sign-in option
    • Enter your valid email id and phone number
    • Log in with the OTP and set up your account
    • Subscribe to SIP in setting
    • Choose your desired amount (Ex: ₹500/month or ₹1000/month)
    • Give your payment info
    • Confirm it. That’s it!

    STEP 2: Automatic Monthly Donation

    Once you create your account, you will automatically make payments every month from your account. And the amount is forwarded to a campaign for aiding a child’s medical treatment. All your donations are safe and secure; they will be transferred directly to the person in need, no intermediate transfers are done. The entire amount is used for treatment, Ketto doesn’t take any penny in the name of processing charge. All of Ketto’s patients are in a three-step verified fundraising campaign. So you don’t have to worry about fraud.

    STEP 3: Receive Monthly Updates

    Every month, you will receive an update through email or WhatsApp to know about the impact your donation made and how it saved someone. Through the email address and phone number which  are taken from the initial login info, you will receive updates. A detailed description of how your funds are being utilized will be sent to you as well.


    SIP or Social Impact Plan is a part of Ketto’s crowdfunding campaign, where donations are collected from a large community and used for children in medical emergencies. If you are willing to join such an inspiring community, please check out SIP’s homepage at Take that one step today and make a positive impact on someone’s life.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment